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wants to know the latest beauty news? what is the scoop on your favorite urban decay product?

Alright so I had searched like many of us to find the urban decay naked pallet. To tell you the rawest truth it took me a while to understand I had to have it cause it is so well known and has the best reputation of any eyeshadow pallet i had ever heard of. However i was perplexed by my desire to have it, because it is a neutral pallet and neutrals don't excite me. doing the best dramatic eyes with the most unusual colors is more my inner nature, and neutrals are fine for things they are socially exceptable for however I am always trying to get my hands on the blues or greens or pinks that everyone is avoiding. for example i would rather find a new way to incorporate warms with cools, such as a brown eye look  with a shade of magenta in it would be something i would be excited and want to try more so than the perfect natural eyes or office look. so i let go of the idea of getting a hold of this naked pallet by urban decay and just by talking to the right people I found out what is goin on about why no one knows when it is coming out. however it is coming out in November this year, same recipe same product but different manufacturer. the manufacturer that urban decay had producing the product naked pallet went out of buisness, finacial reasons. and so urban decay has had to hire a whole new company to create the product to the same standards and quality as the old manufacturer and so they have been working from scratch almost to reproduce the pallet to the same quality and such as the old manufacturer had done. its the same recipe but if you cook then you know it takes time, practice, error and disapline to create the same recipe the same each time you make it. The Urban Decay Naked pallet is exspected to come out in November and it will be the same product, it simply cant come out until the new manufacturer produces the product perfectly and as was exspected by the old manufacturer. Urban Decay like many companies is a brand, and to carry as much as they need of a product to be able to supply it to where it needs to be sold, they have to hire someone to make it for them, they cant tell you when this product will definitely be on the market again, because it isnt ready to for urban decay to supply it. but the source i have, which i wont reveal who my sources are or how i know them, I have three sources though, this is sound information. anyways it is exspected to be ready to aquire and stock in November, and this happens all the time in this world, it will not be sold until it meets quality standards. But it is projected that in November some suprise time, the Urban Decay Naked product will be available to us. However I am not interested in it unless i get it as a gift. I have been dreaming of the perfect shade of orange, orange eye shadow for blue eyes, that of course could be played down with browns or up with fushia. that's where i am headed. I have the too faced natural eye pallete and the lorac pallet  with the socially acceptable browns and creme and neutral blush, now for me I am concetrating on my make up party and finding the illusive shade of orange that I have no experience with because I want to get out of my comfort zone and learn a few more tricks before my skin reveals my age. Or until I find the perfect skin routine. Or both!!! wish me luck!!!

Re: wants to know the latest beauty news? what is the scoop on your favorite urban decay product?

hey, rigel:


rigel wrote:

I have been dreaming of the perfect shade of orange, orange eye shadow for blue eyes, that of course could be played down with browns or up with fushia. that's where i am headed...


I have used Make Up For Ever light matte orange eye shadow along with a pale lilac shadow and a middle toned purple shadow on my hazel eyes. MUFE has a couple orange eye shadows that are matte and a couple with shimmer. Maybe you would like to play with one or more of them. Smiley Happy

OMG! Thank you for your very detailed info about UD Naked...

OMG! Thank you for your very detailed info about UD Naked Palette. Like so many women I've been on's waiting list and I contacted their customer service and was told that it's in production. Having read your explaination, now it makes sense why its been FOREVER since I've seen it in stores. I've practically stalked my 3 local Sephoras, 1 SiJCP, and local Ulta every week since September! Not to mention checking everyday.


Urban Decay is known for it highly pigmented, vibrant colors. I LOVE blues, greens and purples. But, I know plenty of women who are more toned down. Its a good move for Urban Decay to market a neutral palette. It appeals to customers who are seeking a toned down palette. I also think of UD as a more youth oriented brand. With the naked palette, you can gift it to women of all ages. So, you can get older customers to see the quality of the UD brand and hopefully get them into stores to foray into the more vibrant color offerings of UD.


You brought up an interesting question though... why is it so appealing, its simply a bunch of neutral shades? Simply put, I think its just the genious of Urban Decay's marketing dept. They created appealing packaging and an irressistable price point (12 Full sized shadows! and primer!). Plus, its convenient to have so many neutrals to create a variety of looks that work for day and night. The shadows are universally flattering. If you've read the glowing reviews it reiterates that fact. Also, the fact that everyone's crazy over this palette makes you not want to be the only one missing out on the fun, am I right? I've been told by my local Sephoras that it's expected back sometime in November. If you've checked Sephora's site, just last week the link to alert you by email when its back in stock popped up. Which again leads me to believe that this is true. I can't wait to get my hands on this palette! From everything I've heard and seen, its well worth the wait Smiley Happy

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