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A Meat Head Update :(

Since I share many things with you all about my furry family members, I don't want to hide this from you all, especially if someone asks how Meat Head is doing.  The incident happened yesterday, and I pretty much just copied and pasted my Facebook status:


It pains me to share this, but Meat Head will have to be rehomed in a home where he is the only dog. :'( His jealousy has taken a bad turn, and dad says he will not have it. For the second time, while I was trying to pet Brutus, Meat Head got too rough. He grabbed my shirt sleeve trying to pull me down and wouldn't let go. I couldn't get free, so I yelled for help. My parents and neighbor across the road came over. Meat Head let go when he heard dad. However, the worst pain is my heart. I don't understand why he is acting more and more this way, especially since I love on him all the time. I feel like I've lost two dogs in less than six months. Other than the jealous issue or whatever happened, he really is a good, sweet boy. If anyone is looking for a dog, please contact me. However, he has to be the ONLY dog. Also, please do not leave any mean or smart remarks. I'm hurting enough as it is because I Love him. Depending on who you are, your mean words will be deleted and you will be blocked and reported. I love animals so much, and this is hard for me to share. I just want him to have the right home where the focus is on only him.


Obviously the block and report comment is FB directed.  If you have a Facebook, you know why I would add something like that.  Anyway, I am not happy, even though it is for the best.  He tore my shirt sleeve, claw marks/welts are on my back and shoulder, and this morning my bruise is worse than it was last night.  I don't care about all of that.  My heart is what hurts the most.  :'(


I'm very attached to Meat Head, and he's more my dog than anyone's.  This jealous type of behavior has been progressing no matter what we do.  The past few times times dad has mowed the dog lot with the push mower, Meat Head has been jumping up and whatnot to grab his shirt.  We can't pet just Brutus because Meat Head will butt him or the person out of the way.  As a result, he needs to be in a home where he is the only dog so he can have all of the attention.


My parents and aunt are going to see if any coworkers may be interested in him, and, of course, they will be informed about what happened.  I volunteer at the humane society (no kill) later today, and I will talk to them as well.  I know this has to be done, but I cannot stop crying.  Every time I look outside and see him, the tears start again.  My parents and others said it's not my fault, but I can't help but feel like I've let Jewel down.  Mom said she wouldn't want to see me marked up and whatnot like that, but now I've lost two dogs and Brutus will be alone for a while again.  Dad said we'll get another dog, but Meat Head is not the right fit for the family.


Please hope, pray, whatever you believe in that Meat Head will find the absolute perfect home where he is the only dog and loved as much as I love him.  

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so sorry. You really are doing what is best for Meat Head in every way possible. All dogs have their own personalities, and as hard as it is for you to give him up, you are doing such a kind and generous thing for him, giving him the opportunity to find a family where he will be the only dog and can shine the way he was meant to. And somewhere there is a dog just waiting to be adopted who needs lots of love and a companion dog too. Don't worry, you'll find each other!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Thank you, and what you said reminded me of what my mom said: he needs a home where he is the super star.

Re: A Meat Head Update :(



I hope the family that takes him in really puts as much thought, care, and consideration to doing their research and respecting him and his boundaries so he can have a healthy and happy home!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so sorry to hear this!! It must just be the worst feeling, but it is the right thing to do since the situation is not working out for any of you. Despite all the love and care he is getting it's obvious he is not feeling entirely comfortable to be acting out that way. I know you will find a home where he will get the love and attention he needs and will be able to feel secure in that, without being jealous.


Please don't feel like you did anything wrong! Pets who have come from places where they were mistreated always have some quirks or some specific things they need in order to cope and you can't know exactly what all of those things will be when you take them in. You can only get to know them and do your best, because they can't tell you ahead of time what they will need. As hard as it is to do, getting him to the home that works for him is the most loving thing you can do and I'm sure he will always remember that. Smiley Happy

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Oh no Kimmi!  I actually have tears in my eyes right now I know how excited you were to get him but you know if he's too rough you or your family could get hurt really bad in one of the times he's being too rough. Listen we had two Rotweiler's that were the two most gentle dogs in the world and we had them for 11 years but there was a time when our male dog showed aggression to my husband and at this time we didn't have our little boy, but later on we did have him and we had to give them away because we just couldn't take the chance of them hurting our little boy, I felt like someone tore my insides out but I knew in my heart it was the right thing but I cried for days I loved those dogs so much but knew that what we were doing with them was the right thing and I'm sure that your mom and dad feel that same way. There is no way you let Jewel down you rescued Meathead and you'll find someone good to take care of him, you know Jewel wouldn't want a dog around you that eventually could hurt you badly. Things will work out for the best I promise.Smiley Happy

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Oh, Kimmi! I'm so sorry to hear that things have panned out this way! I remember how exciting it was when you first found Meat Head and got to bring him home and all your loving posts and photos you shared!


I wish Meat Head all the best as well as to you and all your friends and family that are helping to find him a new home. I know you all won't take that lightly and that the new owners you choose will be kind, loving people, just like you to give him a new home but with just as much love and care. Don't feel bad or that you've disappointed Jewel or even yourself, you took a big step in bringing Meat Head into your home and you did everything right on your end. You and your family have huge hearts and aren't afraid to love and that's what counts!


I'm sure Meat Head's jealousy probably stems from his past and maybe even his previous owners and how he was mistreated to lead him to be so hungry for attention that he just strikes out and act in the way that he has. My heart goes out to him and hope that the time he got to spend with you has helped him start to heal and move toward the right direction. I know you showed nothing but love and devotion to him, keep your chin up, Kimmi!



Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Kimmi - I am sorry for what you, Meat Head, and your family are going through!  You ARE making the right decision.  None of you are happy right now and that's not what you want.  Meat Head will find his forever home and maybe it will be with someone you know so you can still visit.  You will find a four-legged friend; now appears not to be the time.  Rather, Brutus needs you, and maybe this situation is someone's way of telling you that.  Keep in mind that you don't know everything that happened to Meat Head before you came along.  What you have done though is helped out his next loving family by finding out what his "quirks" are, so the wrong type of family doesn't take him in.  Think of yourself as a foster mom rather than having let down Jewel!  You did great, and Meat Head's next family will have a lot to thank you for, for all the months you spent loving and spoiling him.  YOU DID GREAT!

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

that's so sad.

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

I'm so sorry, Kimmi... I have faith that Meat Head will find a home that's perfect for him.

Re: A Meat Head Update :(

Aw Kimmi, I'm so sorry. The pain of losing a Beloved pet is just horrible. I really hope he finds a home that fits him perfectly. And i hope that when your ready for another dog, he will be a perfect fit for your family. I wish you luck on getting through this. 

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