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Would you buy: Stila Artist's Signature Set

I'm not a huge fan of Stila - have one of their palettes - but this is a HUGE set:


photo credit: musingsofamuse

Contains 15 Lip glazes, two shadow palettes, a cheek palette, 7 Smudge Sticks, and 3!

Re: Would you buy: Stila Artist's Signature Set

I'm also reminded of one of those art sets for kids, it's a really cute design! I won't be getting this though, the only thing I really like from Stila is their eyeliners and I can't stand the formula of the lip glazes (too sticky!)


Re: Would you buy: Stila Artist's Signature Set

Aww it reminds me of those big art cases with markers and paints and crayons that I used to have when I was little! But no, I probably wouldn't buy this since I personally am not a fan of pencil eyeliners or lip glosses in general. I do think it's cute though.

Re: Would you buy: Stila Artist's Signature Set

I would check it out in store, see where it was manufactured and test out the shadows (which are the only things I can judge).  I have some of their individual shadows and their stock palettes, and I love their shadows.  My "if I could only have one eyeshadow" set is a 3 pan set from Stila.  And I like "In the Know" and "In the Moment" and would happily have "In the Light".


On the other hand, I have their Snow Angel palette from last year, and I've read reviews about some of the small seasonal palettes in the past.  I feel like the same colors in my Snow Angel palette aren't nearly as well pigmented as the ones I love.  The ones I love are manufactured in the US; the Snow Angel and the city palettes that they put our were manufactured in China. 


I'm not saying that all products manufactured in China would be bad, but I don't think that they have the same process or something for Stila, so I would want to check them out first.  Things may have changed.  (I also don't really like their lip glazes because I find them sticky, but I'm not a huge lip glaze fan.)


So I wouldn't buy it without checking it out in person first.

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