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beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

So I have the beautyblender.  Wasn't a believer until I accidentally put a little too much makeup on and then used it. 


It sheered it out and blended my concealer like WHOA.  Totally natural and airbrushed almost.  I am now a believer.  But now I have another question.  Which cleanser to use?  I'm used to using baby shampoo or mild dish soap on my regular makeup brushes, but I understand that's not what you want to do with this.  I get to make a Sephora run today, so I was going to pick that up (and quite possibly the Hourglass palette if it's in stock along with a few things I need to replenish). 


Additionally, with the colds going around?  Use the Josie Maran Argan Oil or really any beauty oil around your nose.  Keeps it from cracking and drying out.

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

Definitely the BB Solid Cleanser! The solid works much better on the BB sponges and brushes than the liquid does in my experience Smiley Happy

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I agree with eadelaide1, the BB Solid Cleanser.  It does a great job of cleaning my brushes too, more so than any of my brush shampoos IMO.  

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

Personally, i hate the liquid. def the solid... The liquid is messy and doesnt do much imo

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I definitely recommend the Solid Sponge Cleanser! The liquid cleanser did not do much for my beautyblender, but the solid cleanser totally impressed me and made my beautyblender look brand new!




<3, Randee

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I have never tried the liquid Beauty Blender Cleanser but I do like the solid Beauty Blender Cleanser. I also find that cleaning my make up brushes with the Solid is much easier.

I do agree that using the JM Argan Oil seems to help with the cracking around my nose.

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I've used both and I would definitely recommend the solid one. The liquid one is a total waste and runs out quickly.

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

Another vote for the solid cleanser!

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I'm addicted to my BB. It's my baby. I used to use dish soap and olive oil to clean all my brushes, but it took a very, very long time and my back was always breaking by the time I finished (I have a lot of brushes). Then for my birthday last month, I splurged on the solid cleanser and I am a huuuge convert now! I'm constantly preaching the joys of it to all my makeup-inclined girlfriends! It's seriously swirl, rinse, clean brush! I had a (embarrassing, yes, but I do dream of makeup quite often) dream the other night where it was discontinued, so I went around buying other people's solid cleansers. Then I found one that was enormous (like the size of a room) and was sooo happy. ^_^

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

Do you have dreams about clothing shopping, too? I have THE BEST shopping dreams... Like Prada handbags on clearance for $40.00. And I dream in detail of trying on outfit after outfit. I've not yet had a makeup dream... Smiley Happy


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