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Winter Scents- What's yours?

Well I was going to post this in fragrance but there is a "bug" being worked out so I'll post it here:


With winter being here I always have a hard time finding the perfect fragrance. What yours?

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

In Winter I wear Kat Von D's "Sinner" or my ol' Harajuku Lovers G!


Sinner is for when I want to be a bit more seductive and go out at night, lots of thick black lace dresses and sexy looks with patterned tights!

And G is for when I want to go out with rosy cheeks and have fun, but don't want a strong-alcohol scent!  

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?


Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

I'm honestly wearing the new Selena Gomez perfume, its divine.

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

Jimmy Choo is great

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

Burberry London is really strong and "warm." Brit is with Vanilla and a bit of citric, so it's fresh but still a "outstanding" smell!

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

Chanel No.5- perfect for winter!

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

 Hey beautylovinggirl!! 

 I really, really love the Prada Milano. It's really fresh and clean, and really versatile for year-round wear. But, I also enjoy warmer scents with tones of vanilla, this scent nearly screamed spring, but still is one of my faves! 



Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

I really have been loving BLVII it's a little sexy and deep but not to wear I get a headache like some, I also like Chanel Eau Fraise, it's "fresh" but it's Chanel so it has a sexy warm to it.

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

If you love the eau fraise, have you smelled the tendre from chanel, it's actually one of my favorites.Smiley Happy

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

Ack, I know! I typed out two lengthy responses to different fragrance posts before I realized the bug. =(


I lean toward warm in the winter. I go for cool, crisp, floral, refreshing in the summer (DKNY Pure Verbena, Be Delicious). Winter is too cold, I want something cozy, so I go for warm, soft and sweeter more vanilla-y fragrance (J'adore, Hanae Mori Butterfly).

Re: Winter Scents- What's yours?

Usually in winter I wear body butters and body lotions that are already scented. For this reason I feel no need to wear perfume as well because I don't want to be overpowered with scents. 

My go to heavy moisurizer thats good for winter is the Bath and Body Works triple moisture body creme because it is really thick and I need that much moisture. I have it in the scent Bali Mango. I never really feel the need to change to 'winter' scents, I like citrus or fruity scents all year round Smiley Happy 


~We are all beautiful~

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