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simplehuman sensor mirror

I bought the simplehuman sensor mirror and I wonder if it is DEFECTIVE because it does not stay charged for five weeks as the reviews say. I charged the first time less than 7h as the green light no longer blinking. do you think the problem is there?

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

When you first took it out of the box, did you put it to charge right away? If so, was there an indication that it was actually charging? The reason I asked is because I recently purchased the simple human sensor mirror at a bed bath and beyond and as soon as I took it out of the box I put it to charge and the indicator did not light up it just quickly flickered red and then green and just turned off instantly. I thought the product must've been defective so I went to exchange it for another and the same thing happened again!! It would not charge or turn on, so I am just going to return it. Apparently this issue of it not charging is not uncommon. I would suggest returning it if you can or calling the simple human company themselves and see how they can help you. Best of luck! Hope it works out for you in the end 😊

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

Yep, this exact thing happened to mine! returned it.


Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

yes when I received it I immediately put it on charge, the green light flashed, (they say that when the green light stops flashing it is charged) it charge but the charge does not last long, it may be working 1 week and I have to recharge and I do not really use it much.
This morning I put it on charge for 7h perhaps the first 2 first was not enough ..
I'll see how long it will last after
that is a lot of "charge" lol
sorry I translate my text with Google, I speek french :smileyhappy:

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

I asked someone else about the duration as well, i don't get 5weeks out of it. I usually get a week and i am using it for like 30+ mins for at least 5 full days. when i called CS i was told that is heavy usage, and their moderate/avg usage is based on 10mins of use per day, which if thats the case would last like 15days. My 1 day would be a normal persons 3 days of use lol. idk but i charge it 2-4hrs, and after its fully charged it will glow a steady green. 

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

thank you aviscardi
I feel better, less worried then. Here in Canada the mirror costs $ 220 plus tax ...
I was afraid it was defective.
Indeed sellers normally give approximately 'normal use' on their products but what is funny is that our usage is never included in their criteria lol
otherwise it is a good buy 🙂

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

lol ha i know!! some people may get a better charge off it but i know i take a long time to do my makeup. To reduce some usage i just use my dresser mirror to apply my moisturizers and then sit down and start. And then on the weekends im going to try and remember to turn it off when im done fri AM, that way i don't accidentally flick it on when im near my vanity. 

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

did you turn it on? theres a power button on the bottom

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

yes I turn it on

Re: simplehuman sensor mirror

I'm not sure if your reply is towards me, but yes I did turn it on while I first put it to charge and nothing happened. Not sure where the issue lies or if it is indeed just defective 😞

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