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Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

I see Lancome has some new limited packaging out for mascara and eyeshadow.  This is the picture from email that I got, which only shows mascara:


but you can see here that there is eyeshadow, too:


Personally I can't see worrying about limited edition mascara.  You shouldn't keep it for a very long time, and it's not like it's a limited edition formula.  It's also not something that I would end up displaying somewhere.  Maybe the shadows would be different, since for me a shadow palette would last longer and the colors/combo might be limited as well.


I know this sounds funny from someone who has all 3 big Disney palettes, but I can see there that even if you used up the shadows you would still have the packaging.  (I will say that I like the Disney style much more than this Lancome style, too.)


For me, a special edition perfume bottle would be different -- I have enough that bottles stay around a while and even empty ones would be pretty to display.  I just can't get my head around a limited edition mascara unless I liked the brand and/or needed a new mascara anyway.


So, would you buy mascara because it was in limited edition packaging?

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

@Spyski No, Sephora employees aren't on commission.  From my experience working at a makeup counter, there was commission but it was pretty low. If you are seeing some people be pushy at a makeup counter, it's likely more due to making a sales goal than increasing their commission.

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

Thanks for the input Smiley Happy

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

OK, I looked at the mascaras individually on the site.


Guys, they're really cute.  I could be talked into having a super cute mascara if I wasn't on a no-buy.  Especially the stars!

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

Yep, I actually do. Packaging is one of the factors that gets me sold on a product. I'm always in the hunt whenever Mac has this special packaging going on. Can't wait for December to get Riri Woo in its uber posh special packaging!

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

I would if I happened to need it at the moment, but sometimes I'm a sucker for cute packaging. If it is something that is a must have in my makeup collection and its the same price, why not? But other than that probably not.

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

For me the only brand that tempts me with their Limited Editions is MAC, which comes out with several every year.  There lipsticks, for example, in the LE will only be available for a very short time before they sell out.  Their Rhianna collection lipstick went online a little while back and sold-out in an hour. MAC's LE's are also usually around the same retail price of their permanent makeup. 

This past winter, I picked up a couple lipsticks from their Marilyn Monroe Collection which features LE colors as well as packaging that attracted Marilyn Monroe memorabilia collectors who just wanted the makeup for her image on the packaging.  Sadly, this is long sold-out except for buying on the internet like ebay.  I love just looking at it!mm mac.jpg

Re: Would you buy Limited Edition makup packaging?

I got a few items from Barbie line back in 2006-07 ? and I also did give in to 3 items from Marilyn Collection,,, hard to resist Smiley Happy

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