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"Saint Angeles"

Not a new question, sorry--just another request for large-size KVD "Saint Angeles".  I can't get enough, and even the rollerballs are out of stock.

Re: "Saint Angeles"

i also LOVE kvd's "saint angeles"'s my absolute favorite from her perfume collection. i'm adding my vote to get this AMAZING scent back and part of the permanent line--in a FULL SIZE bottle! i'm already on my fourth rollerball and had to resort to buying a 5th one on ebay last week b/c i can't find a sephora nearby that has it in stock...

Re: "Saint Angeles"

I have to agree with everyone on how awesome Saint Angeles is. I wish it had gotten the push Adora did, all of Kat's perfumes are awesome, but my two faves have been Saint and Sinner. Poetica is veryclose third. I wish that the Sinner gift set had not been discontinued as well. Kat's perfume line is the best out there. I love it. Please think about bringing it back as well as the adora palette but NO creams!! that red was incredible and just popped so well. But Angeles ruled and it would be awesome to see it back in stores

Re: "Saint Angeles"

I know I love Kat Von D scents, they're so unique!


I'll be sure to forward your request about the adora palette dorowarrier! I'm so bummed I was unable to pick one up before we stopped carrying them Smiley Sad

Whimsically yours,

Hi Bekkamadison!   The Kat Von D Saint Angeles Rollerball...

Hi Bekkamadison!


The Kat Von D Saint Angeles Rollerball has been discontinuedSmiley Sad I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and I recommend contacting your local Sephora Store to see if they have any inventory left.

<3 Melissa

Re: Hi Bekkamadison! &nbsp; The Kat Von D Saint Angeles Rollerball...

i love that!

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Re: Hi Bekkamadison! &nbsp; The Kat Von D Saint Angeles Rollerball...

I stumbled upon this by accident while at my local Sephora store, at the time I didn't purchase it and now regret that I didn't!


This is an amazing fragrance, and I think it's much better than "Saint" .  I have both "Saint" and "Sinner" and "Saint Angeles" is a lovely combination of the two.


Please consider bringing this fragrance back and do continue to carry the Kat Von D fragrance line!  It's by far the most affordable and best out there! 

Re: Hi Bekkamadison! &nbsp; The Kat Von D Saint Angeles Rollerball...

I agree, the KVD Saint Angeles was one of my favorite scents! It would be great if she decides to bring it back again to our collection, but in the meantime I'll be sure to forward your requests! Smiley Wink



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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