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~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

I've read tenngal's Sephora product reviews for years before BeautyTalk got created, and it was so exciting to finally interact with her on this board and to see all the great advices she dispenses. 1000 hearts is pretty monumental. Congrats, tenngal!  😄


*hangs streamers and passes out party hats* 😉

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

TennGal I didn't even realize it was your 1000th when I wrote you that pm today--freaky.  U R AWESOME!

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Happy 1000 hearts to Tenngal,

In advice she has no peer,

We wish you all the best,

You'll have 2000 by next year!!!!


HaHa, bad poetry, but I couldn't find a picture of a birthday cake that had enough candles! 


*horns tooting, confetti flies*

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Congratulations Tenngal! I look forward to many more posts!

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Oh my gosh!  You all are so sweet!  I hadn't noticed that I had 1,000 hearts until I got a congratulation note telling me about this post, so I immediately began searching for this post and I am overwhelmed that you ladies are so kind to me.  I wish that there was a smiley face with tears of joy that I could insert here.  Thank you sooooo much for your kind words! Smiley Very Happy

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Wow, Congrats tenngal!  🙂

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Congratulations, tenngal! You and your advice are truly awesome! I think you deserve your own very special perk for being the first to reach 1000 hearts!

*~*~~*~*Sparkle on, lovely!!!*~*~~*~*

Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Hi, tenngal. I know i already gave you my congrats, but i truly wanted to say thankyou. You may think- "so what, it's just hearts, it just means people like what i say". But, it's really more than that. Even though I'm actually pretty{anfd even have had people tell me that} my self-confidence isn't that great, so, when i put even a little makeup on, my confidence is boosted, because i feel better about my self. And you have helped so much with making me make the right makeup choices for me that will make me feel my best, and that won't make me feel like a geek for being so addicted to makeup. You're so kind for helping all of us out. You put a lot of effort into it, and i truly appreciate it. Thankyou truly from the bottom of my heart, tenngal. You make me feel better about myself, and i really think you deserve all those hearts and more! 😉


Re: ~*~ 1000 Hearts Party for tenngal ~*~

Congrats tenngal! That's a really big accomplishment-i can only dream of having that many hearts! You reallly deserve it, though. You give such great advice and recommendations, that we can't help giving you hearts on your posts!

And, ya, i agree with prettyinpa, we'll probably be celebrating for your 2000 hearts next year at this time! So, keep up the great advice-a lot of people need you out there!


Beebrunet Smiley Wink

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