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which peel is the best?

I have been looking a three different peels lately. I want to use a peel with glycolic acid to help fade my acne scars. I have been looking at Origins brighter by nature peel, petter Thomas Roth max complexion correction pads, and first aid beauty facial radiance pads. I know not all of these are "peels" necessarily which I'm okay with. I just want face pads that will ex-foliate my face to help fade my acne scars. If you have used any of these products or have an idea of which one is best pleas let me know. I would also love to hear of any other peels you like, thanks.sephora 4.jpgsephora 5.jpgsephora 6.jpg

Re: which peel is the best?

All of these are not going to be as effective as Dr. Gross' Alpha/Beta daily face peel pads they aren't completely glycolic but can absolutely make a huge difference.

Re: which peel is the best?

Thanks for all your help girls! i 'm looking up some of your suggested products right now,thanks again.

Re: which peel is the best?

I have tried the fab one and the origins ones. The fab ones are gentle enough to use everyday. I use it in the morning before I do my makeup in the place of a toner. I like that it removes all the dead cells and my makeup goes on much smoother. Makeup doesn't get caught on dry patches as much. I don't know how effective it is at fading acne scars.


The origins ones I try to use 2-3 times a week at night, but sometimes only use once a week. It's way more intense than the fab ones, and it makes my face red for at least ten minutes after I use it. I do feel like this is effective in brightening.


Honestly it is so hard to tell whether things are effective on my acne scars because I feel like they last forever no matter what I do. I do wonder if anything I use is actually working effectively and helps the process along faster though.

Re: which peel is the best?

The only one I've tried of the ones you listed are the FAB Radiance Pads & that was through the point perk. I liked them, but they kind of smelled (most pads do) & left a sticky film behind. 

I'm glad I got them as a point perk because they were on my shopping list for a long time. 

If you're looking for something that can be used as a pad, but don't want to spend the money on the dr dennis gross pads... I highly suggest checking out the Kate Somerville clarifying treatment toner. I use it with the Shiseido cotton pads up to 2x a day (unless I use the DDD pads) and have noticed my old acne scars are fading (even the stubborn ones on my back). Essentially you would be using the pads after you wash your face in place of a toner, with the Kate Somerville you're getting more bang for your buck without the alcohol.


Re: which peel is the best?

I have not tried the peels you have mentioned, but I am currently using a mask, once a week which I find very helpful in evening out skintone, and leaving scars less noticable: REN - Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.  Stop by Sephora and get a sample, you will notice a difference by the third week in the tone of your skin.  After the first use, you will have softer, smoother skin.  Read the product description; seems to match most of your concerns.

Re: which peel is the best?

I've only used the FAB ones that you posted, but I've been very happy with them.  I also cut mine in half, and while that sounds cheap, half is plenty to use.  


I don't love that my face feels like there is a slight residue on it after I use the FAB pads, but as soon as I apply my moisturizer that feeling is gone.  And that is a little price to pay for the results.  I find these pads have helped clear up the breakouts I get at my jawline, faded past acne scars, and leaves my face looking so much brighter.  Plus they are very gentle.  I really have fallen in love with FAB products.  

Re: which peel is the best?

It's not an actual peel, but it's fantastic.  Murad's Pomegranate Mask is unbelievable.  Try it!

Re: which peel is the best?

thanks for your help arielaaaaaaaa, you have answered almost all my questions i post on beauty talk. since there is a sample of the fab pads as a point perk right now i think I'll try it out, thanks again for your help.

Re: which peel is the best?

No problem! I'm just glad to be of some help!

Re: which peel is the best?

Well i'm sure someone who has tried all three can be a better assistance to you, but i tried the Fab radiance pads and i liked them so much! I got the 100 point perk and cut them in half and got 14 days out of them. After a week a noticed a small difference and i have soo many acne scars, i was pleased! I am curious about the Origin ones as well but a think when i run out of my usual toner i will end up buying the Fab pads!

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