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2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I LOVED THE WHOLE SHOW!! Even if Taylor Swift was in there. LOL.


Look at them..


They are all so gorgeous and stunning and sexy and beautiful and rich!! lol. Smiley Very Happy

They are so perfect it makes me think...



And of course, my favorite girls:



What do you girls think?




I think I should start going to the gym and go on a diet!!! LOL. Smiley Very Happy

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Nope, she hasn't been for years now. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I only saw pictures (not a VS fan), but yeah, you're right about the skinnier thing.  I will say that, in VS's defense, their models always look human (even this year).  Super human in terms of beauty, yes, but they still seem like they look like the women I might see in real life.  Sort of.  They've got actual curves!  It might seem logical since they're selling bras, but they've only recently started to sell larger cup/band size, so the fact that their models look like they've got curves is a little more weird than one might initially think.


Yes, the abs thing is a little disconcerting, but I think that's a response to the whole health kick that's been trending for a while.  At least they're not the super skinny model variety that's on the runways in Paris or Milan.  Those women freak me out.


Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I don't really think the abs thing is that bothersome. That's how my stomach normally looks so I really didn't think they had done anything. I think a skinny person with abs is pretty normal, it comes with the package. It's kind of in the same sense that if you see a larger female with a big chest she didn't have to go to a surgeon or anything to get it. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

OMG..... I love their shoes...

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