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"What do you have in there!!"

Ever fall into the sterotype of the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it?


So my boyfriend and I left a restuarant yesterday and he handed me my purse and said, "Geez woman!  What do you have in there??!!"  And so I showed him and he asked me how much of that stuff I used.  Good question.  That explains my shoulder!  Anyhow, here's my confession of what I have.  Like to hear your confessions or thoughts and hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. 


4 lip balms

paperback textbook (I know this was the bulk of my weight)

Mac eyeshadow

eyeshadow brush

themal water spray



pepper spray


5 hair ties


femine products

hand lotion




hand sanitizer

band aids

UD eyeliner


Do I really need 5 hair ties and 4 lip balms?  Not sure..

oh, and I had to mention to my boyfriend that I was carrying his phone too (he said it was uncomfortable to sit at dinner with it)

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Yep, thanks to my job I'm prone to paper cuts. I have to do a lot of cash counting, which is hard with a regular bandage.

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Liquid bandage is cool!  You don't have to worry about getting your band aid wet and stuff.  Kind of feels like putting clear nail polish on your wound.  Only thing is that I wouldn't share it with anyone (*reusing brush*) eww!

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I'm known for having a santa bag..or mary poppin's bag lol. I have downgraded to a smaller bag, thinking I would hoard fewer things, but nope.

Now im just cramming the same amount of stuff in a smaller bag..the latch is going to break soon, I just know it haha

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

you can do it @elnxio!!

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I'm on my way out right now, but later on today, I need to do this (and clean my bag out right after!) because I'm going to the Rodeo tomorrow all day, and dont want to lug around a heavy bag.

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Mini kit is a good idea.  I should do that.  Gives me a reason to shop for a cute little bag!

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I switch bags often and don't want to lose the little things in between, so it usually consists of wallet, key, phone, hat/gloves in winter or sunglasses in summer, and mini-kit along with whatever business/leisure activity necessities (laptop, or returning items, etc).


The mini-kit consist of:

- deluxe sample/half size lip gloss

- clear lip balm w/SPF

- hand lotion

- hair tie

- hair clip

- 2 pills for that time of the month.

- travel size perfume

- bandaid.

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