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2013 Goals/Resolutions

2013 will be here in just DAYS! My how time flies. Rather than have New Year’s resolutions I like to set personal goals for myself every year. I generally write them in the back of my paper planner (yes, I still carry around an ‘old fashioned’ planner despite working in social media). As I complete the goals I cross them off J.  I was able to come up with 13, but here are just a few of the ‘less boring’ ambitions.


This year I hope to:


-Visit New York City

-Go on a mini California road trip

-Try eyelash extensions

-Make home cooked meals 5 times a week (this’ll probably be the hardest one, I love cooking but sometimes I have little to no motivation to cook up meals).

-Start doing more freelance writing projects

-Buy a condo!


What are your goals for the new year?

Whimsically yours,

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I don't really set resolutions, but there are a few things I need to work on going into the new year.


1.  Get better at being gluten free.  I was so good at this when I was living slightly off campus, and then I moved home lol.  Temptation is a fierce battle lol.  I learned the hard way a couple of weeks ago that cornbread and certain items from Sonic are EVIL!!!!  "Sick as a dog" would be a huge understatement.


2.  Find time to get back at the Petsmart adoption center.  My schedule last semester did not allow me much volunteer time Smiley Sad  This semester's schedule is not much better, but I hope to figure out something.  


3.  Resolve an OCD issue soon.




Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

A lot of you are saying that you wanna drink more water (which was a goal of mine for 2012). What really helped me choose water over most sugary drinks is flavoring it up naturally. I almost always put lemon juice, lime juice, fresh mint leaves, and even lightly muddled cucumbers into my water. You can distill this mixture overnight for a crisp refreshing drink that'll be ready for you in the morning. It's especially tasty after working out/yoga.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

1. Start a yoga routine.

2. Drink more water, yes, definitely.

3. Only As and Bs in my classes.

4. Take more risks, I'm such a cautious person and I'm always overthinking things.

5. Clear up my skin.

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

eat healthier

travel more

mine are soo boring. but i realize i never end up doing any of the fun resolutions i make. umm... be more outgoing? 

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

Awkward question, for the water-drinking gals, how do you drink more water without spending all day in the ladies room? I can drink ~3 cups of water around meal time, but more than that = restroom all the time. =(. Do you plan it around meal time? drink more in the morning? or just have a better metabolism than me?

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I have the same problem! Hence, I can't drink that much water on the plane despite being dehydrated. What I do is drink in sips, though, and drink more towards the end if I know I have a break coming up.

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I plan to drink it during breakfast/lunch/dinner instead of juices or cider, which I drink nonstop. I will still drink OJ and stuff to get my vitamins but if I replace at least 1 or 2 glasses of it a day I think it will help me loose a little weight because I wont be consuming so many calories from the sugar. I dont plan to do any 8 glasses thing by any means, I think I would explode lol >.<


~We are all beautiful~

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I dont usually make resolutions because I don't want to feel like a failure if I can't stick to them! This year I am making one though....i am cutting out all soda consumption! I am a diet cola fiend and while there are no calories, i know all of those artificial sweetners aren't so good for me! doing this will also help me to drink more water! 

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I've read it's good to NOT drink water with a meal (don't drink anything...water before is fine). Also read that it's good to start your day w/ 1 glass of water, 2 before you go to bed. The 2 before bed can be hard, and I'm not so great at drinking enough water throughout the day...but I do think even the water I've added daily has helped my metabolism.

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I have a few goals for this year:


Like Diana said cut out the sugar, I used to drink more sugar-free coffee drinks and couldn't help myself this year with all of the yummy holiday drinks.


Save more money!


Go out and visit nature more. I live right next to a huge park and never take advantage of it.

<3 Melissa
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