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What is the most expensive make up you have bought?

Re: $$$$$

Just bought the Armani Maestro compact foundation clocking in at $64. I don't think it's that bad honestly!


Plan on buying Lilt by Rouge Bunny Rouge (fragrance) which is $125. That'll be pretty steep, but worth it. 

Re: $$$$$

The most expensive makeup I think I ever got was when I was on my summer vacation to England I tried out a bronzer at one of the drugstores and it looked beautiful and I bought it even though now I rarely use it, they are bronzing pearls. the price was around 25$

Re: $$$$$



LANCÔME RÉNERGIE ÉCLAT MULTI-LIFT Multi-Action Tinted Skincare Illuminate + Lift Instant Enhancer for $75


And the 2.5 oz size of Gucci Guilty for $95


Chanel Les Beige. I forgot how much it was but it was more than my Dior powders

Re: $$$$$

nars blush pallete

Re: $$$$$

oh geez, i think about this sometimes but i've never put it on paper lol 

  1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis perfume - $230something, but it is over 6 oz and i LOVE it
  2. Foundations - Koh Gen Do Aqua & Moisture Foundations ($62 each), Armani Luminous Silk ($60), Chantecaille Future Skin ($73 but i got it for 30% off) 
  3. Lip stuff - La Mer ($50) and Lipstick - Tom Ford ($49) Definitely was a bit scared the first time I handed over my $ for those!
  4. Bronzer - Guerlain - i have the 4 Seasons and the Pucci, though i think i bought both with 10% off VIB coupons ($75) 
  5. Diptyque Candles! but usually i get them with some sort of promo so they're not totally full price...
  6. Atelier Cologne travel spray set - $95 but i bought during VIB sale 
  7. I think the most expensive brush I've ever bought was the Trish Mcevoy Sheer Blush Brush ($49)

Re: $$$$$

This is hard. If want something more expensive, I usually ask for it as a gift. I did pay around $120 for a Sigma brush set, that's the highest I can think of. But makeup wise, I don't normally super splurge like $60 or $70, I somehow justify to myself that buying several things for $35 a piece is "better"... but my Naked palettes at $50 a piece are probably the most expensive makeup item I've ever purchased.

Re: $$$$$

My Clarisonic Mia 2 for beauty devices. ($150)

GlamGlow for skincare ($70 for a tiny, tiny jar! -.- )
As for makeup my Vice 2 & Ocho Loco tie at $60

But it's all pretty pricey, I couldn't justify spending so much on makeup before but after purchasing higher end QUALITY makeup it's completely worth it. My skin has never looked better since I took what goes on my skin very seriously. 

Re: $$$$$


Foundation Kat Von D, I have been a drugstore girl for most of my makeup and didn't see how a higher brand would make a difference but it does.

Eyes: UD Palettes (Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Vice 2)

Blushes/Bronzers: Benefit Box O Powders & NARS Laguna Bronzer

Lips: NARS Matte Lip Pencils

Primer: Porefessional (Even though I haven't paid full price for it )

Re: $$$$$

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set at $72.


Other then that it's tied between Vice 2, Ocho Loco 2, and Smashbox Halo Powder at $59 each.

Re: $$$$$

The most expensive items I've gotten were a 3.4 oz bottle of Marc Jacobs Honey for $92 (used my 10% off VIB discount when I got it, though, so it was actually $82.80) and the Sephora Favorites set for $75. Both items were more than worth it!

Re: $$$$$

I think the most expensive Sephora item I've bought was the traincase - which as $110, I believe. I'm getting a Clairsonic come January, which will be $150, so that will top the traincase. I'm also getting (probably in Februrary) the Deva Curl Diffuser which is $160. That will be my priciest purchase to date! Smiley Happy 

Re: $$$$$

I want the Deva thingy!!!

Re: $$$$$

I'm pretty conservative, I think on my spending. 


Most expensive pallet was the UD Theodora and Glinda pallets $49.50 each.

Foundation. MUFE HD $50


Eyeliner  Guerlain terracotta loose powder kohl  $37


Lippy Dior creme De la rose $27 


Perfume. Channel No 5 $155

Re: $$$$$

do you like the guerlain kohl? I can't decide whether I NEED it or not, and I don't want to try it in store because...germs!!

Re: $$$$$

i returned mine.... its soooo tiny and didnt last very long.. it also felt cheap and plasticy i thought the handle would break off.

Re: $$$$$

D&G foundation at $59, and for perfume Prada Candy L'Eau at $68.

Re: $$$$$

I'm with sugarluuv -- I have a few Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes (they were $84 at the time, though, so the price must have increased). Tom Ford is also pretty expensive ($45 for lipstick, $78 for an eyeshadow quad). The blush, at least, has a larger product size than others (8g), which works out to be less expensive per ounce than Chanel. It's still $55, though.

Re: $$$$$

omg i can't believe they raised the price of those quads lol. I mean it is only $3 but really?? lol

Re: $$$$$

I know! I could be wrong, but $84 really sticks out in my mind. *Googles* Aha, I knew it, the early reviews do state that these were $84. $2 does seem kind of insane when the palette was already expensive, doesn't it?!


NARS is another one -- the prices seem to go up consistently. Powder blush was $22 circa 2001, $25 a few years ago and it's now up to $29, and it's the same with the lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. -- it seems to increase by $1 periodically.

Re: $$$$$

Yes to both the guerlain and TF price hikes lol. what are they thinking!!!

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