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6 Things You're Good At

Part of my night time ritual is reading various lifestyle blogs before bed. A recent ‘tag’ within the blogging community has been ‘6 things that you’re good at’ which I thought was a most appropriate pick-me-up; especially for discouraging/frustrating days. Below is my list, what are YOU great at? It doesn’t have to be makeup or beauty related either.


1. I’m great at MacGyver-ing and being crafty. This weekend I transformed some old candles into containers for cotton swabs and eyeliners. I’m planning on adding a decorative ceramic figurine to the top of the jars for a more charming touch. My next project is to find some cute nightstands to completely revamp. I want to paint (I was thinking a bright seafoam) and add some cute shabby chic knobs to them.


2. I’m great at finding things online! Rather it’s finding an apartment or researching a particular piece from one of my favorite designers I can usually do a fantastic job of narrowing down what I need.


3. I’m great at planning things. From trips to parties, I really enjoy the entire process of getting things together for a special event.


4. I’m great at recognizing dog and horse breeds! When I was younger I was fairly certain that I wanted to be professional dog and Arabian horse breeder. Every chance I got when I was younger I would research and learn all about dogs and horses. It’s kind of funny, but show me a dog or a horse and I can usually tell you what breed it is; this is especially handy for when my friends want to know what their mutt might be.


5. I’m great at maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Over the last two years I’ve really been making an effort to eat and live healthy. I aim to work out 5 times a week, no longer use ‘toxic’ household cleaners, and avoid processed foods. In doing this I’ve been able to dramatically improve my overall way of living. I aimed to avoid toxic chemicals not just for my health (a lot of products can trigger my asthma), but for the health of my pets too.


6. I’m great at being a good friend. I really value the people I love in my life. I always make myself available for advice, hangouts, etc. I will give the shirt off a friend’s back if they need it.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1. I'm great at baking and cooking. I make a terrible mess but things always work out.

2. Sports, I love playing sports and have always been a natural athlete.

3. Being Patient. I do a lot of teaching-type jobs and activities and I'm pretty good at being patient while trying to work with someone else or my dogs (doing agility with dogs)

4. Reading. I've always been a very avid reader although it's harder too find time as I get older.

5. Sneaking. Most of the time I do this unintentionally, but I'm very good at sneaking up on people.

6. Throwing. I've played softball for most of my life, and as a result I'm very accurate.


Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1. Organizing

2. Being there for people

3. Keeping my word

4. Swimming

5. Makeup Smiley Very Happy

6. I have a good eye----I notice little things most people tend to miss

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm good at:


  1. art/drawing/photography/crafts- look me up on deviantart if you don't believe me.
  2. cooking- if you like vegetarian dishes and sweets, I'm your girl.
  3. doing natural looking, classy, and vamp-va-va-voom stylized make-up.
  4. listening- unless you're being rude, mean or nasty
  5. playing video games- it's nice to have dexterity!
  6. being a good friend- with undying loyalty!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Great thread, Janine!  We need to toot our on horns more often.


1)  I can step up and take charge and direct the masses.  I'm not a "bossy" person.  But when there is chaos, I don't mind taking control.  I've directed plays, weddings, and community events (sadly, without pay).


2)  I can plan and organize all kinds of functions: weddings, parties, plays, events, conferences (again, all volunteer).  I love to brain storm and be creative, making lists, and seeing them through.  If I could just figure out how to charm others into doing the things I've planned......


3)  I love color and all its hues, shades, and tints.  I can look at someone and tell you what colors would look best on them.  I have really considered being a certified colorist, but the places that offer training and certification are too far away.  I can also look at your body type and choose clothing styles that will flatter your figure.  My dream job would be a personal shopper and help others look their best!


4)  I play the piano well.  If you put sheet music in front of me, I can play it.  I can also sing.  I have more of a blended choir voice, rather than soloist.  I have a wide vocal range and can harmonize well even on difficult dissonance chords (those that sound weird and scary).  I kinda like 'em!


5)  I will shop until I find the best product for the best price!  I don't want to buy cheap-made stuff for less.  I want to buy the best I can afford at the best price.  I will search the ends of the world, hoard my money, do without, until I find what I want at the cheapest price. This also applies to traveling plans as well.  This comes from having champagne tastes and a beer budget! My husband on the other hand will go out and buy whatever he sees, no matter what it costs, just to get what he needs (even if it breaks after a few uses or he finds something he like better later).  It drives me crazy!!!!!


6)  I'm a great listener and friend.  I will stay up with you until the wee hours of the morning to share your triumphs or problems and if I'm asked to keep a secret, I will never tell.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I'm going to give this a try!



1. I can effectively embarrass my children. This is a skill I have perfected over 18 years. It comes in handy. Keeps them outta trouble at school for sure cuz if I have to come up there, I'm coming in a robe slippers hair crazy and yelling down the hallways "what are y'all doing to my baby! Where's he at? Come here to momma son! " that the  last time I have been called to the school and that was 7th grade. He graduated this year and he is still teased. Humiliation is effective parenting. Smiley Wink


2. I'm good at spotting a liar. So I made a career out of it.


3  I am extraordinarily patient and kind. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.


4. I have a brilliant imagination and a knack for story telling.  I get that from my grandpa and his family. They are from hazard kentucky and the family was known for tall tales. I used to love when 3 or 4 of them got together and tried to out story each other. 


5. I am very detailed oriented so I can remember the most unimportant random stuff.


6  country cooking.  I lived with my grandparents (the ones from Kentucky) growing up and we ate straight from the garden and fresh meat and eggs and milk.  No premade anything so it all got cooked. So I got lots of practice and of course my grandma was the best cook I've ever known!! Until I met my husband's grandma from New Orleans with her homemade gumbo. Now they are tied for 1st. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

@rikkie- No more of anything like the message in your spoiler your valuable and great fun and I'm glad to call you my friend.Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Must resist the urge to point out all the reasons that could be untrue, haha. I am terrible at people being nice to me. 


But thank you. It means a lot to me. Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

6 things I'm actually good at (as opposed to things I like/enjoy...) sounds hard, lol. But I'll try.


1. I'm very proud of my writing. I've always been able to impress my professors with my papers, but I also love writing fiction. I haven't in a while, but it used to be a daily ritual. I should get back into it..publishing a book has been one of my dreams for a long time now.


2. I'm very linguistically-inclined and am good at learning languages. Not fluent in all of them, but apart from English and Urdu (my native languages), I've studied Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. And I have a few more on my list that I still need to tackle. Smiley Wink


3. I know how to style! It's one of the compliments I hear the most from strangers/people I don't know too well -- they love my sense of style.


4. haha, I'm surprised that this didn't occur to me right away, but I'm very knowledgeable about fitness. I taught group exercise classes for the past 6 years or so (and need to get back into it as a side gig, as I really <3 it) and always prided myself as being one of the toughest instructors/most liked instructors. 


5. I'm a great Spanish teacher. At least my students seem to think so, according to their evaluations. Smiley Tongue


6. I am AMAZING at Oregon Trail. Smiley Very Happy Give me any starting/ending point, as early as you want (when there are fewer forts and trading posts), lowest profession, in the middle of winter, and I will get my party to their destination without anyone dying. Is it sad that I'm listing this as one of my best skills? lol

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Oh. my. GOD. I loved the Oregon Trail!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1.  I'm good with animals, and I spend a lot of time with them.  When I visit someone's house, I always ask about their pets and play with them lol.


2.  Creative/Arts and crafts.  If it's creative and artistic, chances are I'll want to try it.  


3.  School.  I've always done well in school, and I always set goals for myself.  However, it would be nice to cash in my Dean's List certificates for actual cash lol.


4.  Organizing.  I like things neat and organized.  After doing some painting around the house, I helped my mom organized some things.  My future students will not have to worry about me losing their homework! lol.


5.  Helpful.  People know they can count on me to help them with things within my abilities.  I can try, but I have no muscles to help with very heavy lifting and whatnot lol.  I help around the house all the time, and I also start my own projects.


6.  I liked how some others pointed this out: being alone.  I'm an only child as well, and it was quite some time before there were other kids around where I live.  I enjoy spending time by myself, and I need it.  I'm not antisocial; I just need some me time.  Lanndan is an only child as well, but he's the opposite.  He can't stand hanging out by himself since there were always kids/friends that lived near him.  

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1. I'm a people person: as much as I deny it people tend to like me, whether it be because I'm friendly or easy to talk to I'm not sure!

2. I'm a good listener: I can listen for hours if you need me to, just holding your hand for support while you talk, I don't need to hear myself talk, I'd rather someone else get everything off their chest.

3. I love easily: this may sound naïve and foolish but I am quick to love, whether it be friends or relationships, I share all my love that I can.

4. I am gullible: I refuse to see this as a bad thing! I believe people and if they lie to me that's their problem, I have a habit for trusting in people and that's perfectly okay with me.

5. I love to share my makeup knowledge! This might be a little more "shallow" in the grand scheme of things but I love to do this Smiley Happy!!!

6. I love to learn: honestly I have so many hobbies its ridiculous! But I love learning!! It's one of my favorite things about myself.

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