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Your Thoughts : Stila One Step Correct Primer ?

Hey everyone,


So I currently own the Stila One Step Correct Primer. I love the packaging and the fact of having multiple colors all in one to temporarily correct my skin prior to cosmetic application. However I am not too sure how it will work for longevity and keeping my t-zone at bay ?. Has anyone of you ladies used it and if so what is your thoughts on it ?

Re: Your Thoughts : Stila One Step Correct Primer ?


    I was in Korea last year watching and hearing about a whole bunch of beauty stuff.

Korean people don't use primer as often as we do, but use something called the makeup base. They come in 3 different colors - green for cancelling out redness, pink for pale yellow people, and peach for i don't remember. 

Back then I didn't think I needed any extra step to what already is annoyingly alot. 

But anyway, when I saw this in store, I thought it was a genius idea, combining all the benefits of different colors of makeup bases and primers. 

However, only the idea itself was a genius. the product very barely canceled out my redness (compared to a green makeup base I bought later when I came back to US thru ebay) and is a really bad primer. 

I have combination skin that is sometimes on the drier side and sometimes on the oilier. it did nothing for my skin as a primer. a foundation that holds at least 5 hours with primer with other primers lasted only like 2/.. ;; 


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