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in what order do you aplly yor products

I'm a little confused on what order i should apply m skincare products. i use the boscia clear complexion tonic mist, ole herskin vitamin c truth serum,first aid beauty facial radiance pads, ant tarte pure maracuja oil as a moisturizer. i have oily and acne prone skin and i use most of these products to lighten my acne scars. pleas help!! 

Re: in what order do you aplly yor products

I would probably use either the toner or the serum, but not both at the same time. Hopefully that helps!

Whimsically yours,

Re: in what order do you aplly yor products

The tonic mist and FAB facial radiance pads should be used after washing face before anything else.  I'm not sure which order you want to do those two in.  After I use the FAB pads, then I apply my serum.  After letting that soak in then I do my moisturizer.  

Re: in what order do you aplly yor products

Hi Natural32,

I would use the toner or the radiance pads. Cleanser, Toner or Radiance pads, serum and moisturizer.

<3 Melissa

Re: in what order do you aplly yor products

I would use the radiance pads first and then the tonic mist, since if you did it the other way around, you would probably wipe the mist off with the radiance pads. Then, after that's almost dry (almost dry) I'd follow up with your serum to lock in moisture and prep your face for your final step, the maracuja oil as a moisturizer. If you wear make up, I'd wait at least 15 minutes before applying that since oils take longer to settle in.

That sounds like a super moisturizing routine, especially with an oil moisturizer. I've heard some people say wonderful things about using an oil as a moisturizer for acne, so best of luck to you with it!

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