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Post in Beauty Confidential

Your surprise find or sneak product!? Mine: VS Lip Primer!

Today I was thinking about products I had never heard of, or didn't expect to find, and then loved.


Recently I went by Victoria's Secret (which I don't usually shop for a whole list of reasons), because I had a $10 promo gift card with no minimum purchase... so I figured, free stocking stuffer.  But of course I got something for MYSELF haha!


I am picky about beauty (and other) products, and normally only use high-end, stuff I've tested, and stuff that's highly recommended.  I honestly don't even have any drugstore products in my house, I'm that picky.


But I tried their Lip Primer on a whim and I LOVE IT.  It's $12, so a reasonable price.


It has this velvety not quite matte finish that makes my chapped or irritated lips look smooth and soft with soft edges.  I was totally shocked by this sleeper that I have never heard of!  It also has the slightest light peachy tint, so it looks great blurred outside my lip line as a smoother and soft of highlighter.  It's also not too squishy and not TOO stiff and waxy.  I like lip primer on the slightly waxy side.




Do you have a favorite find that you weren't expecting, never heard of, or was kind of obscure or surprising?


EDIT: In doing a search for this post I found out this product is being discontinued! So sad.  I am going to pick another one up this week if they still have them, as a back up.  Seriously, this is so sad for me I rarely find a product I love!

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