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"Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Have any 'super' high end beauty favs or wish list items?  I'm looking for inspiration for a birthday (and Xmas) indulgence gift for myself.


I've long been a fan of higher end beauty like Bare Minerals, Nars, Too Faced, etc.  Love them, just don't see them as 'unattainable' any longer and curious what's out there to "save up for."  


I recently tried a Givenchy and a Dior lippy though, and I'm in love -- I feel like they are a step up from my usual stuff!?  I also got a Clarisonic Aria, which I thought was gimmick but turns out I LOVE it (though perhaps that's not really super high end).  


Maybe it's all in my head, but just humor me Smiley Wink...


I thought I'd see what people have found to be a serious but worthwhile indulgence Smiley Happy.  Maybe really luxe product, a specially designed case, a set, a really expensive wish list product...


Do your worst!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

image.jpgWishlist item: Suqqu cheek brush and 3 ES brushes. Soft as a kitten paw says Lisa Eldridge. *twitch*  and yes, I want the smaller cheek brush... even though I'd like the bigger one for a dedicated slave to pet me to sleep with (but that's another story), when it comes to putting on my makeup, I'm not a fan of big brushes. :/

They are sold out at Selfridges and hard to find elsewhere though it's said Suqqu brushes are made by Chikuhodo. More research is needed before dropping this dime likely sometime next year. I blame Wayne Goss for convincing me that anything rougher will microexfoliate my delicate baby butt cheeks. Smiley Wink 

 Second wishlist item, waiting for next Guerlain collex: Meteorites. I want a LE box but this current one is warm and I need cooler paler ones. If the spring collex is a bust too, I may get the regular ones in teint rose and a LE later. 

Last item. Ladureé Petals blush. They were out of the petals when I bought the pretty container. I want them. I need them. It's ridiculous. 

*Bonus Item* Crème de La Mer. Likely for Holiday or more likely Valentines Day. 

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Oh yes, if I didn't have an ultra moisturizer that I love, this would have put Creme da la Mer on my list big time Smiley Very Happy!!!


It might still make it on for Xmas, or something, I had wanted that for a long time - thanks for the reminder.


lol, I love the part about the brushes.


Laduree Petals Blush:  That container looks sooo cool.  I am checking this out now Smiley Very Happy!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

image.jpgIf you do like larger brushes, the face brush IS in stock at Selfridges...for a mere £168 plus the £25 shipping, of course...

Which moisturizer do you use, if I may ask? Good enough to put you off from being tempted by Crème La Mer? This made me curious, I must admit. 

Ladureé packaging and containers really appeal to me, I like pretty and functional. Etude House has some pretty dresser items as well in their Etoinette collection...but they aren't quite as posh. 

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?


Size reference, part of my little haul from earlier this year.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

My immediate response when I saw your title was "Tom Ford!"  But now that I've read all the details ... things I think are really worth it--YSL lippies (both the glossy stain and the glosses), Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes, D&G foundation, and Dior mascara.  Oh and a truly high-end perfume, but I'll leave that to your preference :-)

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I happen to know already that the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser will be in my stocking this year! Obviously, I haven't sampled it yet, but the reviews are very good and I can't wait!


I'd love to try the whole line...



Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

That is a NICE stocking stuffer! I get stuff like socks, chapstick, toothpaste, hand cream, and maybe a nice lipgloss or mascara and candy/chocolate in my stocking stuffers!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

The Eve Lom cleanser, the Guerlain bronzers and Meteorites, and the Intensive Exfolikate are all worthy indulgences in my opinion.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

@missie - you poor little dear sweet precious girlie; maybe mommy needs to come and take da wittle gurl sopping so she can get sum sings foe harselwf Smiley Sad

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation and Guerlain meteorites!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Do you have anything from Edward Bess?  I have a few different things (lipstick, Quad Royale, eye shadow singles) and I really like them all.  

This one is on my WL -


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I'm luusting after Guerlain  meteorites , ysl glossy stains and ysl touché éclat!!!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Last year for my birthday my sister gave me a rather generous Sephora gift card.  I ended up getting the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation -- way out of my grad student price range for a staple product -- but I'm in serious trouble now, because I'm hooked.  My skin can get a little dry and patchy in the winter (New England weather), and this is one of the few foundations I've played with that doesn't emphasize flakes.  I used to hate makeup application in the winter, but this took so much of the fussing out of my routine.  It's not a great line if you have a darker skin tone, but for the preternaturally pale like myself it can be a fantastic product.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

This here is probably the most expensive product I have ever lusted over.  I have the small bottle from the "Discovery Set" and it is just....awesome.  $145! for the full bottle!  Cha ching.


L'Artisan Parfumeur
Mûre et Musc



mure et musc.jpg


Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I scored some L'Artisan Parfumeur body lotions on super clearance recently for $8 each (but didn't get the perfumes they had there even though they were an amazing deal too.) I put a bit of one lotion on the back of my hand to smell it properly and I was still getting strong wafts of scent while typing at the computer hours later. Insane sillage and lasting power. I swear the only comparable thing in powerfulness of scent I've experienced is Tom Ford Black Orchid. 


Are their perfumes as potent? I had Premier Figuier and Fou d'Absinthe (which I swear is masculinity distilled, I can't imagine it being unisex like some people claimed!) 

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Chantecaille "Just Skin" and Sunday Riley "Good Genes." They're both super expensive but they make my skin look so amazing.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

A really expensive product on my wish list right now is the Make Up For Ever 12 Color Flash Case! It's $99, but so universal and useable, I want it so bad!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

This looked SO COOL!  This is on my fantasy list because I think it is super neat, I love how it looks -- and I never use bright color in my make up lol.  So I can't buy it for me, but I think it would be such a cool indulgence if it was your thing.  Love the kinda retro style of this.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I would really like to try some of Tom Ford's makeup, especially the lipsticks and eyeshadow quads. But there is no way I can justify spending this amount of money on a product.

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

Guerlain meteorites was my first foray into indulgent products... and I don't regret it! Teint beige is perfect for my neutral skin tone. It's not sparkly. I have a bareMinerals illuminating mineral veil and that has straight up sparkles but this is just a great setting powder, it definitely adds that touch of something extra that you can't pinpoint - just like everyone that has it says!

Re: "Super High-End" Beauty Favs? Wish List?

I have been contemplating the Cle de pau concealer, even more so that I hit pan on my concealer today. I am also wanting to try a Tom Ford lipstick. Some things on my list I plan to buy that I consider "higher end" would be Dior eyeshadow palette in rosey tan, Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder and sculpting powder. A couple purchases I enjoy would be my Chanel bronze universal, face powder and the glossimers........ I really enjoy all the items I buy from Chanel!


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