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6 Things You're Good At

Part of my night time ritual is reading various lifestyle blogs before bed. A recent ‘tag’ within the blogging community has been ‘6 things that you’re good at’ which I thought was a most appropriate pick-me-up; especially for discouraging/frustrating days. Below is my list, what are YOU great at? It doesn’t have to be makeup or beauty related either.


1. I’m great at MacGyver-ing and being crafty. This weekend I transformed some old candles into containers for cotton swabs and eyeliners. I’m planning on adding a decorative ceramic figurine to the top of the jars for a more charming touch. My next project is to find some cute nightstands to completely revamp. I want to paint (I was thinking a bright seafoam) and add some cute shabby chic knobs to them.


2. I’m great at finding things online! Rather it’s finding an apartment or researching a particular piece from one of my favorite designers I can usually do a fantastic job of narrowing down what I need.


3. I’m great at planning things. From trips to parties, I really enjoy the entire process of getting things together for a special event.


4. I’m great at recognizing dog and horse breeds! When I was younger I was fairly certain that I wanted to be professional dog and Arabian horse breeder. Every chance I got when I was younger I would research and learn all about dogs and horses. It’s kind of funny, but show me a dog or a horse and I can usually tell you what breed it is; this is especially handy for when my friends want to know what their mutt might be.


5. I’m great at maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Over the last two years I’ve really been making an effort to eat and live healthy. I aim to work out 5 times a week, no longer use ‘toxic’ household cleaners, and avoid processed foods. In doing this I’ve been able to dramatically improve my overall way of living. I aimed to avoid toxic chemicals not just for my health (a lot of products can trigger my asthma), but for the health of my pets too.


6. I’m great at being a good friend. I really value the people I love in my life. I always make myself available for advice, hangouts, etc. I will give the shirt off a friend’s back if they need it.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1. I'm great at organizing and managing very very picky and things have to be right,

2. I'm great at being a good friend also I will help anyone, be there for them and see them through the worst times.

3.I'm great at not letting ignorance in people over come me even though it's every where.

4.I'm great at taking care of myself ,not always eating right but making sure my body and skin gets what it needs to be the very best.

5.I'm great at being a mother, wife, and boss. It's a lot to do but you just have to jump in and go with all you have.

6.I'm great at believing and knowing giving everything to God to know his choice is always first.


This was a great post Janine!Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1.) i'm very good at couponing! and being savy, i've learned how to get the best deals and no matter what i buy i usually have at least something to discount it.

2.) i'm good at planning and scheduling as well, most of the events in my life (even going to the mall) are usually planned a couple days in advance.

3.) i'm good at keeping up with my skincare routine every single night and morning, never skipping a step.

4.) i'm good at learning new things, especially hair and makeup wise, i can look at or read something one time and i'll instantly understand and be able to start practicing that new technique.

5.) i'm a good reader, i read very fast and understand everything i read, i also love to read which might help Smiley Tongue

6.) i'm really good at convincing people of things, i don't know the word for this off the top of my head but a teacher once told me i could sell ice to an Eskimo lol Smiley Happy


i really like this thread lol, also kudos to you janine! i wish i could maintain my health that way 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

This is a great idea!


1) I'm great in a crisis.  I think quickly, act calmly, come up with a plan while soothing everyone.  I have some training in intervention with emotional crises, particularly domestic violence related, so that is sort of my specialty.  You want me around when something goes wrong.


2) I'm a great listener.  I'm non-judgemental, I empathize well, I'm unshockable.  My boss calls me her therapist.  Because of this and the one above I've decided to go to social work school and become a counselor for teenagers.


3) I'm very flexible. If something needs to change at the last minute I can roll with it.


4) I'm a great writer.  This summer I'm writing a memoir about my experiences with mental health and illness and it's humming along nicely.


5) I'm a great second in command.  I don't necessarily have the ability or desire to be the one in charge but I can execute someone else's vision perfectly.


6) I'm a survivor.  I've had a really rough life but I'm still standing tall and going through each day and I am really great at getting through tough stuff.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1 - Baking!  Oh I how love to bake.

2 - Memorizing things.  I can memorize new things in a snap.  I think it comes from 9 years of Lutheran school and memorizing bible passages.

3 - Writing papers.  Unfortunately it's not something I like doing (and I'm not in college anymore anyway) but teachers were always raving about my papers.

4 - Not backing down.  Once I'm set on something (whether it's a goal or a cause) a steamroller couldn't dissuade me.  I suppose this could also be a flaw...

5 - Listening.  I swear I have a "tell me your problems" sign hanging over my head.

6 - Being objective.  I have an easy time seeing both sides of a situation.  I have a very "Liberal" friend who says I'm the only reasonable "Conservative" she knows. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I have a "tell me your problems" sign too. the only place it bothers me is in my shrinks waiting room because there are lot of people there with A LOT of problems that I am not necessarily psyched to hear about.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

What a great topic!


1. I'm good at finding dupes for disc. make up shades!

2. Being on time! I'm always early or right on time for everything.


3. Keeping up with my exercise. It's easy to stop working out or going to the gym. If I know I won't be able to go to the gym, I will make it up with a run outside or a long walk.


4. Listening- It's hard for me to forget things, even if I try.


5. Styling my bangs with a round brush. I know that one sounds silly but, a lot of hairdressers I've gone too say that my bangs do not want to 'bend' (my hair is super straight). I never have any issues styling it on my own.


6. Typing fast. I actually enjoy typingSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

What a grat post.  Love reading what people are replying.


I am a good...


1.  Worker - whether literally for my job or whatever I am committed to

2.  Planner - lists of things to do for any and all occassions

3.  Listener - to any and all who would like to share

4.  Crafter - currently in the middle of knitting and beading

5.  Baker - cookies, bread, pies, you name it

6.  Musician - I enjoy playing various instruments

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

What a nice mood lifter, Janine!

It's nice to focus on our positives instead of the negatives. This should be something we all do daily. Focus on the positives!


1.) I'm great at planning things as well, organizing them, budgeting, you name it! Although, I think planning weddings would be the death of me or at least very very challenging.


2.) Creativity. From cooking to crafty ideas!  I'd like to think I'm a connoisseur of Adobe software and Photoshop is my weapon in the world of editing. I can take a bald Britney Spears and turn her into a million bucks almost instantly Smiley Wink 


3.) I'm a very quick learner. "Give a man woman a fish and you feed him her for a day. Teach a man woman to fish and you feed him her for a lifetime"  


4.) Having a ton of common sense + street smarts is one of my qualities as an individual. 


5.) I'm great at being a helpful insight toward people whether they are friends, coworkers, family, or strangers. Even if someone wants to just talk, I'll be there to listen. 


6.) I pay a great deal of attention to the little things. This might be where my love of macro photography comes into play. Being a perfectionist is one of my top goals in certain criteria since even the smallest of details matter most to me. 

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1) I'm good with dogs. I understand their behavior and motivations. I'm good at helping them when they are scared. I'm good at helping people be not scared of them.


2) I'm good at researching and understanding scientific concepts.


3)I'm good at teaching other people aforementioned scientific concepts.


4) I'm accomplished in the art of vocal performance. (That doesn't sound pretentious at all :/)  My husband and I run a professional choir which he conducts and in which I sing.  We have a recording which will be released later this year.


5) I'm good at being alone.  I like being alone.  I'm a bona fide introvert, and excellent at passing hours by myself


Edited to add:


6) I'm cleary BAD at reading directions, as i omitted number six initially, lol

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

@ nebel, being comfortable with being alone is SUCH a nice thing to be good at. I enjoy having along time myself too Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I agree! I'm comfortable being alone tooSmiley Happy I enjoy having 'me' time and breaks for myself.

<3 Melissa

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Me too!  I grew up an only child and actually need to be alone.  I have 4 kids so being alone rarely happens anymore.  I love them all dearly but when bedtime comes along I practically hurl them into their beds.  I'm not technically "alone" but at least I can keep an uninterrupted train of thought in my head!


(I got interrupted 3x just writing this!)

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

@Nebel - Message me when your recording is available.  I'm a local church volunteer choir director and would love to hear your choir!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

I will see if I can get my hubby to give me a sneak-peak pre-release. I know he has the final mastering session with the engineer in two weeks! 

I will send you a PM when I have something!


I expect I'll be so giddy when we finally hit itunes i'll be tempted to make an off-topic post here... lol

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1) Staying calm in stressful situations
2) Teaching / guiding people
3) Good listener
4) Makeup artist/ helping people with their skin care (put on more SPF!)
5) Baking- I like to make brownies & cookies for my friends.
6) Writing- friends & family say that I am good at writing messages in cards.

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

1. Teaching: nothing makes me happier than having a student tell me he/she now likes science because I made it fun/interesting. Making the future nerds of the world one class at a time Smiley Wink


2. Cooking: I guess it goes hand-in-hand with the love of science!


3. Maintaining my health: ever since I was diagnosed with MS I have worked very hard at staying healthy, and so far so good! Hooray for fantastic advances in medicine and Jillian Michaels' DVDs!


4. Listening: I like to think I'm not too judgmental Smiley Happy


5. Improvising: whether it's making do with the equipment available at my school or dreaming up something to make for dinner with what I have in the fridge, the job always gets done.


6. Shopping: I love finding deals but I know how to walk away if I don't actually need something, no matter how tempting the discount. My hubby appreciates the effort.

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Teaching is such an amazing gift! seriously, i've had teachers change my life because they were so good, keep at it! they'll appreciate it Smiley Happy

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Improvisation is a handy quality to have. I wish I was good at improvising.  the planner in me likes to have a plan to follow, especially with cooking.  If I get comfortable with a recipe I can start improvising, but until then, give me something to follow!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

Great topic, Janine! Another positive thread to add to BT! Smiley Very Happy


1. I'm great at encouraging and really bringing out confidence in people. Growing up I was pretty sheltered and an only child, so I didn't always have someone around to boost my spirits if I had a bad day or be there with a kind word whenever I had a doubt so I learned the importance of being able to build that up in myself and now when I make new friends or even to those I'm close to already, when I see a flicker of doubt or uncertainty, I'm always there to help out and show my support. It's important to feel comfortable and good about oneself!


2. I'm great at being eloquent with my words and well-spoken. No, I'm not some Shakespearean-based speaker 24/7, but when it boils down to writing a formal letter, document, or even a business/professional email, best believe I become a stunner! I've had bosses much older than I come to me and ask for help with finding the proper verbiage or manner of expression.


3. I'm great at breaking the ice. Be it in a small social setting, large party, or even a one on one situation, I'm not afraid to speak up and break that awkward tension. I'm not afraid to go up to strangers and pay them a compliment, approach new faces at a get-together, and really relay the fact that there's nothing to be afraid of and that I'm approachable too.


4. I'm great at executing visuals and thinking outside the box. I'm the type of person where if I see something, I'll find a way to make it happen, and to top that off, I'll find the most efficient or even unconventional way to go about it. I believe so many people have so many great ideas but it's the actual approach and execution that can stump and even halt them, I like to take those leaps and hurdle over what may be the "hard part" and move to the pay off!


5. I'm great at showing people I care. Taking the extra effort to go the extra mile is common in my book because to those I love and cherish, there's no reason to cut corners and get lazy. Whether it's organizing a splendid getaway vacation, picking up a few extra things that I know are needed, or being extra considerate, I like to not just tell someone how much I care, but I'm sure my actions so it as well so there's no doubt about it.


6. I'm great at sleeping! Smiley Tongue Had to throw a silly one in here! But honestly, I can nap at the drop of a hat if need be. Whether I'm laying down on a bed or couch, lounged back in a chair, sitting up, or resting on someone's shoulder....if the mood strikes, watch out, I'm out! Haha!

Re: 6 Things You're Good At

This is a great topic and really makes you think of the positive!


1. I'm great at putting on false eyelashes. Sounds silly but I've gotten it down to a 2 minutes application process which only takes as long as it does so I can let the glue get tacky before applying them! Smiley Happy


2. Listening- I notice the majority of my friends come to me with their problems and for advice/encouragement. I like that because they trust me with their problems and enough to know I won't go blabbing about.


3. This is an odd one considering I'm not a trained medical anything but I'm good at figuring out solutions to health ailments (like colds, sore throats, etc.) and even giving shots.  My mom worked as a pharmacist and people in my family including myself  always have random/rare health issues that have taught me a LOT about different conditions and treatments to ease ailments without causing interactions. I'm also good at giving shots considering I took them for 15 years until I got an insulin pump!


4. Organizing files and keeping my bills and money in check. I'm actually considering going into financial planning because I like setting budgets and limits to increase growth and numbers. =p a little silly considering I hate math but it's fun to me!


5. Giving pets haircuts! All my years destroying Barbie paid off for my dogs LOL I was able to cut my cocker spaniel's hair no problem- granted it did take 2-3 hours but he would have a LOT of fur. 


6. Shopping in the bargain section. While most people complain the sale section never has anything good I'm always able to find a good deal or bargain on something GREAT that looks like or was a lot of money. It just takes patience to go through racks of clothes or bins! Smiley Happy My favorite dress was marked from $85 to $20 and I only ended up paying $10 because of an additional markdown. That being said I'm not a total cheapskate lol, I do pay full price for a lot of things but manage to find great deals in between. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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