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6 Things You're Good At

Part of my night time ritual is reading various lifestyle blogs before bed. A recent ‘tag’ within the blogging community has been ‘6 things that you’re good at’ which I thought was a most appropriate pick-me-up; especially for discouraging/frustrating days. Below is my list, what are YOU great at? It doesn’t have to be makeup or beauty related either.


1. I’m great at MacGyver-ing and being crafty. This weekend I transformed some old candles into containers for cotton swabs and eyeliners. I’m planning on adding a decorative ceramic figurine to the top of the jars for a more charming touch. My next project is to find some cute nightstands to completely revamp. I want to paint (I was thinking a bright seafoam) and add some cute shabby chic knobs to them.


2. I’m great at finding things online! Rather it’s finding an apartment or researching a particular piece from one of my favorite designers I can usually do a fantastic job of narrowing down what I need.


3. I’m great at planning things. From trips to parties, I really enjoy the entire process of getting things together for a special event.


4. I’m great at recognizing dog and horse breeds! When I was younger I was fairly certain that I wanted to be professional dog and Arabian horse breeder. Every chance I got when I was younger I would research and learn all about dogs and horses. It’s kind of funny, but show me a dog or a horse and I can usually tell you what breed it is; this is especially handy for when my friends want to know what their mutt might be.


5. I’m great at maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Over the last two years I’ve really been making an effort to eat and live healthy. I aim to work out 5 times a week, no longer use ‘toxic’ household cleaners, and avoid processed foods. In doing this I’ve been able to dramatically improve my overall way of living. I aimed to avoid toxic chemicals not just for my health (a lot of products can trigger my asthma), but for the health of my pets too.


6. I’m great at being a good friend. I really value the people I love in my life. I always make myself available for advice, hangouts, etc. I will give the shirt off a friend’s back if they need it.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 6 Things You're Good At



*jots down in my todo list for when I go to Canada next time*


Haha, if BT is a physical place, I'm totally bringing in my boxes of deluxe samples.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Ahhhh, we could all trade and share and recommend products so easily! Why has teleportation technology not made this happen yet?? 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Oh my lord, there is a restaurant nearby that makes fries covered in gravy and cheese curds... I thought it sounded disgusting until I tried it, and OH MY GOD it is to die for.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

It doesn't look pretty, and it sounds kind of strange until you try it, but when you do there is no going back! French fries suddenly seem like a sad, empty dish without gravy and cheese! 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm bringing Margaritas to this BT get together Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Everyone's list of talents is fantastic and really interesting! I know I feel uncomfortable being singled out or complimented in any way,  I think it's a combination of how hyper-critical my mom was to me and really not wanting to come across as bragging or belittling to other kids in school (I don't even know the percentage of time I spent waiting for the rest of the class, I got a LOT of book reading time in every day, haha). I get a horrified deer-in-the-headlights look and want to immediately change the topic if someone is talking about me, eek!


That being said, there are some things I am good at and secretly proud of, it's probably good to acknowledge them sometimes.


1. I like to get the best deal possible, not to say I want to always spend the least money, because some things are worth paying for quality but I want firework-level bang for my buck! Hence promo codes, point perks, and countless clearance section steals. Smiley Very Happy 


2. I will always get a better deal for a far more interesting vacation than booking some travel package, for a trip I tend to make a list of a couple dozen really fascinating areas to visit/things to do grouped by area of the city we are in and with hours, prices, and suggestions for each. Then each day I can see if I feel like walking a lot or not, being indoors or out, etc and come up with a tailored plan for the day plus backups in case I change my mind or the weather changes or whatever. Often if you look ahead you can find deals just for tourists that are not available once you arrive as well. 


3. Languages are really interesting, I love learning words in a new language and being able to see the connections to the history of a word and the way it has changed and spread through other related languages. I wish I could have taken every single language option in high school. Even my parents couldn't criticize when I came home with a 109% (french) or 104% (japanese) grade on a report card, hah! Different schools, different teachers, different programs, I didn't just have one teacher wrapped around my little finger, haha. 


4. I am WAY too in tune with the emotions of people around me, I end up being a great listener, know what to say to encourage them or empathize and help them vent frustrations. I like to find the perfect present to show someone that I was thinking about them and that they are important to me. The goal is to find the item that says it so well it makes the recipient cry. Smiley Happy Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, I can even do it with a thank you note. Unfortunately it can be hard to feel appreciated back when your standards are this high, I have to remember that my family isn't bad at expressing themselves, they just do it in other ways. 


5. On the less analytic side, I know more about cheese than any normal person should! I was a cheesemonger for years and I can recite information about flavor notes, texture, history, type of milk and production methods, and a lot more for hundreds of cheeses. My poor husband gets dragged to random cheese shops in other cities when we travel, lol.


6. I love to cook, anything really. As a kid (9 or 10 maybe) I wanted pizza one day so I grabbed the recipe book and was waiting for my dough to rise when my mom discovered me and assumed that because she can't figure out how to make yeast dough that there was no way I could and threw away my pizza crust. Smiley Sad So it kept rising in the garbage, I wish that she could have been encouraging instead of telling me I couldn't do things. Oh well. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I know what you mean, rikkie. I get extremely uncomfortable when I am complimented (be it my makeup, clothing, personality, something I've done, you name it). For some reason I always think the person saying it doesn't mean it or is lying. This might be my sometimes-low self esteem talking Smiley Very Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Yeah, that's it exactly. I know I mean it when I compliment someone, but I reflexively want to deny responsibility when someone compliments me. It makes me panic, haha. 


I know it stems from the way my mom would project her insecurities and taught me that everyone is thinking the worst, most critical thing possible about you at every moment. 


For example, when I was shopping for a wedding dress I knew there was no way I was taking her anywhere to do with it. After I was ready to order the one I chose, I thought maybe it would be nice of me to take her along and she could see it. I don't know, moms are supposed to care when their oldest kid is getting married, right? So I tell her it is obviously not going to look just like the sample dress as it was a couple sizes smaller than me, but it would at least let her see the fabric and design.


I didn't especially want to do any of this wedding stuff, but when you decide a wedding dress is "the one" it is an exciting moment. So I come out of the dressing room... silence. Then, "You look like a sausage in that thing." Yep, that's my special "the dress" moment. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Aw that is so terrible. =/


Yeah, my parents have been saying I look fat early as I can remember. I'm not fat fat, just fat by asian standard, and when I buy clothe, my dad say that all the time "hmmm...I don't know why but everything looks fatter on you..." Gee, thanks.


I think you look pretty in your wedding dress! As long as you love it and act like you own it, you will look great. =D

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

How insensitive! I must say though, it sounds like SUCH an asian parent thing to say. Am I allowed to say that if I'm not asian? If it helps, on meeting my Japanese host family, my host mother told me "you're not as big as you looked in the picture you sent"  I think it was meant in a complimentary way, but ahaha I thought it was a decent picture! One guy I knew had his host family flat out ask if he was gay though, (he wasn't) so I can't complain! 


It is easier to dismiss anything my mom says because I expect it from her. The hard part is remembering that other people do not think that way! The first time I was planning a trip to California she told me I shouldn't go and wouldn't like it there because everyone is very image oriented and I wouldn't be up to their standards. Honestly, she had never been there at all and the entire state is not populated by 35 million Paris Hilton clones. Where do these ideas come from??

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm sorry rikkie, that's awful Smiley Sad I understand it definitely can be hard to make your brain "un-do" what you've had drilled into you your entire life.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

The frustrating part is knowing these things will happen and that she will never apologize for anything because she thinks it's a helpful thing to say to someone. 


But being aware of the things your brain is doing wrong can help to change those thought patterns, so it's a start!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

My  mom is the same way with saying terrible things and thinking they are helpful.  She's a lot better now that she's a) on anti-depressants and b) in control of her drinking.  It's kind of like I have a whole different parent now.


I'm sorry your mom is such a disaster and that it had such a negative impact on your life Smiley Sad

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm glad to hear your mom has made an effort to be a better parent and take care of herself too! 


Once I realized I don't have to believe anything she says just because she's my mom I was able to stop it doing so much damage. Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Just for fun, can I also add that I'm good at singing the alphabet backwards?


I learned when I was a kid as a "pass the time" trick from my aunt and it's always hilarious to see the looks on peoples face's when I actually say it. haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1) Animals like me. I can talk to mean dogs and they calm down.  I have successfully rehabilitated a number of dogs that the rescues I've gotten them from had said if I couldn't take them to have them put down because they were too messed up or vicious for anyone else. With hard work, the dogs were always successfully integrated into my household and some even went on to win obedience titles.


2) I can ride horses well. I think they like me, too.


3) I can build things- I've built barns, houses, furniture, musical instruments. I like the process of turning a pile of materials into something useful.


4) Finding lost items is a specialty!  Whenever something is missing around this place, it's very rare that I can't find it wherever it is.


5) I can call up or write to companies and straighten out mis-shipped items, overbillings and other "administrative" messes. I've gotten free product vouchers and even a free honeymoon airfare when the airline royally messed up our flights!


6) I'm good at packing a suitcase. Probably a good thing since I travel so much for work, but I can fit an astounding amount in a regular carry on bag and arrive without a wrinkled mess. (Not much of an accomplishment, but it feels good to have tidy clothes Smiley Happy )

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm so glad your dogs had you enter their lives! It is so terrible the way some people treat animals (not to mention other people as well usually). I find that if you can put in the work and help to save animals who have been in bad situations, they can be some of the most amazing and loyal pets who just love you to pieces. Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

This is a great topic!


1.  I'm good at needlework.  I love doing it and I've won awards at shows.  It's a big source of sanity for me.  (And there's beading, knitting, crochet, lace making, temari, etc.)


2.  I'm good at editing.  I one of these weird people who enjoyed diagramming sentences (which I bet they don't even bother teaching any more, right?)  I read things and mentally re-write things so that they read better.


3.  I'm very self sufficient.  I take care of almost everything at home.  I married late and never really planned on it before I met my husband.  He cooks most of the time and mows the lawn, and I do pretty much everything else.


4.  I'm not squeamish.  My husband just flaps at wasps.  I kill them and get rid of them or clean up after a smelly cat or empty mouse traps, take out trash, etc.  Smelly, icky things don't bother me.  I'm not sure my husband knows how to take out the trash.  (He certainly doesn't do it quickly enough. Smiley Happy )


5.  I work well with all kinds of people.  I had friends in college from all different backgrounds.  I've traveled and worked with people from a number of different countries and I try hard to understand different cultures and understand their perspective.  I'm good at working with people in different roles, too.


6.  I sing and dance well.  I haven't done it as much recently, but I still remember every show tune I ever performed and I pick up songs and dances easily. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Hmm. I think this is great idea! Let me see what i can come up with. 

1. I'm good at learning things fast. I flew through Highschool without ever studying or doing homework for that matter. I was showed how to do something once and i had it. My test scores were 100's seriously, and homework grades were zero's!! Opps. So that's why i had so many low B's and C's. 

2. I am good at being level headed. I am open to new things, I hardly ever get mad at every day situations that really anger people. I see things from all angles!

3. I am good at playing Musical Instruments. I was in Band in Highschool, i can play the Flute, And i'm quite awesome at it, And i can play the Piano. I used to be so good but i no longer have a keyboard or Piano. 

4. I am good at Styling Hair. My own and others, That's why i decided to be a Hair Stylist. Even though i'm no longer working i still have friends who beg me to come over and do their hair for portraits, and Special Events!

5. I am great at Baking! I can't cook to save my life but i can Bake! I'm not good at decorating but i can make a tasty Cupcake! I'm going to take some Cake decorating classes so maybe i will get better at frosting stuff!

6. I am good at doing Acrylic Nails! In Cosmetology school I started focusing more on nails after trying it once and my instructors were blown away because it was my first time using acrylics! They so didn't believe i did it!! But i wouldn't want to do it professionally, People from where i am located at so rude and picky about stupid things. Another reason i never did Eyebrows when i working at a Salon. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

#1 is me for sure! I moved out of my parents' house at 16 and had to work most evenings so I didn't really do schoolwork unless I could get it done during class time. 


I am totally clueless about hair styling, I can do anything with my hair and some dye but I wish I could do something with it after. This is probably the biggest reason I keep it chopped off mostly!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Youtube videos are somewhat helpful. Most people don't know what they are doing but i have learned from some! I'm a master with a flat iron! I can do tight curls, loose waves, flipped ends! It's my only tool when doing hair!

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