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having trouble tanning my white face

I had trouble for a long time getting color on my face. my body is so tan, and my face is so pale, almost translucent. For years I suffered like this trying to even out my skin tone, trying every bronzer there is, even ones made specifically for your face, even tanning beds couldnt help. I finally found something that is actually helping! GUERLAIN Terracotta Spray SPF 10!! I bought it was a bronzer but I started spraying it on my face before laying out in the sun (my face is washed and fresh when I do this) and I just blend it in a bit and it gave me a nice hint of color & the sun didnt just reflect off my face and cause a burn and irritation as usual. it actually worked! for once I am seeing progress and color on my face Smiley Very Happy Im sooo happy I tried it <3333 Just wanted to share Smiley Happy 


Re: having trouble tanning my white face

I'm glad you found something with SPF that works Smiley Happy 


From my understanding, our faces are paler because we wash them more, thus exfoliating the top layer of our skin more frequently. This causes any tanned skin to be sloughed off quicker, resulting in new, untanned skin taking it's place. 


When I first read your post, I expected you to be, well, actually pale. I always find it amusing how people 10x darker than me consider themselves pale, especially when I couldn't even achieve their colouring through fake tans. haha. You have a lovely skin tone, from what I can see if your pictures.

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

I agree about the exfoliation thing.  I can sometimes get a little color on my face, even wearing SPF 35 or more, which is my summer face cream minimum, but it definitely fades in a few days.  My face is nearly always a few shades lighter than the rest of my body in the summer, but I just even it out with make up.


One quick thing amynadinexo- if you aren't already, definitely pair that bronzer with an actual SPF product, especially if you are going to go out specifically to get color.  An SPF under 15 that is not specifically a "Broad Spectrum" sunscreen will not actually help protect you from the long term damaging effects of the sun.  Under SPF 15, you are protecting against sun burn, but not protecting against the cellular damage that ages your skin causing premature wrinkles.


Re: having trouble tanning my white face

Forgot about that. Thanks for bringing it up, Urbie!

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

Thank you! I wasn't aware of this! Smiley Happy

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

No problem!  A little extra SPF goes a long way in terms of preventing that "crispy fried" skin texture later on in life Smiley Happy

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

This is funny, because I'm actually one of those people whose face is darker than the rest of me! Probably because I don't go out into the sun much or wear clothing where my skin is exposed to it.

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

Same here, I'm the case where my face is a shade darker (and pinker) than my neck. =/

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

Oh, same here! My face is slightly darker, but I meant that comment for the general population of those who tan and get sun Smiley Tongue


Re: having trouble tanning my white face

& I try to keep my face away from the sun at all costs. SPF 30 at least every day (even in rain & snow), hat if lying out in the sun, only own big sunglasses... 

Winkles & sun spots, no thanks! Smiley Tongue 

The DDG Glow Peel Pads are AWESOME! But I think I've embraced my paler face knowing I'll look younger later on. I always wore SPF on my face & tried to remember a hat on beach days even as a teenager. A lot of my friends didn't though. We're all in our early 30's and you can tell who was careful & who wasn't. My friends who used to make fun of my sunglass tan & pale face now have wrinkles around their eyes & one gets such bad sun spots she's been doing laser for years. 

Re: having trouble tanning my white face

Thanks for the eye opener! more SPF it is Smiley Wink

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