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being different

I've always been a little bit different than everyone else.   From never quite fitting in school to the music I liked (I was listening to Heavy Metal while they were listening to 80's Pop.) and never being there at all but still pulling A's.  I was working a lot. so I just couldn't''t make it to class often.  And I had only a group of a few friends that even noticed.  And after college I could have gotten nice red shiny convertible of my choice paid off but I choice an old VW camper van and painted it yellow.  Put all my money into investments and my best friend and I went on the road.  So I never made the normal choices.  Which leads me to my point.  I  have got to be the only  one that has ever returned the UD 24/7 Anniversary Eyeliner Set and the, you won't believe this,  Naked Palette.  The eyeliners smear all day down my face even with 4 different primers(not at the same time of course!) and she-laq on.  I've said it here before and I'm sure I'll say it again: my tears are like acid they cut through anything "waterproof"  And the Naked palette, I love to look at it but again using none to 4 different primers and she-laq, I don't like how it applies to my eyelid and what it does throughout the day.  It sort of clump in the center and that piece is a mix of all the dif colors, it doesn't look at all like what I started with.  It's funny I almost feel bad for not liking them when everyone else loves them so , but that's me, I'm different. And that's a lot of money to spend on something you're gonna keep and not use just to be cool!  And the truth is I never did anything just to be cool!Smiley Wink


And most people wouldn't show of their fat back even for that cool of tatt!

Re: being different

This is cool. I need to come back and reply with something a little more eloquent than "this is cool." For now, however, I'll just leave it at that. Your profile is very real, all the while sharing info. on beauty products, heavy metal, and tattoos. Different, sure, but very chic!

Re: being different

Hi Katimae,


They way I see it is that you actually made choices for you that you wanted while in college and still today.  It's much easier to go the path of the expected where there is a known expected outcome than it is to choose what you want without the "guarantees". Smiley Wink

... Even with the palette and eyeliners,.. they don't work for you so you return them.  .... 



Re: being different

Being different rocks!! How dreadful (?? Not sure of the word, I'm French after all!!) would it be if everybody would be the same !!

Re: being different

I guess I turned out different from everyone else here in this thread, I love both of my Naked Palettes!  I actually use that palette more than any of my others and bought an extra so I can keep it in my suitcase and don't have to chance forgetting it when I travel. Plus if something happens to one of them (like Pariah had an "accident" with hers), I can always use my backup.


I have always been different, being taller than other kids in school and having red hair didn't help.  Different is good!

Re: being different

I love people who are not afraid to be themselves and not followers.It is oftentimes hard to do.About the return thing....I recently did the seemingly unthinkable---I returned my Mia!!!! I used it daily for over a month and saw nothing different in my skin. I was so sad-I had high hopes.So I decided it just wasn't worth the money for me and I brought it to Sephora to return.The cashier said, "You are the first person I have heard of not loving the Mia." Even the highest rated products are not for everyone.

Re: being different

More power to you woman!



PS - This is the first place I've every really felt like I "fit in".


Re: being different

I think everyone has moments of feeling different or out of place, but perhaps some more than others. Certainly no one goes around thinking that she's a lemming or a totally complacent follower of trends or other people. We're all individuals and unique in our own way.


FYI, I also returned the Naked Palette. Well, I sold it to someone who really wanted it. I just got up on the hype and it wasn't a big deal.

Re: being different

IMO there are too many shadows in Naked that I already own; too expensive to buy to get a couple of new ones. 

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