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beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

So I have the beautyblender.  Wasn't a believer until I accidentally put a little too much makeup on and then used it. 


It sheered it out and blended my concealer like WHOA.  Totally natural and airbrushed almost.  I am now a believer.  But now I have another question.  Which cleanser to use?  I'm used to using baby shampoo or mild dish soap on my regular makeup brushes, but I understand that's not what you want to do with this.  I get to make a Sephora run today, so I was going to pick that up (and quite possibly the Hourglass palette if it's in stock along with a few things I need to replenish). 


Additionally, with the colds going around?  Use the Josie Maran Argan Oil or really any beauty oil around your nose.  Keeps it from cracking and drying out.

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I forgot to add that currently, I only use brushes and I am very curious to see how big of a difference between both media's of cleanser.

Re: beautyblender solid or liquid cleanser?

I’ve never tried the solid cleanser but I really don’t’ like the liquid one. I force myself to use it because I don’t want the product wasted but it has a strong smell that I can't get past and I don’t find that it cleans all that well either. I would not recommend the liquid cleanser to anyone.

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