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"What do you have in there!!"

Ever fall into the sterotype of the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it?


So my boyfriend and I left a restuarant yesterday and he handed me my purse and said, "Geez woman!  What do you have in there??!!"  And so I showed him and he asked me how much of that stuff I used.  Good question.  That explains my shoulder!  Anyhow, here's my confession of what I have.  Like to hear your confessions or thoughts and hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. 


4 lip balms

paperback textbook (I know this was the bulk of my weight)

Mac eyeshadow

eyeshadow brush

themal water spray



pepper spray


5 hair ties


femine products

hand lotion




hand sanitizer

band aids

UD eyeliner


Do I really need 5 hair ties and 4 lip balms?  Not sure..

oh, and I had to mention to my boyfriend that I was carrying his phone too (he said it was uncomfortable to sit at dinner with it)

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

It never fails -- any person who picks up or moves my bag is always like, "God, why does this way 8293840932 pounds...?" I really don't know. The bag itself is heavy (it's a thicker leather), and my makeup bag is pretty heavy (it's probably the culprit).  My planner is sizeable...and I have a big wallet and a smaller wallet (the small one is attached to my keys and it's where I keep the cards I use most frequently) and then random Excedrin iPhone, iPod and sometimes a book. I guess that's a lot!


Come to think of it, in college, my friends made fun of me and referred to my bag as "Katie's SUITCASE" because it was a huge messenger bag (that did sort of resemble a carry-on). In my early 20s I carried this massive Longchamp bag that was always packed to the gills, too -- so I guess it IS true that the bigger the bag, the more you carry (I remember having magazines in there all the time!).

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

You will probably find the following contents in my "life" purse:


Sephora makeup bag. I carry my Ecotools bag f.

loose change


Purple pen


Target medicine bottle for vitamins





Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I really like ecotools.  They work really well and so affordable!

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I always feel like I have too much in my purse! But here's a list of what I have:







-maybelline baby lips 

-glasses case

-a little makeup bag for lady needs

-eos lip balm

-contacts case

-eye drops

-cranberry supplement

-iron pills (for my anemia)


-hand lotion

-body spray

-wet ones

-hand sanitizer


-a crapload of receipts

-bobby pins


-and occasionally a diaper and pacifier wipes (when I get too lazy to pack my son's diaper bag)


Re: "What do you have in there!!"

1. receipts (just threw away all of them)

2. cell phone

3. wallet

4. digital camera in pink case

5. hair ties/clips

6. little bag of quarters

7. compact mirror

8. a list of mac shadows that i want

9. pack of wet ones wet wipes

10. eye prescription from doc

11. 4 drugstore lipsticks (burts bees lip shimmers)

12. 2 drugstore lipbalms (blistex deep renewal, burts bees beeswax)

13. tickets for rodeo tomorrow


Smiley Very Happy

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Wow!  Rodeo?  How fun!  Hope you have a great time!


Re: "What do you have in there!!"

I had the following in my purse today:


Sunglasses and the case(the case is HUGE)




Pepper Spray lol

Old bus pass

Baby lips 

another bottle of advil

3d movie glasses 

UD De Slick

Phone charger

Makeup bag(within the makeup bag: Hourglass ambient light powder, maybelline dream matte, a powder brush, Boscia blotting sheets, and Mac concealer)

Illamasqua blush

4 lippies(all which are roughly the same shades from different brands)

compact mirror





Surprisingly no reciepts


Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Wow, I can just picture your bag and it's huge!

Re: "What do you have in there!!"


its not the biggest bag out there but its one of my bigger bags. I carry everything in there.

Re: "What do you have in there!!"

Having a baby has definitely made me carry only the essentials with me, that's for sure, since it all gets tossed in the diaper bag instead of my purse lately now!  So here's what I have in there:


4-5 Flips cloth diaper covers

5-6 Flips inserts

Cloth wipes

Wet wipes

Wet bag for dirty cloth diapers

a couple of hair ties

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace in Cerise

Coach wallet


Cell phone


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact


extra set of clothes for Ashley

burp cloth

bottles of milk

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