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holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

It's apparent that we all love the promo codes and make multiple orders to get a few more *free* things. So I was wondering what are some products that you absolutely love that you got as a gift with purchase?


I'll start. Origins Checks and Balances is one for me. I got a really good size deluxe sample that lasted at least six months. Now I can't live without it. My boyfriend even started using it and loves it too. It actually got me into the Origins brand, and I have a good number of skincare products from them.


Another for me is the Soap & Glory Hand Food. I love this stuff. So non-greasy and I love the smell. I have already invested in the body wash and body butter too Smiley Happy


Last one is the Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick. I have three colors now, but I want to get more. They're expensive (price to product ratio) but I love the formula. Also, I have thin lips and I find that it's easier to apply than other lipsticks since it's more like a thick lip liner.


So, what are some of yours? 

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I fell for Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum, it was one of the free samples you could get with an online order and since then I've been HOOKED! Cashed in on reward points to get them, told my cousin to get me a kit during Christmas time, I've bought the kit with the actual serum....can't get enough of it!

I also invested in a full size of Dr. Brandt's Ruby Retinol Eye Cream after taking a chance and getting a sample of it with an order. It's nonirritating, really light weight, and doesn't make my skin sensitized!

That's awesome about your bf using the Origins C&B! My bf ended up loving my Philosophy Microdelivery 60 Second Scrub so much I just gave him the bottle!

One thing that I've made a staple in my make up wasn't from a Sephora GWP, but is sold there, it's Clinique's eye shadow duo in Like Mink and blush in Smoldering Plum. My friend gave me the GWP pack from a Clinique skin care purchase she made at a Macy's and since then I've stood by those shades!

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Oh that's so hard! I have a tendency to fall in love with hair samples. There have been countless times in which I've purchased a hair product I thought I might love, only to find out that it doesn't work for me. Using the samples I get during my orders is a way to test things out without having to fully commit to a huge size.


I became a huge lover of Alterna and Dry Bar thanks to samples! Below are some of my favorites from them that I've discovered thanks to petite packets/bottles:


Dry Bar 100 Proof Treatment Oil

Such a great treatment oil. If you have a tendency to have ends that feel like a broom rather than hair this oil is for you.


Alterna Dry Shampoo

A wonderful product to use inbetween washes! It works even for the darkest of hair types.


Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist


This will give your hair an almost glistening shimmering appearance like those ads you see on shampoo commercials.

Whimsically yours,

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I tend to find more hair products than anything else, too, Janine!

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Good question!


I can only come up with 4 off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are more.


Hanae Mori Butterfly Perfume- Got one of those tiny vials in a kit, and my nose was permanently glued to my wrist smelling this the rest of the day!

Benefit Dandelion- love this blush- especially in the winter

Tarte Maracuja Oil- this is literally a miracle product for my skin/acne. Could not believe the difference the first time I used this.

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light- best under eye highlighter/concealer I have ever tried. And I've been experimenting quite a bit.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

The Hanae Mori Butterfly is to die for! Love how sweet it is YUM! I did the same thing, although didn't pursue with purchasing the full size just yet.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

It's such a complex and surprising fragrance, it was much richer than I expected which made me fall for it even more!

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I wouldn't have either, Spyski, but I got lucky at Nordstrom Rack and found the 1.7 oz EDP about $50 off normal price.


I always wonder how Nordstrom Rack manages to get the good perfumes for really cheap... I went in there the other day (and didn't buy ANYTHING- HIGH FIVE), and they had Coach Poppy & Poppy Flower, a couple Marc Jacobs & Gucci and way more. If only I could find Prada Candy and Gucci Glamorous Magnolia... Smiley Very Happy

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

We have similar tastes I've noticed! High five for not splurging Smiley Happy

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

waa...thanks for the tip!!!! lotsa hearts for you :-)

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I love love LOVE the Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara that I got as part of the summer starter kit GWP.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I received the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine sample packet on an online order, and was amazed. Clearly, I'm amazed by any YSL lipstick, but these babies were very moisturizing, pigmented, and left the lips looking shiny without being matte.

I purchased the #6, and their mango scent is always a plus! I'd say this is probably my favorite lipstick for the summer if I had to choose one.


Also, about a month ago I picked out the Boscia BB cream sample for my online order just to try another bb cream. Raise your hand if you're sick of trying different bb creams! MEEEE! Hesitate at first, but this has taken the lead as my favorite so far. Perfect for my combo/oily skin in the summer, great neutral shade as well! Feels more like a tinted moisturizer, but leaves an almost matte finish. I'm now using this daily Smiley Very Happy

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Love Sweet Love Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel.  I had some extra points and thought I can always use a travel shower gel. When I tried it, it smelled sooooooo good!  I went and bought the layering set (perfume, lotion and shower gel) AND a larger shower gel.  The perfume is really nice and I received so many compliments on it, but I like the scent of the shower gel even more.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Omg i love this thread! the only sample i have ever gone back and repurchased would be the origins clear improvement active charcoal mask, i got as a 100 pt perk and then i ran out, went to the store and got another sample, and finally i splurged and bought the full size tube, i really really love it. 



Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I love this product! Really gets my skin feeling clean Smiley Happy

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Love this too! I decided to try it cause I loved the face wash so much. It was indirectly caused by a gwp!


Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I'm a little off topic because my freebies don't generally come from Sephora but rather from my job at a fashion/beauty magazine. 


My latest freebie find was the Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel. This stuff is the bomb. I have since paid actual money for the full size which says a lot.  I still dont actually understand what the "Firmx" part means in the title, but as an exfoliator this stuff is amazing. Smooth skin, a nice glow, clear pores, and reduced oiliness without dryness are the results. I have sensitive skin and this stuff doesn't irritate one bit.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I love the Peeling Gel! I will definitely end up buying it too! (Firmx is one of their lines, there are a variety of products with Firmx in the name so it doesn't mean anything special about this one product.) 

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

@Lylysa.... sorry to be the messenger of bad news but Clinique just discontinued all of their powder eyeshadows. I have a few shades that I will miss very much, including Like Mink- such a classic. Smiley Sad

They'll be launching new ones in the Fall.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Holy cow! Thanks for the heads up! I can't believe it, I just hit the pan a few weeks ago too, time to hunt online and stock up!

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

You're Welcome and Good Luck. Their own website is completely out of everything. The worst part is.... they didn't even give notice so that customers had a chance to think ahead. A simple email would have been nice.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I can't believe Clinique didn't give a warning to their regular online customers. They send me an email almost every day. How hard is it to let people know that something is being discontinued so they can have a last chance to stock up? This has happened before (Turnaround Serum suddenly no where to be found a couple of summers ago). They discontinue an item, make it unavailable for months, and then relaunch it supposedly better than before (and more expensive). I'm picky about my skincare and makeup, seldom switch my go-to products, but if I can't get more of something when I want it I find another brand. I don't understand. Obviously we're not skipping eyeshadow all summer long. I've already started looking for dupes for the colors I used from Clinique---- Like Mink, Coffee Shop, Rum Spice, Lucky Penny---- and if I find them in another line I might just stay with that new line permanently.  

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Hourglass mineral veil primer for me...I got it as a deluxe sample a while back and I was hooked! I also like the estee lauder advance night repair serum sample I got from a sephora event. I now use it under my face oil at night together with the EL night repair eye serum. Another one is Armani black code for my husband...he was with joking around with the SA while i'm paying one time and they gave him fragrance samples( a lacoste, D&G light blue for men, acqua di gio and armani black code) and we both love the smell of armani on him...its his signature cologne now ;-)

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

I have quite a few but on the top of my list are Lancôme's Cil Booster and Hypnose Drama.  I got them as samples and fell in love.  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I picked it up at quick bargains section on the check out screen online.  OPI... I got the nail polish as a 500 point perk (they were giving out 3 full sized OPI bottles back then) and I've been using them ever since.  Ouidad Climate Control is one of the best hair samples that I have tried.  I'm working my way to the Living Proof sample that I got during Chic Week though.  Nars Eye Primer... I usually love NARS but I was really into UD's Primer Potion until I got a NARS Loves Sephora perk and it took me a while but I finally tried it and now it's my go to primer.  But I still use UD Primer when I use UD eye shadows.

Re: holy grail products discovered through sephora gwp

Oh, my, those GWP can be dangerous.


I think the first one was Clarins' Vital Light Serum.  I think it must have been a 100pt perk a couple of years ago.  I've gone through more than one bottle since then.  (I have some other serum samples so I will probably try them out and see, but I really think the Clarins has helped the hyperpigmentation on the sides of my face.)


Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40.  It's so sheer it's great.  Then I got a sample in store of the light tinted one and had to buy that, too.  It's a bit light as I get a bit of a tan, so I picked up a sample of medium today as I flew through the store and may try seeing how they mix.


Lancome La Vie Est Belle.  I loved it the first time I smelled the sample I asked for.  Bought the sampler to redeem for this and then saw a large set on sale after mother's day in SiJCP.  Still not sure what to get from the sampler but more won't go to waste, either.  It's my new favorite!


The most surprising is the Philosophy shower gel.  When I got it as the birthday gift 2 years ago I wasn't sure -- I thought it was strong and wasn't sure I wanted to smell like food!  But I realized that it left my skin decently moisturized and doesn't linger, so I can enjoy the smell in the shower and still wear perfume.  I now have an insane number of their shower gels and my husband thinks I have a serious problem. Smiley Happy


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