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A Meat Head Update :(

Since I share many things with you all about my furry family members, I don't want to hide this from you all, especially if someone asks how Meat Head is doing.  The incident happened yesterday, and I pretty much just copied and pasted my Facebook status:


It pains me to share this, but Meat Head will have to be rehomed in a home where he is the only dog. :'( His jealousy has taken a bad turn, and dad says he will not have it. For the second time, while I was trying to pet Brutus, Meat Head got too rough. He grabbed my shirt sleeve trying to pull me down and wouldn't let go. I couldn't get free, so I yelled for help. My parents and neighbor across the road came over. Meat Head let go when he heard dad. However, the worst pain is my heart. I don't understand why he is acting more and more this way, especially since I love on him all the time. I feel like I've lost two dogs in less than six months. Other than the jealous issue or whatever happened, he really is a good, sweet boy. If anyone is looking for a dog, please contact me. However, he has to be the ONLY dog. Also, please do not leave any mean or smart remarks. I'm hurting enough as it is because I Love him. Depending on who you are, your mean words will be deleted and you will be blocked and reported. I love animals so much, and this is hard for me to share. I just want him to have the right home where the focus is on only him.


Obviously the block and report comment is FB directed.  If you have a Facebook, you know why I would add something like that.  Anyway, I am not happy, even though it is for the best.  He tore my shirt sleeve, claw marks/welts are on my back and shoulder, and this morning my bruise is worse than it was last night.  I don't care about all of that.  My heart is what hurts the most.  :'(


I'm very attached to Meat Head, and he's more my dog than anyone's.  This jealous type of behavior has been progressing no matter what we do.  The past few times times dad has mowed the dog lot with the push mower, Meat Head has been jumping up and whatnot to grab his shirt.  We can't pet just Brutus because Meat Head will butt him or the person out of the way.  As a result, he needs to be in a home where he is the only dog so he can have all of the attention.


My parents and aunt are going to see if any coworkers may be interested in him, and, of course, they will be informed about what happened.  I volunteer at the humane society (no kill) later today, and I will talk to them as well.  I know this has to be done, but I cannot stop crying.  Every time I look outside and see him, the tears start again.  My parents and others said it's not my fault, but I can't help but feel like I've let Jewel down.  Mom said she wouldn't want to see me marked up and whatnot like that, but now I've lost two dogs and Brutus will be alone for a while again.  Dad said we'll get another dog, but Meat Head is not the right fit for the family.


Please hope, pray, whatever you believe in that Meat Head will find the absolute perfect home where he is the only dog and loved as much as I love him.  

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Kimmi - I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  I have never had a pet of my own, but have seen many friends and loved ones loose their pets over the years and I understand that they become a big part of your family and  the love you share with them runs very deeply.


I know it will take time but I know in time you will heal and only look back fondly at your time with Meat Head.  It is clear by your posts and pictures that he was well loved and loved you back just the same.


Sending lots of love and hugs <3


Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Thanks, fran11 and dannyc.  I already look back on the good times he and I had, especially when I look at pictures.  Brutus is beginning to perk up, too.  I believe Brutus knows that Meat Head and Jewel are watching over him.  

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Awww Kimmi HUGS & KISSES!!! <3 

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Loosing a fur baby is always tough, loosing 2 in such a short time must be so difficult to go through. 

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Thank you all so much for you kind words and pictures.  I've read the Rainbow Bridge poem, but I never checked to see if there were illustrations.  Sharing all of this with you has helped me more than you all know.  Things feel different without Meat Head, and I can tell Brutus knows something happened.  However, I believe he is slowly healing, too, because he really likes to go on the leash for walks.  Usually, he likes to be in the dog lot (it's big with plenty of room to run and play) and have us come to him.  He still likes that, but now he wants on the leash more.  Of course, he still uses me as his chair lol.

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

That is so sad Kimmi  my heart and thoughts are with you but at least you know that Meathead and Jewel are together now and both crossed your path and had a wonderful life. rainbowbridge[1].jpg

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I found this out yesterday.


I'm not sure if he got aggressive or if it was just too risky, but Meat Head has joined Jewel at the Rainbow Bridge. Smiley Sad I love you, slobber brother number 2! You really were a good, sweet, silly boy. I know whatever happened before my family and I adopted you may be why you got jealous, but I hope you know that we all loved you so much, including Brutus. I hope the time you were with us was the best time of your life. We all miss you. I know you're up there playing with Jewel. She may be smaller than you, but don't underestimate her. She once kicked Brutus out of the doghouse. I love you and Jewel so much, and I will see you both again someday. RIP


People told me the AC officers wouldn't have put him to sleep unless something did happen.  The kennel he was in had other kennels on both sides with dogs inside.  Before all of his jealousy and aggression sparked, he really was a good, sweet boy.  Losing two dogs in less than six months is beyond painful, but I do know they are together at the Rainbow Bridge.  



Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so sorry. Your pictures show a dog who knows he was loved, and who knows he brought you happiness. Sometimes that is enough.

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so, so sorry to hear this. It wasn't the outcome anyone wanted at all. I know there really aren't any words to say to make it any better, but I hope that sharing here helps a little. I am kind of bawling because it's so unfair, you had to give him up and now this. But there's no feeling threatened or hurting at the Rainbow Bridge, just lots of walks and fetch and cuddles and his sister there to play with. Smiley Happy



Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Oh, Kimmi! I'm so sorry and sad to hear!




You giving Meat Head a loving and happy home before his time was up was truly the best thing that could have happened to him and everyone here as well as you know it! To be honest, whatever stressors and unhealthy exposure he had in his life previous to meeting you were comforted by the love you and your family gave to him. It's not an easy thing doing what you did, from taking him in, making him a part of your family (which he STILL is), to making the choice in giving him to AC, but you helped him so much.


Keep your head up, I know his last days were happy ones because of you!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so sorry!  It hurts terribly to lose a pet. We never know sometimes the horrible past that some of our pets have gone through before they come to us.  They bring their baggage with them and all we can do is love them.   Meat Head was truly loved!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Aww kimmi I'm sorry. I know this must be so hard. Smiley Sad


Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Oh kimmi, I'm so sorry!  It must be so hard for you, especially since he seemed to get along so well with your family in the beginning.   From the stories and photos you posted for us earlier I know that, as you said, the time he spent with you and your loving family must have been the best times in his life.  He had been abused and his ribs were sticking out and you guys took him in and gave him such a wonderful home.  You did the best you could and more than most would have.  

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

can you pet the other dog when Meathead isn't around? keep the loving separate...ask a veternarian  y Meathead is doing this? i know jealousy..

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I feel your pain! Smiley Sad  We had to re-home our dog Lucy a couple of years ago when she wouldn't stop fighting with Ariel (the German Shepherd in my pics).  Ariel is the dominant dog in the house and and Lucy kept challenging her.  They'd get into a big old fight, often with blood being drawn (Ariel has a rip in one ear now from one of these), until eventually Lucy submitted.  Things would be fine for a couple of weeks and then Lucy would start challenging again.  My older kids knew to get out of the way when they saw their fur bristled and teeth barred, but my youngest was only 1 at the time and I wasn't going to wait for him to get in the middle when they started.

I posted an add for Lucy in our church narthex and she found a new home within days.  I'm sure Meat Head will find a good home too!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Well, I think Meat Head has already been adopted!  Yesterday, the Animal Control Facebook page post his photo and information.  Of course, when I saw it, I started squalling.  About twenty minutes later, the picture was gone.  Lanndan also checked on his phone, and he could not find the picture either.  I check the photo album for animals who have been adopted, claimed, or pulled by a rescue group.  His picture was not there either, but the Facebook page is maintained by volunteers.  The AC officers do not run or update it.  


I am thinking the volunteers may not have posted a new photo or reuploaded his first photo due to time (volunteers have jobs and whatnot, too).  I am also wondering if they could be waiting to take a new photo of him with his new family.  I am still watching the Facebook page like a hawk, but many people have told me it would not take long for him to be adopted out to the right home.  

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Fingers crossed!! Hoping for the best!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I hope he was adopted and now has a family that's perfect for him!  I wish him all the best and hope you are able to get through this! Smiley Happy

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

@kimmi1115- No matter what we're always here for you to listen, chat or whatever. Here's a huuuuuuuugggggge HUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG from all of us!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Thank  you so much!  That is why I feel like I can share pretty much anything on here. 

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Thank you all for your kind words and sharing your stories as well.  Yesterday was not a good day for me, and this really is the second hardest thing I've had to do this year.  I spoke with a bloodhound rescue group that is outside of Knoxville.  Although they could not take him in (room, funds, etc), she did explain that she has seen this type of behavior many times in bloodhounds no matter what the family does, and it usually increases.  Many believe they are big basset hounds or gentle giants, but that is usually not true.  She said to rehome him immediately in an only dog home with no kids.  


The humane society could not take him in due to his behavior, especially after they saw my bruising, and also due to space.  I was told to talk to animal control (which is where he originally came from).  AC said they could take him, and they really believe they can find him the right home due to the high interest of hounds in the area and because he is already fixed and up to date on his shots.  When my family and I adopted him, there were other people who were interested, too.  We beat them to him by prepaying his adoption fee online, which I didn't even know was possible until my former high school teacher told me. She knows people who work with AC and the humane society. 


Leaving him in that kennel was beyond painful, but dad said it was the right thing to do for us, our neighbors, and for him.  He needs to be the main focus of attention.  When I got in the lot with Brutus afterwards, he was looking around for Meat Head.  However, I believe he could tell I was sad, and he kept giving me kisses while using me as his chair lol.  I told him he will have another buddy at some point.  

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