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Post in Beauty Confidential

airline beauty??

so if you are like me, you constantly are on youtube. and most of the time, you watch beauty videos. i see so many "gurus" that do airplane beauty routines, and i was wondering if any of us here on beauty talk do a similar thing. like bust the treatments, cream, masks (?????), etc. on the plane. and have you ever seen people on flights do so? i haven't flown on a plane since i was about 8, so i've never dealt with being all beauty obbsessed and in the air yet. so how do you guys handle airline beauty? Smiley Happy  

Re: airline beauty??

That or maybe inspired him to take a snack break!

Re: airline beauty??

kiwi?!?! Ok, so I've tried cucumber and it's fine, but kiwi is acidic. What would happen if it's a juicy one and the acid gets in your eyes?!?! *cringe*


LOL, that's a very thorough mask. I never apply mask to my neck, under the jaw, or between my nostrils. It was really awkward once when I had a cold, and I REALLY need to blow my nose...except I just put on mud mask.

Re: airline beauty??

LOL! I HATE when I have to blow my nose when I have a mask on!!!! First world beauty problems!

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