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save or splurge?

I was going thru my stash last night and discovered I had a wide range of price points for my products.  So I thought I'd make a question thread:  Which products do you save your money and which do you spend (an obsene) amount on?  


I used to save on shampoo and conditioner, but now that is a total splurge for me.  It really makes a difference for my hair.   I also splurge on eye and night cream as I think this is the most important part for me.  I also will splurge on foundations, and eyeshadows/liners.  


I tend to save on soaps and body washes, lotions, and lip gloss and chap stick.    I also save on shaving cream, nail polish remover, makeup remover wipes, and cotton balls.  (Although I just threw in a Sheseido cotton pack when at Ulta because I had to see what the hype was about.)  I also save on sunscreens and hair oils- although I'm all over the Macademia oil from Ulta tomorrow- love that stuff!)


I plan to edit this as I think of more items...


Edit:  I also save on mascara, micellar water, face masks, and skincare from The Ordinary (lately).

Re: save or splurge?

Great thread! Smiley Happy



  • Makeup - I splurged on just about every makeup product I own (foundations, bronzers, brushes, primers, eyeshadow & palettes, blush, lipstick/liners, etc.).
  • Skincare - my main staples are splurges, including sunscreen. They work well for me, so I'm not willing to compromise.
  • Hair care - my shampoo, conditioner, hair oils and masks are mostly splurges. I have much better results with them than the drugstore products I used in the past.


  • Mascara - I've been living off mascara samples for the past 2-ish years. I like high end mascaras, but I rarely need to buy them with all the samples floating around.
  • Brow gel - I can't bring myself to spend $30 on a clear brow gel.
  • Face wash 
  • Nail polish (and remover)
  • Lip balm
  • Coconut oil
  • Body wash
  • Body lotions


Re: save or splurge?

@Asche    I also save on mascara!!!  I live on samples!

Re: save or splurge?

@makeupobesessed@Asche totally agree about the mascara! i think the last time i purchase was like 5 years ago.


It's also supposed to be better to live off of the sample mascaras because the amount of product they hold help monitor when you are actually supposed to toss it (~3 months, that's how long my samples usually last). plus the fact that i didnt pay for it makes me feel better when i toss it vs trying to extend the life 

Re: save or splurge?

@Asche I agree with the brow gel. As great of a job it does, my cheaper one works just as well for me and I've never had a problem with it. It's also a tint that matches my hair nicely sooo I really can't bring myself to leave it!


Re: save or splurge?

I save on mascara, eyeshadow singles (but not palettes), ad body care. I splurge on shampoo and conditioner because I only wash my hair twice a week and I want to make the most of it. Plus, if I buy the liter bottles when there's a promo I'm set for 6 months or more. I buy middle of the road most of the time- skincare, foundations, and powder products are usually high end but not designer. I save my super splurges for when something really catches my eye, regardless of what type of product it is.

Re: save or splurge?

Splurge:  mainly on skincare and eyeshadows, although I've splurged on every kind of makeup at least once, just don't plan to continue buying everything high end.  I have enough eyeshadow palettes to last the rest of my life but those are my weakness.  


Save:  body lotion/wash, sunscreen, nail polish, deodorant, lip balms/liners/lipstick & gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and blush.  


I've tried out different price points with bronzers, highlighters, blush, lip products, eyeliners, etc.  I have more than I need, but I enjoy having options.  If I  have a special event, I use my high end products.  If I'm just running to the grocery store or primarily staying at home, I use basic products and go with a minimal look.

Re: save or splurge?

I splurge on almost everything except:

  • body wash - anything that smells good
  • body lotion - I use CeraVe
  • deodorant - anything that smells good and doesn't leave a white stain on black clothes
  • eye liner - my current daily eyeliner is Rimmel liquid eyeliner
  • and some less than necessary items that I don't frequently use like brow gel  and lip liner

Most of my skincare and makeup is from Sephora. I'd say my ultimate splurge--where I'm willing to spend lots of it--is skincare.

Re: save or splurge?

Save: nail polish, soap (both body soap and hand soap), nail polish remover, sunscreen, cotton rounds, deodorant, body lotion, hairspray (I've been using Herbal Essences for well over a decade!).


Splurge: makeup, especially lipsticks (mainly because that's my weakness), skincare, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner.

Re: save or splurge?

@txcatx I'm so curious, what's your splurge toilet paper?? Smiley Happy

Re: save or splurge?

@phantompenguinx It's just Charmin versus anything else! Still, I'm paying more per package, haha.

Re: save or splurge?

@txcatx haha that's what i thought you meant, but i was secretly hoping you were going to reveal a new magical toilet paper none of us have heard of Smiley Tongue

Re: save or splurge?

@txcatx my mom has taught me the necessity in life of buying nice toilet paper. We love our Charmin Ultra Soft (I do especially after the horrors of free toilet paper in college dorms), my mom even has a specific size she likes. Smiley Very Happy 


Re: save or splurge?

I hear you on the TP!! Must have the good stuff.

Re: save or splurge?

During my first year of living on my own, I learned the hard way about getting cheap TP. Fortunately I have no problem affording Charmin now.

Re: save or splurge?



this post just made me realize that.. I save on nothing.  :-(




I only own 1 piece for each make-up product that I use (except for 2 small eyeshadow palettes), maybe because I don't tend to experiment a lot with colors (like lipsticks, eyeshadows or blushes); when I find the right shade / formula I tend to stick with it and very rarely buy an alternative.


I also like to invest in mini sizes as normally a product lasts for a year and I feel there is no need for a full size.. there is so much product left in the package when is time to throw it! 


I like to give my mom or sister a sample of the fresh foundation or BB cream I buy as, once again, I never finish the whole bottle. 


Generally I like to invest in good quality tools and products because they last longer (I have been using some of my Sigma brushes for 7 years) and they have a better perfomance, so I have less chances to replace it with a new one if it doesn't work well. 








Re: save or splurge?

I splurge on pretty much any makeup item. I use to save on shampoo/conditioner, hair care products, body wash, and nail polish but I tend to splurge on these now too.


I still will save on some things:

-Lotion (Nivea in-shower cocoa butter lotion)

-Nail polish remover (Target brand)

-Makeup remover (also Target brand)

-Cotton Rounds (I save but i'm picky lol. I mainly use the Wegmans organic cotton rounds, but they are around the same price as most other store brand ones. And cheapest ones at Wegmans)

-Face Masks (Tony Moly and Say Yes To Tomatoes are my favorites)

-Deodorant (Secret or Dove)

-Lip Balm (rosebud salve or Maybelline)

Re: save or splurge?

@Kay522   When it comes to deoderant, I only buy Secret clinical.  I know this is a drugstore item, but its the highest priced drugstore brand.  I dont care how much it is, its the only one that works for me and worth the price.  

Re: save or splurge?

Hi everyone!


I love that this thread really makes me think about my spending priorities when it comes to beauty products. Here are my save and splurge lists:



Body lotions

Face Toner





Face wash

Face lotions/moisturizer 


Face oils

Face masks

Hair pomade/styling products


This is a pretty generalized list. It doesn't mean I won't try out products that are less expensive or pricier. I love getting recommendations from YouTubers that are being sponsored, unless it's a YouTuber that I know will only take sponsorship for products they believe in. Sometimes, I don't necessarily save/splurge, and the items I buy will be more moderately priced ($20-$25 range), so kinda in between! Anyways, I'd love to try out more high end shampoos/conditioners/hair treatments, body lotions/butters,  and body washes. Any recommendations are always welcome! Smiley Wink


Re: save or splurge?

@NikkoBT looking at everyone's posts, i think i'm the only one that splurges on body lotion Smiley Sad


but i really love the bliss body butters. the price point is a little high ($29), but i've only ever gotten them when they are on sale. I have dry skin and this lotion keeps it hydrated in the winter, and is also surprisingly light enough that i use it in the summer, too. the scents are nice and not overpowering, but i prefer the naked body butter

Re: save or splurge?

@phantompenguinx You're probably doing something that a lot of us aren't then, which is taking care of the rest of the body. 


I'll definitely have to check out the Bliss body butters because I feel like I neglect the rest of my body since I'm so focused on keeping my face from breaking out lol. 

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