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ipsy january 2014 thread

I thought I would get a head start and start this thread now fingers crossed that we get a sneak peak today! Ill keep this thread updated all month long, What are you guy and girls hopping to get this month? Also if any of you guys and girls can tell what something is and it's not listed just let me know and I'll add it in.

Updated 1/6 1st sneak peak 

Confirmed Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm value $12,00 

Mica beauty tinted lip blaming either fiesta or natural 

1/7 2nd sneak peak

Confirmed Elizabeth Motts smooth shadow pencils in either pearl or penny value $14.99 &

Yaby liquid foundation in buff(this is the only color they are sending!)value $13.55

1/8 3rd sneak peek

Confirmed healthy sexy hair tri soy wheat leave in conditioner 

Benefits POREfessional primer

Briogeo don't despair repair! Deep conditioning mask 

Coastal scents brush small foundation brush value 

Marula pure marula facial oil

1/9 4th sneak peek


willa on the go towelettes

Proactive + Mark fading pads

Alterna caviar anti aging dry shampoo

Skiin instant soothing and smoothing eye cream

Apothederm bright skin serum

Nourish organic lightweight moisturizing face lotion

Faith aromatherapy Tahitian monoi anti ageing surgery scrub

Absolute makeup cleansing tissues is either cucumber or pomegranate

Balance guru balm me up organic sweet cocoa and tangy body balm



1/10 5th sneak peek

 Ok here is the complete list

Proactive + Mark fading wipes

Elizabeth Motts smooth shadow 

MALIN+GOETZ mojito lip balm

Healthy sexy hair soy tri wheat leave in conditioner

Skiin soothing and smoothing eye cream

Benefits the Porefessional

Briogeo don't despair repair! Deep conditioning mask

 Apothederm bright skin serum

Marula pure marula facial oil

Micabeauty tinted lip balm

Balance guru balm me up organic sweet cocoa & tangy body balm

Nourish organic lightweight moisturizing facial lotion

Epice purifying exfoliate

Absolute! Makeup cleansing tissues

Willa on the go towelsttes 

Faith aromatherapy Tahitian mono anti aging scrub

Alternatively cavier anti aging dry shampoo

Coastal scents small foundation brush

Leeann eco 3 in 1revolution


Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

Thanks! Sure hope so lol Smiley Happy

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

Ok this is offering weird, ipsy should have posted a sneak peek by now and nothing! And I'm about to go to workSmiley Sad

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

I imagine the delay is because of New Years. I figure we'll see something on Monday or Tuesday. I hope? Smiley Happy

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

They posted this morning sneak peeks will be next weekSmiley Sad


Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

This is my first month of Ipsy and I'm really sad that this is the month they don't have a sneak peek up! I'm still excited though(: 


Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

totally worth the $10, and you can always cancel it if you sign up as monthly.when i signed up i was on the waitlist for 2 weeks then ispy sent me an email said if i linked my facebook account then i can bypass the waitlist. it was the perfect timely,i made the december ipsy bag. and i loved my bag.


Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

Glad to see you like ipsy, however posting links not affiliated with sephora is against the rules. One of the mods will delete it later of you don't change it . But if someone wantsto use your code you can send them a private message.

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

I would really like to see a skin care type (a deluxe sample size would be nice) and / or another mascara.

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

I suspect I joined ipsy at exactly the wrong time. My first box was in November and all the brands in both months have been lower end. Some better quality lower end (NYX and Pop), but still...


I was looking at previous months and they had much better stuff! In October they had Buxom, Zoya, and Ole Henrickson! Sept had Butter London and Chella. August had Urban Decay, Smashbox, and Pixi!


What the heck, man. What.the.heck.

Re: ipsy january 2014 thread

I had the October one... where was my Buxom??? (October was my first though, so thus far it's been a little disappointing Smiley Sad )

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