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do you have some products (makeup, skincare, hair, etc) in your stash that you have a firm and unshakable commitment to--you repurchase over and over--but you've never really encountered anyone else who loves it too ? products that are never talked about on social media (or here, or amongst your friends), or perhaps have mediocre reviews but just work really well for you ? there are a lot of ways a product can fall into the 'unsung hero' category, and they're all valid ! 


one of mine is the GIVENCHY photo perfexion fluid foundation. in the givenchy world, the teint couture foundation is their reigning queen--or so it seems based on the frequency i see it mentioned. but the photo perfexion foundation is my queen ! it is admittedly not the longest lasting, but the coverage is infinitely buildable, making touch-ups, if necessary, a breeze. it just looks like skin. i've recently been using it with a sponge (real techniques miracle complexion) and i like it even more ! which i didn't know was possible. also, it has some great options for very fair skin. it has pretty good reviews on sephora, but i've never encountered my fellow people !


i'll write more of mine below ! 


Adding to loves, thank you!


Perricon MD No foundation foundation serum was my HG for a long time until I developed a severe allergic reaction from it 😐 I still haven't found a light weight base that I like as much as I liked NFFS.


Oh no, how horrible! Do you think it's something in the sunscreen you're allergic to? @fatimamummy


I have no idea @TKLJ I was using it for over a yr and then all of a sudden it started making my skin irritated and all red. Ofcourse initially I thought it must be one of my skincare products but after a while I was able to pin point this baby as the source of reaction.


I'm sure there are a lot of unsung heroes in my collection but as of right now two items are standing out above the rest for me.  

I'm on my fifth Too Cool For School UV Cover Pact powder.  It has spf50 so I use it for sunscreen touch ups throughout the day.  It has a slight yellow tint that doesn't really show up on my skin.  

I purchased a Optilash eyelash growth serum in early March and have been using it religiously mornings and evenings since and am very pleased to report a 2mm growth in my lashes.  They were 9mm long at the beginning and are now just under 12mm.  I haven't noticed any extra fullness but I'm pleased with the length I've achieved.IMG_9093.JPG


That plaid TCFS packaging is SO COOL! I'm intrigued by this powder, did you get this product while you were in Asia @heartsmyface or have you found it elsewhere online??


I'm curious about that Too Cool for School powder! I have a Paul & Joe one but it only comes in lavender and a beige color that's a little too light and flat for me.


Optilash Serum sounds intriguing, I would love to lengthen my lashes!


CoverGirl clear mascara that doubles as brow gel! I like it better than any other brow gel on the market including ABH. Amorepacific treatment enzyme peel.

Also I really love Chanel's SPF 50 UV essentials. It does smell flowery, but it's the only SPF I've found that doesn't make my makeup separate/make me get oily throughout the day.


I agree on the CoverGirl! For awhile I was using it as mascara on some school days @ University, and then discovered it's a great brow gel. Effective and inexpensive!


I use the Essence brow gel now, $3, so cheap! Smiley Very Happy




My unsung heroes are:


- Benefit Ka-brow in 02

- Cover FX Click Stick Color Corrector in Yellow

- MUFE 242 Large Blending Brush

- Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment




My unsung heroes quickly get sung, cause I can't shut up about it.  


  • Aurelia Cell Repair Night oil.  I am a one woman army on a mission to spread the word.  It is now available at Anthropologie - get this!
  • Eco Tools dual fiber brush - My fingers are my favourite makeup tool, but I do use brushes for certain things.  This is a fabulous brush for stiff products and cream blushes.  I use it for Becca Shimmering blushes and NARS dual intensity blushes.   It buffs out really well.
  • Clinique Line Smoothing concealer (or some such name) - this is a really nice product and I have used it for a long time.  I always make sure I have one in rotation.  
  • Ilsci Apricot Gel mask - a nice little weekend mask.  Like a shot in the arm for blah tired skin.


@greenchilli I perked up at the mention of that oil! Off to do some googling now. 


@greenchilli I confirm your message was received Smiley Happy I got Aurelia night oil a week ago and I already see a difference in my skin texture and wellness. The effect is hard to describe but I can say my skin loooove it.  I'm now one of your soldier Smiley Wink 




I am thrilled to hear that!


I think I need to check the IIsci Apricot mask because I love the scent of apricots and can't get enough " boost my tired skin" masks @greenchilli




The scent is strong, and a tad too concentrated.  But I don't mind.


I keep the jar in the fridge so it is a wonderful cooling mask.


I'm trying to think of mine. I don't want to leave any out! 


-RMS uncover foundation/Concealer - I use this as my every day/work base. My skin really likes it, and it's enough coverage for what I need typically at work. It isn't my HG base, but it's great for every day. Which leads me to...

-CdP Radiant Fluid foundation - my all time favorite foundation. In general, the reviews I see for this are positive, but there's not a whole lot of chatter about it. I adore it and have since it was released a couple years ago. Never fails me. 

-UD primer potion - my favorite eyeshadow base for years now. No matter what else I try. 

-Kevyn Aucoin face color products in general. I love his sculpting powder, highlight, ombré bronzer in Tropical Days and Nights, and those cream blushes! All of these are incredible. People don't talk about the highlighter a lot I guess because it can't be seen from space. I like a bright highlight as well sometimes, but this one is the best powder for a natural glow on me. And those cream blushes! They are SO good. Highly recommend. 

-Conair hot rollers/hot rollers in general - Such an easy way to style your hair with minimal effort and beautiful salon blowout results. 

-Lancôme Vintage Rose lipstick - the most perfect mauve-ish MLBB shade. No other lipstick like it. I have bought this over and over again and can't say that for many lipsticks (just this and MAC Hue)

-Chanel sheer illuminating fluid - the bronzer gets a ton of love, but this doesn't. It's a gorgeous liquid highlighter. Packaging is meh, but it is so pretty by itself or mixed with product. Especially in the summer. 

-Shu Uemura Cool Blonde - best purple product for my blonde hair that I've found

-Oribe Curl Gloss - I am a big oribe fan. I use this any time I wear my hair air dried (I'm naturally wavy)

-Neutrogena Body Oil - my skin is so soft from this. I'm telling you, I've had multiple people ask me how I get my skin so soft. It's all this, and the price is great.

-Rosebud lip balm - can't be without it


there are probably others but those are the ones I can think of offhand. I have other products I love but they are pretty hyped! 


Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Face Wash- this stuff has salicylic acid and is oil-free so it helps tone down my occasional break outs. I have been using this to wash my face every morning for the past 4 years and I love it!

Soap and Glory One Heck of A Blot Primer- I recommend this primer almost every time I recommend anything to oily skinned girls! It seriously works so well for me that I currently have 3 back ups and have already gone through about 2 tubes of this stuff.

Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask- I use this every morning before I apply my makeup and it leaves my lips soft and supple! I have not heard anyone talk about this but it is amazing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer- I know that there are a ton of lip primers out there but I have been using this one religiously for months now (maybe even a year) and I find it works best to prime my lips before applying liquid lipstick.

Bed Head Beach Freak- I have tried almost every single detangler out there and none have come close to how good this one works. My hair was a hot mess before I discovered this and now I keep at least 2 of these stashed in my house in case I run out. One bottle doesn't very long but it is not expensive at all and Ulta often times has BOGO sales on that brand.

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment- this is the smoothest, most efficient nail polish primer I have ever tried. I have been purchasing this since it first launched a few years back and have not tried another nail primer since then!

OPI Infinite Shine 3 Top Coat- this is more of a "gel" top coat that helps keep my manicures chip-free for at least a good week. When I am not using my Seche-Vite, I reach for this and it works just as good and leaves my nails with a nice gel-like finish.


The best part about my "unsung heroes" is that they can all be found on Sephora or Ulta Smiley Wink


Can you use the OPI Infinite Shine top coat over any polish? i once asked someone at Ulta and she said "no" but I had a feeling she was just wanting me to buy the Infinite Shine polishes.


@shyvicki YES! You definitely can! I use it on all kinds of polishes (Julep, Dior, Smith and Cult, etc.) and it works on all of them!

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