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"What do you have in there!!"

Ever fall into the sterotype of the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it?


So my boyfriend and I left a restuarant yesterday and he handed me my purse and said, "Geez woman!  What do you have in there??!!"  And so I showed him and he asked me how much of that stuff I used.  Good question.  That explains my shoulder!  Anyhow, here's my confession of what I have.  Like to hear your confessions or thoughts and hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. 


4 lip balms

paperback textbook (I know this was the bulk of my weight)

Mac eyeshadow

eyeshadow brush

themal water spray



pepper spray


5 hair ties


femine products

hand lotion




hand sanitizer

band aids

UD eyeliner


Do I really need 5 hair ties and 4 lip balms?  Not sure..

oh, and I had to mention to my boyfriend that I was carrying his phone too (he said it was uncomfortable to sit at dinner with it)

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

wow i hate big bags...i usally go purseless and stuff a clutch in my shoe so it's harder for me to get mugged...i am paranoid about that. this is what i have in mine


cell phone

blistex lip balm

some cash

hand sanitizer

altoid minis

 wow thats it for my purse Smiley Happy btw, i love this post

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

i think being a student having to carry a huge book bag (we have no lockers in my school) aroung everyday makes me use a tiny purse when i'm not in school

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

My wallet weighs about 10 pounds. In the winter I tend use larger purses & rarely rotate them, so a lot ends up in them. 

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

"Do I really need 5 hair ties and 4 lip balms? Not sure.."


Oh yes, I always have multiple hair ties, as I'm much more likely to "find" one sooner digging through my bag the more I have in there Smiley Very Happy


And again, yes to the lip balm...I might use three different ones throughout the day.  Having a plethora of lip balms (as long as they aren't the same kind) keeps me using all of them until they are gone.  I'm completely weird.  I'm not one to stick to one lip balm, as I find that I often get bored with one kind, and then end up buying more as I put the one I was using in the bin to "save for later" which never happens.  I give in to my lip balm ADD.  Smiley Happy

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

- Wallet

- Hand Sanitizer

- Phone

- Blotting Papers

- Chapstick

- Hair ties

- Bobby Pins

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

not much after learning on the street that big bags mean "rob me."

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Blotting papers, compact, business cards, at LEAST 3 tubes of lippies, assorted feminine hygiene, keys, phone, aluminum card wallet and cash/punchcard/ID wallet.  I tend to wear a smaller bag >.>

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