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Post in Beauty Confidential

airline beauty??

so if you are like me, you constantly are on youtube. and most of the time, you watch beauty videos. i see so many "gurus" that do airplane beauty routines, and i was wondering if any of us here on beauty talk do a similar thing. like bust the treatments, cream, masks (?????), etc. on the plane. and have you ever seen people on flights do so? i haven't flown on a plane since i was about 8, so i've never dealt with being all beauty obbsessed and in the air yet. so how do you guys handle airline beauty? Smiley Happy  

Re: airline beauty??

When I fly, it's usually cross country and I have to fly out on the earliest possible flight, so I skip makeup before I get to the airport. I've tried before and made a huge mess trying to get liner and mascara on at 4AM! I'll slap on some anti-aging treatment with SPF (My new favorite is La-Roche Posay Redermic/+ SPF 30) to protect against sun damage while flying.


If I get through security in a reasonable time I put on mascara, blush and liner in the bathroom, otherwise I skip it until I get to my hotel at the destination. I haven't ever scared the people at the car rental (lol) so I guess makeup isn't essential.

I put disinfecting wipes, hand cream with SPF, one of those finger toothbrushes and blotting papers in my handbag for quick tidiness on the plane. That's about it, I think I would freak out my husband if I tried doing a mask on the plane, I save those for the privacy of home by myself. Especially the black or green ones!

Re: airline beauty??

LOL! I can only imagine sitting on a plane and looking over to see someone with a mud mask and cucumber slices over ones eyes!

Re: airline beauty??

@Lylysa-  Ha, maybe that would freak out those seat pests who manage to take up their seat and half of mine! They always smell bad, too!

Re: airline beauty??

I almost never wear makeup when I go on a flight, just because usually there's a lot of napping/resting my head on my hands. I've never done a mask, but that actually sounds like a wise idea. Planes dry the skin out so badly, this would be a sure fire way to help prevent that.


My main beauty staples for the plane are usually just: hand lotion, plently of water, lip balm, and a small facial mist.

Whimsically yours,

Re: airline beauty??

I'm lazy. All I do is put on mascara after the plan ride, or just re-curler them if I applied it earlier. Also, I apply moisturizer sometimes but my lipbalm is my best friend when I am in the air. OH, and the Lush Tea Tree Toner spray is also good to use as well, it is refreshing. 

Re: airline beauty??

LOL!  doing a mud mask and putting cucumber slices over my eyes would certainly prevent any over-talkative people from trying to disturb my beauty sleep during the flight!  they might even ask to switch seats if they were freaked out enough...

Re: airline beauty??

Oh I so need to try that. You know how it sometimes gets really cold midflight? the guy sitting next to me decided to warm himself up by plastering his legs/arm right against mine and started talking to me. I was working on my laptop at that time, so he then started commenting on my presentation (uh, hello privacy?), so I decided to close the presentation and turn off the computer. He saw the background, painting of a green fairy with translucent wings, smirked and said "so, you like fairies?" I don't think he's being intentionally annoying (just really cold), but it was annoying and I would've told him to take a hike if he wasn't wearing an army uniform and I wasn't feeling a tad sorry for him (it was seriously cold, I was wearing a jacket he was not).


Re: airline beauty??

It's one thing to strike up casual conversation on a plane, but another thing to start invading someone else's space and even touching them in any sort of way! Especially if you weren't throwing out signs of "Sure, go right on ahead!"


Some people just have no sense of respecting other people's boundaries.

Re: airline beauty??

lol, he was seriously shivering tho and if the space allows, he'd probably be in fetal position.


In any case, I think I come off as an aloof person (unless I'm super hyper) so people on the plane usually don't bother me (the bad is I'm kind of a party pooper/wall flower at parties). Meh, pros and cons.

Re: airline beauty??

Shivering or not, you can't go just cuddling up to strangers! Smiley Tongue


That's when he should have asked for extra blankets and turned the air vent away from him. Maybe even gotten a hot cup of tea.



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