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"Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Have any 'super' high end beauty favs or wish list items?  I'm looking for inspiration for a birthday (and Xmas) indulgence gift for myself.


I've long been a fan of higher end beauty like Bare Minerals, Nars, Too Faced, etc.  Love them, just don't see them as 'unattainable' any longer and curious what's out there to "save up for."  


I recently tried a Givenchy and a Dior lippy though, and I'm in love -- I feel like they are a step up from my usual stuff!?  I also got a Clarisonic Aria, which I thought was gimmick but turns out I LOVE it (though perhaps that's not really super high end).  


Maybe it's all in my head, but just humor me Smiley Wink...


I thought I'd see what people have found to be a serious but worthwhile indulgence Smiley Happy.  Maybe really luxe product, a specially designed case, a set, a really expensive wish list product...


Do your worst!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?



Currently on my list to TRY (I'm going to update as I go here, these are things I haven't tried yet but are on my wish list):


- Dior Abricot cuticle cream, and new nourishing oil


- GIVENCHY Mister Lash Booster


- GUERLAIN Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara


- GUERLAIN Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer Face and Décolleté (Awesome package and design!?)


- GUERLAIN Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner (again, awesome package and product design. not sure how it works.)


- Diamancel Nail File(s)


- Strivectin (Ok, not a glamorous brand per se, but at $125+ per, it's up there on the price... stretch marks begone?)



If I needed an all-over radiance powder, I'd be trying 
GUERLAIN Météorites Powder For The Face.  It's pretty and I hear great things, but this is not a type of product I really use, and I'm shimmer-shy in daytime.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Brushes of course! Smiley Wink Kandee Johnson calls Bhumi Brushes the Lamborghini of brushes. This "Core Set" is $260, the Genius Face brush is my favorite. This is the only brush set I have purchased where all of them were high quality, usually sets are not my favorite because they tend to be lower quality than buying individual.


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Oh and I forgot to show you the $899 set...eeeek!


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I've been really impressed by Tom Ford's line - the lipsticks are a tad overrated, but the brushes, the blushes, and the eyeshadow quads are amazing.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Where is this line sold? Smiley Happy

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Saks, NM, and Nordstrom sells the lipsticks and maybe the polishes last time I checked.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Well, I just pulled the 3 most expensive item from my list:
- Sephora traincase (the pink sparkly one)
- SK-II treatment mask
- Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Okay the Dr. Brandt Microderm is coming up a lot, I am going to have to put that on my loves.


Oh, and you reminded me there are some relatively expensive masks I want to try...


I have also been wanting to try SK-II line, so I may put this on my list!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

My high end beauty fave is not a cosmetic; does that count? Not waiting for Christmas either. I want it ASAP! I ordered the Marina Rinaldi coat that Melissa McCarthy is wearing on the cover of Elle in the teal shade - it is to be here Monday - according to their sizing and the smallest size, a 10 is a plus size! That is ridiculous. Since when is a 10 a plus size? If it is too big I can alter it myself Smiley Happy  Nonetheless, I am excited cause the color is gorgeous IMO! Hope I can rock it as well as she did Smiley Happy

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I swear clothing is getting smaller all the time (or I am just getting bigger and in denial haha!) I am a size 8/10 and have the hardest time finding things that fit, I can only imagine how hard it is for girls that are bigger than this size because it's quite depressing. I don't feel like a size L should be too small on my frame, but apparently it is. Now I'm craving a milkshake. Smiley Tongue

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

@ Kiki - The sizing is whack - I know what size I am and it is just a number. In HS and college I was a 3, which is now a 0 but with a larger waist. The average woman in America is a 14. Most of my coats are an 8, but if a 10 makes me a fatty than alright with me. Health matters more than size.


I know you are trying to get your kit together and I do hope you get this brush set if it is your hearts desire. Have you explored all the avenues to get a better deal on it?  There has to be a way to get a discount on that set. What brand is it? I looked at the MUFE set and it doesn't seem as special as this brush set IMHO. You know best.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I have the first set and did get a deal on it. Kandee Johnson on YT had a 50% off code for her bday in July I believe. For $899, I think I need a 70% off code hahaha!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

@beautytester and others, the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion is up there with the Drybar Lemon Drop Brush (DLDB)!  If you have not tried it, it will blow your hair back! You can have a SA make you a sample. You can always email them for a sample. They have a little pouch and a little tube; luck of the draw. It pays for itself in what it will save you with other products, less facials, etc. It makes Exfolikate seem like tap water! Smiley Wink

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Oh goodness, Now i need to try the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion! 


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

yes arielaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you do need to give the Dr. B a whirl! Maybe that could be my next product review post, but i try to recommend budget friendly items. This seems like a splurge, but seriously once you use it you will see such a difference and it will save you money in the long run. One facial or the small tube? I would take the small tube over a facial. The large tube is a better value Smiley Happy  To everyone that wants to try it but does not want to part with the cash; a) get a sample every place you can including Sephora b) email Dr B for samples; at a minimum you will get 1 or 2 foils and just maybe a baby tube! Smiley Happy

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

lol, Exfolikate feels so abusive on my skin. I have commitment issues with skincare, but when I found myself unwillingly but repeatedly in front of the Dr.Brandt counter asking for a sample of it, I know it's time to put it on my HG list (instead of asking for samples of it for the 4th time, but it's so expensive!!!! T.T)

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

HeYyY Spoiledbrat!


I can email a BT Mod and ask for samples? Say I wanted a foundation sample? I could ask for that? 

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Greyes - i meant email Dr Brandt - to my knowledge the staff in the store will make you a sample, but i am not aware of that service online - did not mean to confuse anyone Smiley Happy

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

AH thank you! Ok! I get what you mean! I usually go into Sephora and ask for samples no problem, I just have been super busy that I haven't been able to physically shop at Sephora. I was just hoping that I could get those types of samples through online shopping!

>(8D) Thank you for clearing that up!!!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Sephora can't make you samples unless instore, and mods can't mail you samples except for the 3 samples with online purchase.


You can definitely get samples of anything including foundation instore. If you have a specific brand in mind and email them directly, they may even be generous enough to send you samples without purchasing, but it's a hit or miss. =)

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