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2013 Goals/Resolutions

2013 will be here in just DAYS! My how time flies. Rather than have New Year’s resolutions I like to set personal goals for myself every year. I generally write them in the back of my paper planner (yes, I still carry around an ‘old fashioned’ planner despite working in social media). As I complete the goals I cross them off J.  I was able to come up with 13, but here are just a few of the ‘less boring’ ambitions.


This year I hope to:


-Visit New York City

-Go on a mini California road trip

-Try eyelash extensions

-Make home cooked meals 5 times a week (this’ll probably be the hardest one, I love cooking but sometimes I have little to no motivation to cook up meals).

-Start doing more freelance writing projects

-Buy a condo!


What are your goals for the new year?

Whimsically yours,

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

To eat a salad with every meal, so far I've lost a couple of pounds with no additional exercise using this plan, so it's a keeper.


Take another online class, the last one really kept my mind busy, which is supposed to help you keep your brain in good shape as you age.


Try at least one new exercise routine from the myriad of health magazines I get each month. I don't have to incorporate it into my regular routine, but I do get stuck in a rut.


Do at least one good deed each week that I tell no one about. (They don't count if you tell people lol).

How's that?  Too ambitious?


Happy New Year all!

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

Mine would be to try to have more patience

Try to do more of the good deeds (like prettyinpa said)

To let those people know who are less fortunate know that they can do and be anything they want to be.


Oh yeah one more to try lots of new makeup!Smiley Tongue


Just a few I don't think I've really made that many yet.Smiley Happy

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

This is a good food for thought topic!


Hmm I'd have to say my goals for 2013 are:


1. Start wearing more makeup! I have so many great liners and palettes and I just don't wear them! I feel like my makeup skills on myself are not once they used to be.


2. Get more activity, I'm waiting on a bike my boyfriend is getting me so I'm excited to ride it around! He's big on trails and super long bike journeys so this will be fun and a new learning experience other than just cruising through Golden Gate Park.


3. Completely cut out sugar from my diet. A little is fine but for health reasons, I'd like to find a way to entirely remove it and diet sodas. 


4. Read more! I have a few new books but just haven't had the downtime to sit and read them and relax. I'd like to get a kindle HD and get my magazine subscriptions there too but I worry about how much time I'd really have for any of that!


5. Get involved in SOMETHING be it online courses, volunteer work, or an activity group, but something that gets my brain thinking and moving around more. Smiley Happy 


Have a happy and safe New Year everyone! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

This is an excellent topic!  My goals are:


1.  Start writing again


2.  Go on a relaxing spa trip at a resort every six months


3.  Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet


4.  Clean out my closet of clothing I know I will never wear again before purchasing anything new


5.  Spent at least 30 minutes studying my Bible


To all my Beaty Talk friends, please accept my sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

1. Own and successfully wear something that's yellow

2. Attempt false eyelashes

3. Drink 2.5 liters of water every day

4. Go to bed before midnight

5. Make the switch to natural deodorant

6. Become a redhead

7. Eat veggies more often

8. Find a hobby


... That's all I can come up with.

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

1. Maintain clear skin! In 2013 I'll be turning 13, and at that age it will be a bit hard with acne and the like.


2. Eat more vegetables, because I'm picky.


3. Try more foods. Again, I'm picky.


4. Lower the amount of makeup I wear, which sort of ties in with number 1.



Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

I haven't really thought of resolutions, but I would like to...


-drink at least 2 glasses of water a day

-use up my palettes, or at least use them more

-eat more veggies

-bake more

-write poems more


I think the baking and palettes will be the only ones that live past January, but I will try!!


Oh, and I need to workon the college search >.<


~We are all beautiful~

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

1. To brush my teeth 2-3 times per day, no exceptions. Sometimes I'm lazy and only brush my teeth once a day, that's not gonna work now since I got braces.

2. Visit my friends in the next 2 I've been meaning to for the whole year but didn't.


3. Exercise AT LEAST once a week, even if it's 30min of yoga, when busy. Otherwise 2-3 times a week.


4. Stick to a healthy sleep schedule (midnight to 8am instead of 4am to noon).


5. Make progress on research and get all As.


6. Wear make up more often, buy make up less often. Stop buying cosmetic stuff like there's no tomorrow every time Sephora have a promo or new sales item.

Re: 2013 Goals/Resolutions

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Do more with my writing other than blog.

3. Write letters/emails to my friends since they have moved farther away.

4. Don't eat as much beef because beef triggers my acne.

5. Write more food reviews.

6. Take better pictures.

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