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Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

If you've been playing with makeup for awhile, you've probably picked up or developed tricks of your own that most people wouldn't think of. Do you have an unusual foolproof technique for applying your foundation? Do you use a particular product in an unexpected way? Have you found an unconventional hack for clearing up a blemish overnight? Here's the place to trade your little-known ideas!

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Something I've done since high school, and it still works on those hormonal breakouts: whenever I get one of those angry pimple popups, I use Clearasil (or any pimple cream). I rub some in, then put a ton on top so it cakes up, then I put a band-aid on the whole thing so the pimple is completely covered. I go to sleep, and when I wake up, the pimple is flat. It may not be entirely gone yet (though sometimes they are gone), but the pimple is flat enough so that it won't be noticeable after putting on foundation.

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

I put vaseline jelly around my eyes before bed every night!


It doesn't matter how many expensive or inexpensive items are in my routine, I always use vaseline over my eyes. Not just where crows feed may form, but also on my eyelids. It is wondrously moisturizing for my eyes and lashes and does what an eye cream can never do for me, no matter how expensive.


If the jelly is too much, the Vaseline problem skin therapy in a tub is great as well.

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@TopazBeth What a great idea for a post!  I need to read everyone's replies.  The only ones I can think of right now are:

1. using a white eyeliner to go over red spots before applying concealer.  I find having a blank canvass is easier than to color correct.  Wet N Wild is a cheap brand for a white eyeliner.  I haven't used this trick in years, but I think people should be aware

2. using Neosporin for excessive dryness.  It helps so much for stubborn spots.

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

I use Neosporin on dry patches too. I tried to stop doing it when I heard you could get tolerant to it if you overused it, but it really does help with stubborn dry/flaky patches.


Other than that, I don't think I really have any beauty secrets. I wash my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar once every 1-2 weeks and swear by that, but that's all I can really think of.


Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

-I Use an acidic toner (I use biologique P50w or pixi glow tonic) under my arms and i barely ever need deodorant. The acid creates an unpleasant environment for the bacteria that causes body odor. I don't use antiperspirant so this one is huge for me. If you try this please don't do it the same day after shaving or waxing.

-Oil pulling with coconut oil for 20 minutes a couple of times a week whitens my teeth way better than white strips without the gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

-I add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to my makeup brush cleanser to help kill bacteria.

-I rinse my beauty blender with diluted apple cider vinegar, after washing, once a week to kill bacteria.

-I hoard skincare serum and moisturizer samples to use on my hands and décolletage. I'm picky and stingy about what I put on my sensitive skinned face. But not so much for my neck and hands.

-I use castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes every night. It really works to grow and thicken them.

-I use the disposable mascara wands from Sephora (thank you sephora😘).

-My chronically chapped lips was eliminated when I made it a point to include cod liver oil/omega 3s as part or my daily diet. Please check with a health professional if you have chronic medical issues or take medication regularly.

-Putting oil on my cuticles/nails every day helps my polish last longer. I don't understand why but it does.

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Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@FrizzyKab I oil pull with coconut oil every day, and have been doing it for a year now. I used to have the worst chronic tooth pain, and my dentist couldn't find any reason why. I only have what I would consider normal sensitivity now.


I wonder if the FAB facial radiance pads would work for your underarm trick. I'm going to try that tomorrow. 

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@Beadshopgirl Oil pulling is sooo amazing. I love that it got rid of your tooth pain. I bet your teeth are so smooth and sparkly hehehe. I'm striving to commit to doing it everyday but I have 2 toddlers and by bedtime I'm so ready to crash. 


Also I checked out those FAB radiance pads and I totally think it would work for your underarms! If you try it please let me know what you think. 


Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@FrizzyKab My kids are older, but I know what you mean! I do my oil pulling first thing in the morning to get it out of the way. I did try swiping my underarms with 1/2 a FAB pad last night, and I woke up to very smooth, fresh-smelling armpits! 😆

Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@Beadshopgirl ya know, I think you just motivated me to wake up 20 minutes earlier and oil pull in the morning. 

I'm happy to hear the FAB pads work. You're right about smooth underarms. My underarms look movie star smooth! 


Give it it a try @m26430 ! Here's to smelling fresh all summer 🌞



Re: Your Best-Kept Beauty Secret

@FrizzyKab I don't know why I can't directly reply to you (curse you, reply glitch!!!) Anyway, I did the FAB pad again this morning. It was after I shaved (I had to) so a bit stingy but not too painful. I worked all day today with no air conditioning, and I'm still smelling fresh! Amazing! I do wear antiperspirant, but usually I have to reapply once or twice during the day due to some odour. 

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