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2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I LOVED THE WHOLE SHOW!! Even if Taylor Swift was in there. LOL.


Look at them..



They are all so gorgeous and stunning and sexy and beautiful and rich!! lol. Smiley Very Happy

VS2.jpgThey are so perfect it makes me think...




And of course, my favorite girls:




What do you girls think?




I think I should start going to the gym and go on a diet!!! LOL. Smiley Very Happy

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

OMG..... I love their shoes...

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I watched it, I didn't think it was as good as last year though.  As for the models, we all know that they are made-up to have perfect skin/hair etc.  I don't know what they do to "prepare" for the show, but I did think this year the models were a smudge on the "too thin" side….does anyone else remember the days of Tyra Banks as an Angel? 10 years ago, the VS models had curves…they were thin, yes, but not "skinny".  Now, the body size has definitely shrunk down quite a bit….I've never seen so many abs before.  Whether it's VS responding to general trends or vice versa, who knows…chicken and egg, I suppose.

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I only saw pictures (not a VS fan), but yeah, you're right about the skinnier thing.  I will say that, in VS's defense, their models always look human (even this year).  Super human in terms of beauty, yes, but they still seem like they look like the women I might see in real life.  Sort of.  They've got actual curves!  It might seem logical since they're selling bras, but they've only recently started to sell larger cup/band size, so the fact that their models look like they've got curves is a little more weird than one might initially think.


Yes, the abs thing is a little disconcerting, but I think that's a response to the whole health kick that's been trending for a while.  At least they're not the super skinny model variety that's on the runways in Paris or Milan.  Those women freak me out.

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I don't really think the abs thing is that bothersome. That's how my stomach normally looks so I really didn't think they had done anything. I think a skinny person with abs is pretty normal, it comes with the package. It's kind of in the same sense that if you see a larger female with a big chest she didn't have to go to a surgeon or anything to get it. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Yes Tyra and Marisa Miller Smiley Very Happy

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Marissa Miller is not a VS model anymore?

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Nope, she hasn't been for years now. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I don't know. For me, I really really love this show even if it makes me realize how imperfect I am. I am so weird. I know. LOL. Smiley Very Happy


With the issue of these women "starving" themselves, I don't really see anything wrong with that if they're only doing that once a year and not all throughout the year. I also "starved" myself just so I can look gorj in my prom dress way back in HS. I "starved" myself when I have to host a certain event here in our city just so I can look good. I don't know but for me, this is normal. It's a way women - whether she's a model or an ordinary girl like me, do in order to make themselves feel good, to have that confidence to face the world.


I think the VS Angels are like that too. They starve themselves weeks prior to the show then they go back to what they regularly eat - fries, pizza and other unhealthy stuff. lol.


But I agree, that if this is done often, it can be alarming to one's health. But if done say only once a year, I don't think it would hurt so much.


And besides, I believe these girls are naturally skinny coz they have a fast metabolism.

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Well even doing it temporarily can have bad effects on your body. Often when done drastically the weight has a tendency to return to the wrong places. Just something I read that might be worth keeping in mind (though I'm not sure if it really works like that). 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I don't watch the VS fashion show. I'm not even really a fan of VS to be honest. I own a few things from them but it's not a regular place for me to shop. I'm sure many models in general do have issues. However no one should apply that to real life. Not everyone that is thin has issues just like not everyone who is bigger overeats. Some people are just genetically different. I'm only pointing this out from personal experience of how irritating it is. I don't want some of the comments talking about a models weight to be applied to women that you pass by on the street. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

AMEN sista! I'm also not a fan of VS's, particularly the bras. I like their underwear and sleepy shirts though, which I feel bad for getting because they are wayyyy over priced for the quality and where they come from :/

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I'm sure I'm in the minority on this but I don't love Cara Delevingne eyebrows.  They look too dark for me and come off as too heavy.

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I adore Cara, she's open with her sexuality and has a sense of raw/dark humor. Her eyebrows...well, I think it takes a certain face to pull them off and she does it quite well. Dark, bushy eyebrows on beige hair tones are beautiful to me. It's kind of like a statment piece, but for your face. When she wears red lipstick everything just POPS! I have a similar hair color and tried the "cara brow" look last night...yeah no. HAHACara-Delevingne-The-Great-Gatsby-Premiere-Cannes-and-opening-ceremony-FTAPE-01.jpg

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I'm not a fan either, I think they would look better if her hair was darker. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I agree

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I didn't watch this year. After so many years working at the home office and having to watch it, it was like a silent protest. 


But I always loooove the wings and the fantasy bra. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Same, I didn't watch it either

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I disagree with some of the prep work, namely the starving themselves and whatnot.  But, the lingerie looks amazing!  And not to mention tolerating just how much all over body makeup they need to be wearing and having it not get on the lingerie is a feat in itself.  I assume it would be impossible to  have that much bronzer contouring one's butt and not have it rubbing off everywhere on the sides O.O

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I can't stand it. Just cannot stand it for so many reasons. 


I heard in an interview that they stop eating solid food something like 2-4 weeks before the show, then stop even drinking anything for a day or more before the show and purge. In other words, even these genetically blessed women starve and harm themselves to look like that.


And I won't even wander into the area  underlying having beauty standards that are *impossible* for anyone to meet, for having "holiday entertainment" involving women in underwear (when did this happen?) and the whole other package of stuff that goes w/ it. 

Re: 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

I thought the show was really fun, much more than the last one I watched. The three above are my faves! However, I personally wouldn't want to be that skinny. I feel like VS models used to be super curvy and now like everything else, they're getting smaller and smaller.

modelalliance dot org/industry-analysis


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