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Worst skin care items?

So I know that everyone has at least one skin care item that they are not looking to replace any time soon, but what are the products you hated using, that wreaked havock on your face or did nothing at all (except empty your pockets)? What are the worst skin care items that you have ever bought?


Mine are:


Proactiv Solution

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Kit

Burts Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Original Formula

Sephora Brand Face Brush

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask

Aveeno Sunscreens

CeraVE Hydrating Cleanser 

Re: Worst skin care items?


pocketvenus wrote:

@officegal It must work for many people b/c I keep hearing about it as a bestseller. I totally remember the Biore mask too... The one that came in those little silver packettes? My sister and I would use them for stay at home spa nights.


Yup, those were it! They were so fun. I don't know that they were effective at all but the self-heating business was pretty cool.


I also kind of hate the DDF Brightening Cleanser. It is so intensely stripping (and my face rarely gets dry) that whatever brightening effect it may have is completely lost beneath the dry flakes.

Re: Worst skin care items?

Bad products are just bad, but when its skincare and it starts messing with your appearance via breakouts and rashes thats just horrible. Unfortunately that generally what happens to me with I choose a really bad product. I dont suffer from sensitive skin either.  Anyways, heres my list:

1. Proactiv- It stripped my skin of all the natural oils and I wouldnt stop peeling, which caused more breakouts on top of the ones I wanted to get rid of in the first place. I can break out bad, and generally lean towards stronger products, but Proactiv was too much. I used all the products until the bottles were empty (lasted about 6 weeks) and I was better off before I used the products.

2. Oxy Pads- When I was 12-14 these were my staple because I didnt know any better. I had close to the same thing happen as the Proactiv, dry, peeling and break outs. I say I didnt know any better because I wasnt a girly girl, grew up with an older brother and have a mother who doesnt really care about appearances.  I used them regularly assuming the breakouts were purely from teenage hormones, but looking back Im quite certain it was the product.

3. Biore Facial Scrub- I dont mind Biore products, Im actually using their system now with an Ice Cleanser, toner and moisturizer but Im not totally happy with the results so I intend on switching when these bottles are empty. BUT this scrub is just horrible! It comes with little blue exfoliating beads that seem too big and too few to really do any exfoliating. Well, one night I used the scrub, put the toner+moisturizer on and when to bed. To my dismay, I discovered one of the blue beads had actually been pushed into one of my pimples the night before which caused a ton of redness and inflamation the next morning. I washed my face with a cleanser but I had no choice but to pop the pimple to extract the bead (its gross, I know!)


Never using again and would NEVER recommend these products to anyone!

Re: Worst skin care items?

@hcubby: Aghh I forgot about Oxy pads! Do they even still make those? I remember thinking, "These burn so badly, they must be working!" Hahaha.


I used to use Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six, too -- the antiseptic? I don't remember how it worked, just that it burned. I think it's actually stlll around, but this is how it looked when I used it. **Not my image

EDIT: I'm not actually including Ten-O-Six among the worst skin care items, as I don't remember how it worked -- this was purely for fun after someone else mentioned Oxy pads. Smiley Happy



Re: Worst skin care items?

@katie1724 Yeah, they still make those stupid Oxy Pads, they just changed the packaging from the white the plastic container to a black one haha, maybe to make it look edgier, cooler and more marketable, cause they sure didnt work haha. And I thought the same thing about that horrible burning sensation, if only Id known better I could have saved myself a lot of time.

Re: Worst skin care items?

Gosh, I have used so many disappointing products over the years that I can't even think of all of them.  But two that really stick out in my mind are:

1) Philosophy Hope In A Jar - It was terrible and greasy and did absolutely nothing for me except break me out.

2) Benefit Stay Don't Stray - That stuff was like putty.  I couldn't get it to blend at all.  I don't like to pull at my eye area and even rubbing hard wouldn't get that product to blend.  I had a big round putty eye where I had applied it all the way around my eye on my lid and underneath my eye as well.

Those were two disastrous products that I won't ever forget.  If I think of some more, I'll post them...Smiley Happy

Re: Worst skin care items?

I also remember that I hated using Grandpas Old Fashioned Oatmeal Soap for Face and Bath. It scratched my hands raw every time I tried to lather it up, and the exfoliating oatmeal particles were too big and it just hurt using it on my face...I used it up completely hoping to see results ( a lot of reviews on it stated that it worked miracles on skin with acne) but never saw any. Smiley Sad

Re: Worst skin care items?

Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream. I bought a sampler pack that contained this, the lotion, and the serum. Had no problems with the lotion or serum, but the cream made my face break out. For a week my face looked the way it did in junior high. I gave the rest of the cream to my mom.


Several years ago when Clean & Clear's Advantage line first came out I got the cleanser, lotion, and one other product. Ended up having to return the cleanser and lotion becuse they irritated the heck out of my face. It felt like my face was constantly being pricked by a bunch of needles.


Re: Worst skin care items?

I also didnt like the Boscia Skin Refining Treatment....dont think Sephora carries it anymore. It was around 50 bucks, in this pump bottle that only had like 1 oz in it. While I was using it I saw a positive difference in my skin, but when I stopped buying it my face became 1000X worse than it was before I was using it! BAD product, BAD, BAD Product!!! And when I stopped using it, I didnt switch to any other skincare, I just went natural for awhile and quit skincare. I bought it 3 times but when I realized that it doesnt last long at all...and its way too pricey not too, and my face looked better, I stopped. I wish I could have that $150 back and buy a small suitcase of stuff that I know works, and doesnt cause breakouts when you stop using it!

Re: Worst skin care items?

Just remembered that I didnt like the Signature Club A Meltdowns from HSN. I bought a little gift set once with 2 oz jars of all the scents...they smelled okay but in a chemical kind of way but what I hated most about them is that these cleansers didnt remove any of my makeup on their own. I had to scrub real hard with a washcloth or use tons of cotton pads and toner after washing with these "cleansers". I thought I got a good deal on this set, but it ended up biting me in the **bleep**.

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