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"Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Have any 'super' high end beauty favs or wish list items?  I'm looking for inspiration for a birthday (and Xmas) indulgence gift for myself.


I've long been a fan of higher end beauty like Bare Minerals, Nars, Too Faced, etc.  Love them, just don't see them as 'unattainable' any longer and curious what's out there to "save up for."  


I recently tried a Givenchy and a Dior lippy though, and I'm in love -- I feel like they are a step up from my usual stuff!?  I also got a Clarisonic Aria, which I thought was gimmick but turns out I LOVE it (though perhaps that's not really super high end).  


Maybe it's all in my head, but just humor me Smiley Wink...


I thought I'd see what people have found to be a serious but worthwhile indulgence Smiley Happy.  Maybe really luxe product, a specially designed case, a set, a really expensive wish list product...


Do your worst!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

image.jpgThis is my fave ES palette, I wish they would release more shadows with this formula. Powder but creamy, colors are all the most subtle multicolor shifts with very very fine multicolor glitter. They pack on and build color or sheer out, all stunning over a black cream too. I wish I'd bought 2, they are high now on ebay when you can find one...

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I've been obsessed with Dior products lately, starting with all of the lip products. They feel so good and last pretty long, so I'm saving up. Smiley Happy  


I like Givenchy's lipsticks, too.


Also, I've been eyeing Guerlain's meteorite powders for a while. They're really pricey, but you get a lot! (1.05 oz. of powder!?) Plus, they're so darn pretty.


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

LOL...well you asked for it! Smiley Happy


Omorovicza Essential Set

1. Omorovicza Essenstials Set.jpg

Cle De Peau Concealer

5. Cle de Peau Beaute.jpg

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad- Seductive Rose

2. Tom Ford Seductive Rose.jpg

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate

4. Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate.jpg

Tom Ford Lipstick (a buncha shades, but if I had too choose one it would be Bruised Plum)

3. Tom Ford Lipstick.jpg

Ohhhh and if I could magically get all the Tom Ford brushes too... Smiley Wink

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I am right there with you on all things Tom Ford Smiley Wink That eyeshadow quad looks insanely gorgeous, and don't even get me started on the brushes. Oh, and I adore his packaging.

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