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Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

So I've been on a serious Sephora bender this past month or two, and in that time (and those hundreds of dollars... eep) I've stumbled onto two products that have seriously changed my skin for the better!  I've always had good skin, but as I've gotten older it's been getting worse (wtf I thought it was supposed to do the opposite)!  I now have fairly oily combo skin and get serious blackheads, dullness, and roughness regularly.  HOWEVER, I went out on a limb and got Soap & Glory's "Greatest Scrub of All" and the Glamglow Supermud... WOW.  My skin has absolutely never looked better!  


I just did the supermud mask to test it out, and it seriously demolished ALL of my icky blackheads on my nose and chin, zapped the small red blemishes on my cheek, and normalized the oil on my face.  I'm still in shock!  The Soap & Glory scrub not only feels amazing (not too abrasive that my skin hurts but a satisfyingly scrubby and polishing texture) but made my skin just glow - and it's SOOOOO smooth and soft!  The Glamglow was expensive enough to make me cringe, but it seems like it'll be worth every penny, and the Soap & Glory scrub was so reasonable!


So what are your REVOLUTIONARY products?  They can be anything - skincare, fragrance, cosmetics... or anything in between!

Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

Woah, that sounds so wonderful! I need to go check those products out soon, haha


I think the moment I tried Asian sunscreens [Biore, Shiseido, etc] I knew I wasn't going to go back to the traditional oily ones. They're gel-like and stay put all day, without clogging my pores or messing up my makeup. Definitely revolutionary! Smiley Happy

Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

I LOVE Asian beauty products period. Hello, cute packaging! Smiley Happy

Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

Holy moly, that sounds fabulous!  I'm adding the Shiseido sunscreen to my loves as well haha!  Definitely get a sample of the Glamglow at least, it's expensive but it really truly works miracles.

Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

It seriously is! If you go for the Shiseido try the Anessa line, it dries matte and is so thin and easy to apply.


Next time I head into Sephora, I'll be sure to grab a sample Smiley Very Happy


Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

Clarins Bright Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel (shwew such a long name!)...Sephora doesn't carry this but it carries the rest of the line. It's indicated for 2x/week but I've been using it morning/night as a toner (I can use this on my neck even without sensitivity). It is slightly sticky for day but actually looks kind of glowy under makeup. My pores are a lot clearer since adding this in. Skin is definitely brighter.


For makeup, Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer..I had this sample sitting in my drawer forever since in general I am not that enamored with primers. I tried it and it evens out the skin quite a bit even without makeup! Went out the next day and got the full size.  



Re: Your REVOLUTIONARY products?

Oh nice i will have to check out that Soap and Glory scrub! Most of my skincare works together and i can't single out a single product that does wonders except for the OH Truth serum! I love this. Hydrating, helps with my acne scars and smellls AMAZING!

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