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Post in Beauty Confidential

You know you're a makeup junkie when....

1.  You see this poster and your first thoughts are:

a) nice swatches!    I could use a lipstick that color.    -- or --

b) beautyblenders come in red now??



Re: You know you're a makeup junkie when....

You Know You're A Makeup Junkie When ....


3.  You wake up in a panic in the middle of the night and check the UD website to see if the now-$19 Mariposa palette has sold out yet....only after that can you fall back asleep.

Re: You know you're a makeup junkie when....

I've been drying to HOLD OFF on the deluxe pallate, I already have one in my client/freelancing kit, but gosh those shadows!!! 

Re: You know you're a makeup junkie when....

This is why I save mini Clinique three step cleanser, toner and moisturizers, plus the travel sizes of moisture surge and exfoliating scrub and a lip balm.  They're all in a small zippered bag that was stashed in my hospital bag when I had Ashley and was able to wash my face.  Makeup wipes are also a wonderful thing.  When we fly to Idaho the makeup I take will have to be packed in the checked bag though...have to take the stuffed diaper bag and pump bag onto the plane with us as our carryons plus the stroller and carseat checked at the gate!

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