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Your Custom Mascara

Most of us have purchased mascaras where we like the formula, but not the brush, or we like the brush, but not the formula.  What combination of brush and mascara formula would you create if you could?  (and not be sued by the companies lol)


I love the Urban Decay Big Fatty Formula, but the brush has its good days and bad days.  The NARS Larger than Life Volumizing brush is smaller than UD's, but it still has some good "fluff" to it.


Another mascara that I have been using often is Maybelline Falsies.  It works very well for me, but the brush can get too much product buildup on it if not careful with it.  I'm not sure what curved brush would be best for it, but I know it's not UD's Supercurl brush lol.









Re: Your Custom Mascara

What a cool post!  I can't wait to see all the combinations.  I don't really have a combo wish.  My 2 favorites have always been Diorshow Blackout and Iconic.  Now that I've tried the Diorshow New Look Mascara, I'm finding it to be almost a lovely mix of both of those.  Usually, I find mascaras are more for one benefit than another (even if they claim otherwise). This mascara grabbed every lash, separated, lengthened and thickened. I'm usually not a fan of small brushes, but it works perfectly.  Heart

Diorshow New Look Mascara

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I'm not super picky but I like my brush clearly defined bristle/spikes. I throw away used mascara but keep the brushes, like the Lash Blast brush. When I apply mascara, I apply generously using the default wand, then use the clean saved wand to go over it a couple times for definition etc or brush away the flakes

Re: Your Custom Mascara

Custom - Shu Uemura Natural mascara brush and not so thick formula; YSL's color and variety faux clis; offered limited edition colors outside the box (actual color without flaking or clumping).


I would have to say hands down I love both the formula and the brush from mascara basic (shu uemura, discontinued).  It's different than a lot of the brands I've used.  Lighter formula that requires a different application method than most mascaras i've used (mostly western brands).  More brushing involved without the color or formula building up/clumping.  Coats every lash (just the color and defining). 

So far I love the replacement, natural mascara, as well (it is not paraben free as its predecessor).  Has the same application technique and a similar brush style.  Overall, it's one of the few black mascaras that I can apply without the harsh, over volumed, appearance.  Favorite mascara brush. 


As much as I love the colors offered in YSL's Singuler, the brush is rubbery and I find myself adjusting quite a bit to coat lashes evenly.  If I could get the same colors in their faux clis brush, it would be fantastic. 


And since I could not have one, I would like better color formulas.  MAC turquoise.  UD big fatty mascara (indigo, cherry, blue).  I loved the colors when they were offered.  Formula was not that great.  So similar colors in a better formula would have helped it. I also like the smoky lash from MUFE colors but they flake terribly. 


The bronze/gold color I had from Victoria's Secret years ago.  If YSL offered similar shade(s), it would be in my shopping cart pronto. 

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I recently started using Dior's New Look and agree with Keely. I'm usually not a huge fan of small brushes, but this one works suprisingly well and coats every lash perfectly. I'm still haven't really formed much of an opinion when it comes to the formula. I like the way my lashes look with this on, however I do prefer a mascara that is a bit more nourishing, this mascara is a little on the dry side. If this brush was included in Dior's Extase mascara (my favorite mascara) I would be over the moon!


Diorshow New Look Mascara

DiorShow Extase Mascara

Whimsically yours,

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I'm not really a mascara person. I wear it from time to time and I like the mini's because I actually use them up before the expiration date. The only mascara that I can really rave about is Givenchy Phenomen Eyes. I went through 2 of those tubes. Its very pricey but its the only mascara I've tried so far that gives me *serious* length and does a great job of seperating lashes. Its different from other mascaras because you hold the wand vertically and brush in upward and downward strokes instead of the usual holiding it horizontally and brushing up and down.


I went through a few Benefit Bad Gal Lash mini's but its nothing special. I'm not picky when it comes to mascara but I do get disappointed when I spend almost 30 dollars on it and it does nothing but color my lashes black. Thats a problem for me.


Right now I'm using TheBalm Cheater! and I like it just as much as I like the Benefit.


I prefer big fluffy brushes too. They get the formula on a lot better.

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I'm also loving the new Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara and normally prefer a curved or fat brush.  The formula is perfect for curling my lashes and lightly thickening them. I have to apply about 3-4 coats to really see the volumizing effect, but this is my new fave along with the Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. 










Re: Your Custom Mascara

I really wish the Sephora in JCP or Belk carried Dior makeup.  I would love to see the Dior mascaras in person.  From reviews and whatnot that I've read, they sound like they would work well with my lashes.


I'm with sephoramusthave.  I hate spending 20-30 bucks for a mascara that only colors (especially if it's a set of various deluxe sizes that are practically dried up).  Since I've been using a couple of Maybelline mascaras with certain looks, it seems like drugstore mascaras work better for me than the high end ones.  How weird.  When I wore only drugstore makeup in high school, I very rarely changed mascara types or brands.  Once it dried up, I bought the same one again and the cycle repeats.

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I like the brush on Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara, it is a fat+thin area one that coats lashes very well, but I like the formula of Blinc's Kiss Me tubing mascara a little better. It washes off easier, though both are tubing kind, so they wash off with warm water, but sometimes the Fairy Drops one leaves residue that I have to clean off with a Q tip after shower. The tube of the Fairy Queen mascara stays screwed shut better also, I had the tube of Kiss Me come unscrewed in my purse once and make a huge mess. 

I was never able to get the hang of UD's Big Fatty brush, I always got mascara on my upper lid with it. lol.

Re: Your Custom Mascara

i like the Benefit Badgal lash wand, its nice and fat, but I like the formula for the Lorac primer and mascara combo that came with the smokey eye kit.  I never knew there was primer for so many parts of ur face, esp eyelashes, but when I use the primer, I feel it really extends them.  It just needs a fatter wand.


I want to try the They're Real, but Im hearing mixed reviews.  Ive heard that mascara isnt something to splurge on while lipgloss and lipsticks this true?  Arent the formulas escentially the same?  My cousin works for Covergirl and the best selling mascara is the one thats pink with the green lid (or black lid?)  I grew up using that kind, and it worked but I feel bad using it since its so cant possibly work as well as the pricier others, right?  wink,wink.

Re: Your Custom Mascara

Mascara is more liquidy and used on more sensitive area of the face. Therefore, it have a shorter lifespan than any other facial products. The rule is to replace it every 6 month since frequent/repeated use/pumping will dry out the formula. I only wear mascara once a week, so I have never even finished a deluxe sample of mascara within 6 month, but if you notice your favorite formula getting clumpier or flaky when dried, then it is definitely time to replace them. As for lipsticks...well, they are more solid and almost never dries out. I did have a tube of lip gloss that I really liked and "saved" until I realize the nice coral color have separated into a gradient of pink to gold color. If the solution texture/feel changes or separate, throw it out.

Re: Your Custom Mascara

I really like the formula of Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes mascara

 Lights, Camera, Lashes!

but the wand of fresh's supernova is awesome.

Supernova Mascara

The packaging is pretty cool too.


~~We are all beautifull~~


Re: Your Custom Mascara

I love mascara that gives me really bold definition and volume; I'm not really into the natural look when it comes to my eyelashes. I used to wear Too Faced Lash Injection -- exclusively and for at least 5-6 years -- I loved it because it made my lashes look false. However, the last two tubes I bought were clumpy and not right. I happened to have a La Roche Posay mascara sitting in my closet (unopened) that a friend who works for LRP had given me the last time I was in Paris, and one day I just grabbed it out of necessity. I really liked it a lot, so when that tube was gone, I had a friend send me more. I originally had the defining mascara, now I own the lengthening, too, but honestly, they both do both of these things.


At some point, I will probably buy Lash Injection again with the hope that I happened to get two from bad batches. The only other mascara that has impressed me as much as Lash Injectin is YSL Faux Cils, but on me, it smears so easily and is much more difficult to remove than anything else I have worn. I used to love Fresh Firebird, but I think that was discontinued (Fresh has discontinued everything I have ever loved -- I don't know what the issue is!).



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