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fave drugstore brands

What are your favorite drugstore brands? I love Burts Bees, Blistex, Nivea and Milani products Smiley Very Happy

Re: fave drugstore brands

Maybelline Royal Blue Mascara. 

Neutrogena - Sunscreens and a few body products. 

Occasionally I browse brands to look at the packaging and marketing.   

Re: fave drugstore brands

I think that drugstore brands are under rated, because some products are very high quality. My favorites are:


Sonia Kashuk


Re: fave drugstore brands

eos, maybelline!

Re: fave drugstore brands

Lubriderm, Sally Hansen, Aussie, Blistex.

Re: fave drugstore brands

Burts Bees! <3

Re: fave drugstore brands

Coppertone and Neutrogena sunscreens, and Lipsmackers!

Re: fave drugstore brands

I still have a couple of my Rimmel Eyeliners lol.  Maybelline has some good mascaras.  My very first mascara when I first started wearing makeup was Maybelline's Great Last mascara in the bright pink and green tube lol.  I haven't used it in forever.  Maybe I should pick up a tube as a back up since it's the mascara's birthday this year.  At least that's what the facebook page said lol.


@prettyinpa Lip Smackers can never go out of business! 

Re: fave drugstore brands

@kimmi- Oh heaven forbid that Lipsmackers goes out of business!  I must buy 10 of those little tubes a year, between using them up and losing them, I am a very good customer!

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