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your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I haven't used lot of their products, only few, and I quite liked them. However, today at one of the department stores I was asked by two SA's what I use for my skincare; and when I said Ole Henriksen, they were like :" and you LIKE it?!" - they seemed surprised. 

Am I missing something here? I heard only good stories about OH, are there any bad ones you can share? What are the reasons not to like the brand, other than they don't sell it at that department store? 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

The Walnut Scrub is amazzzzzing.  It smells delicious, and the jar lasts forever because you need so little whenever you use it. 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

There are pros and cons to every brand. I like the Truth Serum and Blue/blackberry mask, but their moisturizers just don't feel nice to me and some feels like they contain too much silicone.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I like it. 

But now that I tried Origins, I am liking that better.

So I think I am leaving OH behind now. 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I love the OH line.  It was recommended to me by a Sephora associate several years ago and I have been using it ever since.  It has totally turned around my complexion, I no longer have the flakiness that I used to, my skin texture is more refined, and it just glows!


The African Red Tea foaming cleanser is my HG cleanser.  I use it twice a day.  I also love the Vit. C serum, the Sheer Transformation, the 3 step peel, the Youth Activation Oil, pretty much all of the African Red Tea anti-aging line, it's all great!

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I've tried a lot of OH products and repurchase a few. I usually order through their website, they always have little kits, samples, and deals that Sephora doesn't offer & few items they don't even carry. 


Some of my favorites are:

Sheer Transformation- I have dry skin, during the summer months Sheer Transformation gives me enough moisture for the day without leaving me greasy

Invigorating Night Gel- I sometimes use it as a serum at night

Truth Serum- wonderful day serum- you want to use Vitamin C in the AM to help fight off free radicals

Lemon Power Peel- awesome at home peel. I prefer the 3 step instead of just the lemon peel on it's own 

Blue/Black Mask- Nice exfoliating peel/mask when I'm really dry

Loofa Body Scrub- Smells nice, moisturizers & exfoliates

On the Go Tonic- Alcohol Free, non drying, refreshing toner


Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I don't appreciate what she said.. I don't know what made her think and say that, but its inappropriate in my opinion as a sales rep. 

I've had hits and misses from OH. 

Their Truth serum is really really great. very light weight, fast absorbing but effective.. 

their African red tea cleanser didn't work for me. it gave me the burning sensation + redness 

Sheer transformation is awesome - very light weight and silky. just don't like that it has dimethicones 

Their night gel is okay. great idea, and great to use during the summer or on oily skin. 

I wish they had better eyecreams that actually work. at least to moisturize 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I got a sample of the nurture me and it was okay, It smelled good but didn't really do anything that great and was definitely not worth the extravagant price.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I use the truth serum and I really like it. It leaves my skin soft and smells really good. I tried the tea cleanser but it didn't really do much for me and I found the walnut scrub too harsh for my face but great for my knees and elbows. My husband loves the walnut scrub for his face and uses it before he shaves. It also smells really good. Overall we both like the products we have used. I had a sample of the eye gel and used it once but I didn't like the way it felt so I don't know how it works.


I think it depends on your skin and how it reacts to the ingredients in the products. All of them smell good.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

i tried a bunch of ole products and i wanted to love them...but i couldn't!  almost everything was way to harsh on my skin and made me way more dry and irritated!  what wasn't too harsh did nothing.  

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

My favorite OH product is the walnut complexion scrub. I loooove the nutty smell! My skin instantly feels softer after I use it and I only need less than a dime of product each time. I feel like one jar will last me more than half a year.


I've also tried their red tea cleanser, wipes, truth serum, lemon flash peel, and found them to be meh. I do want to try the sheer transformation though. Overall, the OH line tends to smell very nice but you really do have to try the products for yourself to see which ones you like best.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

Loved the nurture me cream.  So worth it for really sensitive, dry skin!

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I liked just about everything from OH I've tried too.  I love the power peels, sheer transformation, and truth serum.  The red tea cleanser and wipes were just okay IMO, not very good at makeup removal.  My guess is the biggest reason for them not to like them is that they don't sell at the department stores as you mentioned.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

Most of the OH products I have tried, I didnt care for as a lot of it didnt seem to actually do anything to my skin.  I have found a few products that I really like, like the Ultimate Life Eye Gel (this is one of the better eye creams I have tried) and the Power Peel kits (mainly the Lemon Strip) which is an excellent facial peel.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

There are high concentrations of citrus and harsh ingredients in the products that I've tried.  For my sensitive skin, it made me break out in a bumpy rash.  If you don't have seriously sensitive skin, they are probably nice!

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I only regularly use Truth Serum, but I love it.  I was using it once a day and was like, oh it's nice.  Then I ran out of my nighttime serum and decided to just use Ole at night too, and it seriously reduced the appearance of my sebaceous filaments within a week.


I've also tried Sheer Transformation and the Invigorating Night Gel, which were very nice in combination, and not very special when not used together. 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I just googled these "sebaceous filaments" and realized that is what the junk underneath my lower lip is, just above my chin. Thank you for using this term! I haven't been able to get rid of this stuff no matter what I've tried. I have several foils of Truth Serum, now is the time I try it!

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

No problem!  Someone else on BT (I forget who, sorry ladies!) had a great post about sebaceous filaments a couple months ago, that's when I realized that that is what was up with my pores on my nose.  Hope the Truth Serum can help you out too Smiley Happy

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I like their stuff. I've tried a few things. But I don't  love them, simply because I think there are better options. But I did see an improvement using them, and for the price, it's good. 

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

OH completely transformed my skin.  This line has some gems for dull, dry skin.  I don't think they have a great eye cream (for super dry skin) though, and I've tried them all. I got two HG products out of OH, sheer transformation and invigorating night gel, and I use quite a few of the other products on a daily basis, including herbal day cream. What's not to love?  Intensive skin care, good ingredients.

Re: your opinion about Ole Henriksen line

I know a lot of people really like their products but none of them absorb into my skin. Everything I've tried just sits on the surface and pills up if I touch my face. I do have very dry skin though and that is a common problem with dry skin (the not absorbing stuff) so I think that's probably why. I think I'm the only person I know of who can't get OH stuff to work though, usually people think it's amazing.

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