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Your fav. blush?

I know a lot of people think they will never find the perfect blush, but I know I have. I am hopelessly in love with the Balm's hot mama blush. It works beautifully on my fair skin, giving it a nice, coral sheen glow.

But I do also love Benefit's dandelion for a brightening pink! 🙂

Who else has found their favorite blush? 🙂

Re: Your fav. blush?

Hi Beebrunet and Everyone!


I have found the perfect blush that I wear a lot! It is the perfect pink for my olive skin tone.Smiley Happy

Illamasqua Blush


(lilac pink)


❤️ Melissa

Re: Your fav. blush?

I've not found the perfect blush yet.  I currently have Bare Minerals Blush in Beauty.  It's alright, but I'm wanting something else.  Some of Benefit's blushes have caught my eye. 

Re: Your fav. blush?

I love E.l.f.'s Tickled Pink, NARS Orgasm and MAC's Prism Matte Blush! 🙂

Re: Your fav. blush?

I use blush sparingly because of my mild natural pinkess (slight roseca) but my absolute faves are Nars Sex Appeal and Deep Throat. Both are shades more of a peachy tone. Sex Appeal for day and the Deep Throat with subtle shimmer for night. I consdered the Orgasm, but the color was too shimmery for my taste.


I also like Benefit's Dandelion, but I do not use it as much.

Re: Your fav. blush?

Just one? NARS Desire. But I don't want to think about my blush stash disappearing. I am currently collecting NARS. I am fond of MAC blushes too.

Re: Your fav. blush?

I like the CoverGirl TruBlend blush in Shimmering Sands. It's got some shimmer and is very natural. I love it and use it about everyday 🙂 It's cheap too.

Re: Your fav. blush?

brookie673---I went to the drugstore yesterday and I saw your CG Shimmering Sands blush! Its a HUGE tub and the color looks like a lovely pink, somewhat similar to Benefit Dandelion pressed blush. How pigmented is it and how long does it last? Its bigger than any loose powder makeup item I have ever seen and if its worth it I will absolutely get it, especially for 8 bucks!

Re: Your fav. blush?

 I love this question!!  I read through the responses and wanted to take notes ...


i have olive skin tone, dark hair, eyes etc. (I'm Latin.)  My skin gets oily pretty quickly in the day. I want something natural, youthful and fun.  I also want something that is easy to apply.  I ten to be a little heavy handed with my blush brush at times. 

Most important: natural-looking. 


also, what is a good lip gloss?  I love lip plumpers.  i want something, thick and juicy that will stay on for a little while. 



Re: Your fav. blush?

I have two go-to blushes that I use all the time.  One is a lilac shade and the other is a pinkish shade so I use whichever of the two matches the color clothing I'm wearing, but I seem to stick to these two shades all the time.

They are both Make Up For Ever Powder Blush and the names are Lavender 09 and Candy Pink 85.  I love those two colors and grab one or the other most days so they must be my favorite blushes. 🙂

Re: Your fav. blush?

@ Tenngirl, do you think that either of those colors will look ok on an olive complexion?  I want easy, sexy and "sun kissed" or "natural glow"


Smiley Happy

Re: Your fav. blush?

@naturalqt:  I think that your olive skin tone would look great in either the lavender or candy pink colors in the MUFE Powder Blush.  The colors are easily adjustable to the amount you apply because they are so pigmented that you should be able to get each of the colors to work with your skin tone easily.  If you try them, I hope you like them!

Re: Your fav. blush?

I've been away from Beauty Talk for several days now it seems, and I thought I'd take a quick peek in to see what everybody's up to.

@naturalqt:  I have fair skin, but I do have yellow undertones and I think that both of the MUFE Powder Blushes that are my favs would look great on olive skin.  Both the lilac and pink are really pigmented so you don't have to worry about them not showing up on your skin tone.  They are buildable so once you use them and get familiar with how much to apply, I think you'd love them.  I say go for it!  If you do decide to order them, please let me know what you think about them! 🙂


@katie1724:  You really should try the MUFE Powder Blush.  I love them and the lilac is absolutely beautiful.  They are really pigmented and last forever because of it.  Only a small amount is needed to get great color that lasts all day (even on my oily skin).  If you get one, let me know what you think of it. 🙂

Re: Your fav. blush?

I have a favorite blush! Its Benefit Coralista. Its the first and only blush I've ever owned and I dont think I can ever be without it now! I got a 100 pt deluxe sample of it and when I went though half of it I ran to Sephora to get it in full size, especially since the boxed powders are being repackaged into smaller items. Well the boxes are the same size I think but the product itself is being decreased from .42 oz to .28 oz, but the price is the same. Shame on you Benefit! Anyway, its a beautiful coral color that stays put all day and makes my cheeks look like they are lit from within! I buff on a couple of layers of it and I feel super pretty. It never looks overdone and I dont look like a clown! hooray!

Re: Your fav. blush?

@tenngal: I'll have to check out that lavender blush you mentioned! I love cool, lilac-y blushes and I only have a few. I don't actually own any MUFE blushes, either, so I'm going to look at it the next time I'm at Sephora 🙂


I tried to take a picture of my favorites (other than MAC Azalea Blossom, which is already in my pictures) -- and they look kind of hideous; I'm not in good lighting! I swear they're much prettier (and lighter...) than they appear in this picture.


Clockwise from left: NARS Sex, Chanel Turbulent, NARS Outlaw and Crazed.

Missing: NARS Penny Lane, Benefit Dandelion 😉


Favorite Blush.jpg

Re: Your fav. blush?

I've never worn blush in my life ( my cheeks are naturally rosy) but the last time I was in Sephora, I tried Benefits Dallas and I couldnt believe how well it looked on me! ( In the box it was this deep purple....weird) I was looking for a bronzer, and "hoola" was WAY too dark for me ( I have a very light complexion) and I'm glad that I reached for Dallas next. I might get it:) The only problem is, summer is coming up and I rarely wear makeup during that time ( I'm in the water all day). I only wear sunscreen and bronzer come summer time. 

Re: Your fav. blush?

i've never ever worn blush before in my life until i made the cliche plunge of buying nars' orgasm and oh my god .. i am in love. completely and irrevocably in love with it. i have a mini multiple of it i throw in my purse and a full size i keep on my vanity set. 

Re: Your fav. blush?

@sephoramusthave:  I never really wore it that often growing up because of the same issue.  I do seem to blush naturally without any enhancement.  Only used it for special occasions and even in that case, it was in light and sheer amounts. It's only been until recently I've bought blush (it's still sheer and light).  The last one I had I couldn't even tell you how old it is (and surprised Lancome hasn't discontinued the color yet).


I actually have always avoided putting it on the apples of my cheeks and went upwards on the cheekbone.  Seems to look better that way.  Got enough color on the apples already.


I also have a feeling the fiancee actually likes the hint of blush too.  Strange but I'll take it.

Re: Your fav. blush?

@ran8: I think you're absolutely right about the placement of blush! Actually, Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist on youtube) did a video not too long ago about the correct placement of blush, stating that smiling and putting it on the apples of your cheeks is both outdated and a technique originally used in film and theater -- thus bad for every day. Also, if you're smilling and apply it to the apples, when you stop smiling and relax the muscles, the blush winds up further down on the face than it should be.

Re: Your fav. blush?

@katie1724:  I actually watched that video a few days ago (enjoy watching his videos).  Good to know I've been doing it right all along.  I think it was another thing my mother taught me.  If I recall, she never placed anything on her apples either.  She could also get away with bolder colors though.  I would look like a clown or too many of something on the other hand. 


Definitely enjoying the cream blush consistency and how soft it applies on.  I hope YSL keeps the Creme De Blush for a while.  Even that fuchsia doesn't go that vibrant unless you keep at it.  So no worries those looking at that going no way.  It's quite pretty and sheer in smaller applications. 

Re: Your fav. blush?

I'm a blush fiend, too, so it's hard to pick one. If I absolutely must narrow down, I'll go with TheBalm Hot Mama and NARS The Multiple in Maui. I also love By Terry Velvet Cream Blush in Peach Nude, but I'm not sure that peach goes so well with my skin tone. But the peach colour and smooth texture of the blush is sheer loveliness.


And... now I want to go out and buy five more blushers. Thanks, ladies. 😉

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