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5 weeks pregnant and already...

I've gotten a comment or unasked for opinion on what I'm doing.  Specifically, what I was drinking in the store (outside drink).


One of the ladies at the UScan my family has known for quite some time, so I mentioned we were pregnant again and that we'll be having the CVS testing done for the genetic disorder at 10 weeks.


Silly me.  I didn't realize that my body and my decisions become public property when I'm pregnant.  I must've missed the memo. /sarcasm.


I had a Starbucks cup in my hand, since my siter Jennifer graciously bought me hot chocolate before she went to work.  Obviously, you can't tell what I'm drinking, but that still doesn't make it your business to say "What are you drinking?"  When I told her it was hot chocolate because I hate coffee, the response was "Well, caffeine's not good for the baby."


Seriously, a tall hot chocolate isn't going to hurt the baby.  I've been pregnant before, this ain't my first time at the rodeo.  You need to be drinking well over 200 mg a day (equivalent of two cups of coffee isn't going to do anything.  The pregnancy book I've got recommends no more than 200 mg a day at most), which I told her.


If this woman had been someone I didn't know though, I would've gladly told her where to shove it.


Don't even get me started on all the comments my husband and I are probably going to get if this baby has the myotonic dystrophy and we have to have a medical termination though.  Anyone that wants to comment on THAT I will gladly tell them "I wouldn't wish this choice on my worst enemy, and don't bother judging me until you end up needing to make the choice.  THEN you can say whatever you **bleep** well please."

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

I feel that there are too many nosy people in the world and if they get in my face, then I am within my rights to point out their misbehavior. You are double within your rights, you are after all, pregnant. 


If it is someone that I feel that I absolutely have to be polite to, I have answered meddlesome remarks with "I'll give your suggestion the consideration it deserves". 


I especially hated the question "When are you going to start a family?" when I was younger, as if that's any of anyone's business!! One of the perks of growing old is you don't have to listen to that anymore!

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

I'm 23 and a lot of my friends got pregnant very young. I love children but I'm nowhere near ready to have some right now. You only get to be young once and I get comments from people that go something like this..."so when do you think you'll be a mom?". You'd think I was going on 50 or something. This isnt the stone age anymore, you dont have to be married with kids by 18 anymore. I know when my mom was younger society thought that if you werent married by a certain age that there was something wrong with you.


And to those people I always make a super shocked face to so that they know that I'm not the idiot.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave  That's crazy that people are asking you that.  You're young.  You have plenty of time for that on down the road. 



Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

Amen you guys. I remember the very first time someone asked me if I was a mom. I was in the waiting room at a dentist office and a little girl came up to me that was maybe 3 or 4 years old and (no kidding!) she took my left hand and put it against her cheek. Her mom looked surprised, her kid apparantly doesnt really approach strangers but she liked me enough to approach me. I smiled at the kid, picked her up, put her in my lap and told her how pretty she was. Her mom asked me if I had any children. I told her no and that I was 16 and instead of being shocked at what she just asked me she said "well you never know these days". And no I wasnt the type of 16 year old that looked older, most people assumed that I was 13-15. 


Another thing that really ticks me off is when non meat eaters(vegetarians, vegans, and whatnot) make meat eaters feel bad. I dont care what you do with your body. But when I'm eating meat I dont need comments like "how can you eat a poor defenseless animal?" and "that stuff will clog your arteries". I dont eat very much of it and I dont eat it often. Its not like I have bacon and eggs for breakfast, a ham sandwhich for lunch and a steak for dinner like most of the people I know. I have no health problems whatsoever, I go to the doctor every year and get my blood checked and my blood pressure taken and my heart listened to and my weight taken and etc and my doctor says I'm 100% healthy. Plus I'm a southern woman. Most people down here dont count it as a meal if there's no meat on the table. So no, I dont need your 2 cents. And yes, I love leather so back off.


And I hate it when people try to convert me to their religion (door to door people, neighbors etc that need more members--business type places that take a portion of your paycheck every month). How are these people allowed to even go door to door? I go to church, I have a religion and no I am not talking to you about it. Even if I wasnt I dont need a stranger making me feel bad about it.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave -  OMG!! You crack me up!! Re: your "Amen you guys...." post.


1st paragraph - I said to myself 'I have to send her a note, same thing happened to me' Nah, no note, I'll justHeart her post.


2nd paragraph - Half way through I said  'Oh man, I am so sending her a note, been there.' But by the time I got to "And yes, I love leather so back off"  I was already hitting the reply button, I hadn't even finished reading your post, I seriously laughed out loud (and no, I did not think a simple 'lol' would cut it there, it just wasn't enough) That was so incredibly funny. (I almost wrote 'that was so fr _ _ _ _ ng funny'  right there ***notice- the first 2 letters of the word I just typed were F and R, not F and a vowel***  I was afraid to write that though, didn't know if it would cause any problems. Would it have been okay?)


3rd paragraph - Finally calmed myself down and stopped laughing long enough to read the rest, and, OMG, we share a brain! That drives me nuts. I want to get up the courage to one day say to one of the door to door religion pushing people that 'I worship s_ _ _ n'  -- heck, I can't even write it, my whole body just shudders, there's no way I could say it! Hmmmmm..... Maybe I can pay one of my sisters like $20.00 to say it and I'll get the reaction on tape.


Anyhow, you truly made me laugh, I hope other people got a Smiley Very Happy out of it too. I think we could all use a little more laughter and a little less of pushers (pushing unsolicited opinions about very personal things) in our lives. Thanks, I needed that.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave- The food police bug me too. I like to have a small lunch like a salad or just an appetizer because if I eat a big lunch my body doesn't work well and I am sleepy all afternoon. People come up to me and say "Oh, you're so skinny (I'm not, I have a lean body because I exercise and don't overeat in general) , go ahead and order a big lunch." It is so aggravating to explain that I'm not skinny and my body feels better with a small mid-day meal. Or they push dessert on me. Gee, you'd think they could better expend their time keeping an eye on their own food intake!


End of rant.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@prettyinpa  I kinda know how you feel.  I've been told by the doctors that I need to gain a bit of weight, and I understand that and I am trying.  The doctor said it won't be that easy for me to gain since I'm limiting my gluten.  I sometimes think people don't understand that when I'm full, I'm full.  No, I don't want another plate of such and such.  If I eat more, I won't feel well.  If I don't feel well, I'm not going to focus as much on my school work.  When I get a bit hungry a little later, I have snacks that I can eat, and I'll probably sneak in some Valentine's Day Sweet Tarts into the mix as well lol.



@sephoramusthave  Leather is awesome, and helps to protect bikers, too.  I've not heard of anyone having beefs with leather (that's a horrible pun lol).   It's also a very long lasting material.  One of the leather belts my bf has that was handed down to him is about 20 years old and looks new.  Leathers dusters are heavy; I can't handle that kind of coat, no matter how warm lol.  It's interesting how views on the topic can vary, especially from state to state.  Tennessee is big on agriculture, and every Saturday there are many people going to the stock yard.  Currently, one of my papaw's bulls in the field is on the list to be turned into hamburger and steak later in the year.  As long as it isn't my favorite cow (her neck is spotted like a giraffe lol she's so cute), I'm perfectly fine with it. 


Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@kimmi1115 - seems anything food related is real sensitive. I did get to a point when my mother said I was a little too thin. She said my face wasn't quite as attractive at that point (I hope this doesn't sound snotty but that really hurt my feelings - inevitably that's what it took to get me to put on a few pounds, and I mean a few, like 3 - 4 lbs. Sometimes that's all it takes when you're that tiny.) I wasn't big on breakfast, ate a good lunch and dinner just depended on how I felt and whether or not I hit the gym that night (if I did the gym I generally ate light since I got home later and often didn't have much appetite) I 'd snack in the afternoon, especially on gym days.  I'm very glad you are snacking, and I won't lecture you about good snacks vs. bad snacks. I'm glad you're getting annual physicals and that your doctor isn't just a 'yes' man. If he mentioned that, it means he cares and is concerned. I will say that when I look at pictures from 'too skinny' I do agree, my face was too thin and I could even use a couple of lbs on my body. I admit I have some issues, if you tell me I'm eating too much, I'll probably eat more, out of spite, If you tell me I'm not eating enough I may eat less, out of spite. That's really not a good thing and I'm only hurting myself.  I'm working on it.


@sephoramusthave - beef...leather....that was bad....but really funny. One of my Uncles and his wife are no-leather people. He's not too in your face about it. She, on the other hand....obnoxious. We don't see them very often, they live in TX, so we all just try to tolerate it. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie had a farm, we used to go there a lot as kids. I'm just glad I was naive enough that I didn't realize the beef or chicken we were eating for dinner tonight was probably something I petted a few weeks before. (Okay, so we didn't actually 'pet' the chickens, but, you get my drift) 

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

My grandparents have lived off the land and they still do. (From my mothers side, my grandparents from my dads side passed away a long time ago and I dont remember them at all). My grandpa raises chickens, pigs, and cows for food. He has a place where he dries meat and even though he doesnt kill anything himself(he pays a man to do it) he still eats the animals he grows. The cows are for milk and cheese, I dont think they have ever slaughtered a cow for meat. But he makes his own sausages and everything and yes, that is what "organic" means. My grandma grows her own fruits and veggies. They have potatoes, carrots, corn, fruit trees, green beans, the whole shebang. The only food items they get at the store are flour, oil, sugar and salt. They are 81 and 83 and still going strong. My grandpa stills chops wood for fire/warmth in the house and my grandma still gardens like she always does. They are healthy and active and dont need any advice from other people on what to eat and how to live.


My mom bought me this stunning soft black leather bag by Michael Kors. Its a handbag that also comes with a long over the shoulder strap and I LOVE it so much. I've already deserted my longtime favorite Kathy Van Zeeland. Leather is great and does last if you take care of it. If it gets hooked on something sharp then it will tear but other than that its waterproof and everything. Its the exact bag in the picture.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

Your grandparents sound awesome.  My family grows a garden each year, and homegrown veggies are the best.  From being in a family that grows some fruits and veggies, most that come from the store are not too tasty.  Especially if it's produce from Walmart.  I despise strawberries from Walmart.  If your grandparents are still wanting to work in those activities, then anyone who tells them to stop should be smacked.  If people are forced to slow down, it's only going to hurt them.  My bf's papaw is 91 years old and still mows the yard and everything.  When I first met him, I had no idea he was 89 soon to be 90.  I thought my bf was pulling my leg. 


In general, I think the older generations are really living life with older values and whatnot that are kind of looked over nowadays.  For example, there are many times when families don't fix a good, homecooked family meal due to about 50 other things going on.  Most don't know how to slow down more than they should, and I admit I am like that with school.  Older generations, whether retired or not, are able to work in the down town for family.  And, of course, many people in the older generation are AMAZING cooks!!  When my mamaw was alive, she had the best homemade mac and cheese.  My dad (her son) can make it like she does, but my mom can't.  I can tell just by taste who fixed the mac and cheese lol.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave that bag is GORGEOUS!!! I have been wanting a MK bag for awhile but can never decide..  I have a black leather bag from Betsy Johnson that I invested in and I love it but its SO HEAVY lol..


@Kimmi I agree with you! They seem to value things a lot more and "live off the land" as well. I miss my grandma's home cooked EVERYTHING from scratch. My mom cooks great food but sometimes it's no comparison to my grandma's. 😉 Sadly shes no longer around on earth but I'm expecting some apple pie and a casserole when I see her again! 


Food police are no fun! Particularly if someone "snatches" your food away.  I've had friends do that to me when they see me eating something THEY think is not "diabetic friendly". It's so rude and worse, coming from a friend. Smiley Sad

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@dianabt - my mother is an awesome cook, I'm so fortunate to have her for that and so many other reasons. Noone else can duplicate her cooking, we may use her exact recipes but it's just not the same. I'm sorry about your Grandmother 😞  Mine passed many years ago, it was time for both of them though, life was no longer good for them. That made it a little easier. Do you know how people say certain things (genes, traits, talents) skip a generation? Maybe cooking is one of those things. I hope one day you find out that gift has passed from your Gram to you As far as people taking your food, well, I guess you know it's out of love. That doesn't really make it any less rude or annoying. Even worse if it's in a public setting. Hey, maybe you should let them take it and go back and get another plate! Maybe I'll try that too.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

kssweetheart---Glad I could get a chuckle out of you! I think I'm either the type of person that you like or someone you dont. I get along with most people, but *really* closed minded people dont appreciate my sense of humor/honesty. I laughed when you said that the leather police lives in Texas because thats where I am! Hope we dont run into each other. Haha slim chance of that happening...


I dont think that BT would take that word lol. It actually sensored really simple words. I had to put a star between the word s*natch because it took that out the first time I wrote it in. 


Seriously. I dont talk about religion to anyone, let alone strangers. If you ask me general/basic questions about it then yes thats fine. I talk about the charities that my church is involved in but I never ask other people to be involved. And I dont purposefully bring that up...ever. If people ask me what I'm doing right now then I say"I'm getting ready to go out and buy baby clothes for a church baby shower." Those sunday door to door people tend to come around a lot more in the summer. When its cold/raining they are never around (glory be hallelujah). Sometimes I even tell the lord that I'll be extra involved in my church so long as he keeps those people the hell away from me. One of my high school teachers (thats right...teachers....*shudders*) had the same religion that I do and went to the same type of church, and he asked me to get baptized because I told him that I wasnt. Can you believe that? He told me that I would like myself better/that it would be better for me/that I would be a better person if I did that. (Say what?!?) I've never been to a baptizement(?) but I'm pretty sure that you get water poured on you by a priest in front of a group of people, either in church or out in public. And no thanks. There's a reason my parents didnt do that when I was a baby even though everyone else in my family did.


Haha I just remembered one specific door to door church collector. He was clean shaven, had a black suit and a red clipboard with some brochures and whatnot on it. I had music blaring in my house(and yes I heard him pounding on the door) and before I open my door I look through the little peep hole and I saw him dancing *club style* behind my front door. When I opened the door he looked like he was about to have a heart attack. He pulled himself together and did his animated speech. "Hello ma'am(cant stand him already, dont call me ma'am) I'm with so and so church. We are looking for more members. Have you gotten to know Jesus lately?". It took every bone in my body to not laugh. What bothers me about these people is that when you respecfully tell them that you are not interested, they attack in this weird but polite way. "I understand ma'am but if you are ever interested in securing your place in heaven, give us a call." Oy. He might as well have slapped me with a 10 pound bible. I also see people in public places pass out little bibles with print so tiny that it would frusturate the senior population. Its really best to not tell these door to door people anything. When you say that you have a church they lecture you on why theirs is better. If you offend them in any way, they will ask a group of people to pray for your sanity. Just try to be as nice to these people as possible because they found your house once, and they can do it again. There's a lot of crazy people in the world and you never know if he or someone he knows will show up at your place again, destroy your property and vanish.That reminds me of time I was in the car with my mom and aunt, my mom was driving on a toll road bridge and there was noone on the street except for a red truck next to us. That red truck had a man in it and I saw him look into our car and make the sign of the cross(no s*hit) on my aunt and mom *multiple times*. I tapped my aunts shoulder and told her to look out the window. When she saw what he was doing she gave him the finger and held it up real high and proud and didnt stop until he made a gesture that said "okay I'll stop" and he exited the toll road. I dont know what that was about, we've never seen this dude before, we never had anything like that happen to us but I heard my aunt say that when someone does that to you, you give them the middle finger so that they know they cant mess with you. I dont give the middle finger, I think thats beyond trashy but I think that my aunt had every right to do that. You never know what kind of black magic that guy could have been doing. He was mouthing words and making cross signs at us. In a toll road where people drive very fast. Weirdo.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave - read your post to me, Loved It!.Wrote back to you but got timed outSmiley Indifferent I was prettySmiley Sad I have to go, but wanted you to know I read it, I'll write back within the next couple of days. Thanks and talk to ya soon.Smiley Happy

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave- Gosh, that weirdo on the toll road sounds super scary!  I love that you caught that guy boogeying on your porch!


Church solicitors don't come around my place, I think the last one was maybe 10 years ago. I had a very loveable old dog who never jumped on anyone, except for the time some church ladies came around. He had been out digging and he came running up and put his paws on one of the lady's shoulders!  She had a weird dress with a white Peter Pan collar which was totally muddied by his huge paws! She apologized and left quickly and we never had anyone come by again, I think she put the word out!  

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

Kimmi---Older people need to keep moving and keep active so my grandparents are doing what they are supposed to do. If they just sat on the couch all day their bones would get so weak that even the slightest fall could do some serious damage. 


Diana---If people are taking food off your plate, s*natch it right back. Thats beyond rude. I have a problem with people drinking out of my cup. If you arent Mom or Dad, get your own cup. I dont care if people eat food off my plate, they can help themselves as long as they use their own utensils. I've always been a sharer anyway. But some of my friends take sips form my cup..and thats gross.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave - ick! I hate when people drink from my cup/glass/can.  I always tell them to go ahead and finish it, that I was done (I'm a wimp) Even if it's my parents. A boyfriend is the only person I'll share with. Basically, if you're not kissin' me, you're not drinking with me. So please step away from the glass. Ditto on food sharing, as long as it's with there own utensils.


 I know a man who took the lollipop out of his little childs mouth and sucked on it and then put it back in the baby's mouth.  That   Is   Nasty! We even told him we had more, he could have his own, he did it anyhow. That's disgusting, giving that sweet little baby your nasty grown up germs...eewww. I say.....Please step away from the child and her lollipop.

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

wow!  sephoramusthave, not only is that rude of them to drink from your cup, do they not realize it's a GREAT way to get sick from all sorts of things too?  Meningitis comes to of the main ways to get sick from it, no less.  I agree with prettyinpa-they can TAKE the drink at that point!

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

Seriously. I wouldnt mind if they used their own straw, or if I'm using the straw they can take the lid off and take a sip from the cup directly....and even THAT is only for super close family and friends!

Re: 5 weeks pregnant and already...

@sephoramusthave- And they leave lipstick rings on your cup when they "just have a taste" of your coffee!  Then I say "well, just take it, I'm not drinking from that cup again" and they get miffed! Am I sensitive or what? Smiley Happy

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