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Why would anyone wear black lipstick

I understand for the purpose of catwalks and Edgy fashion modeling, and halloween, but I can't find a good reason why any women would wear it out. Multiple studies show that men think red lipstick is okay but find it to be a turn off because it makes a woman look less "kissable." So imagine how a deep satin black is going to make them feel. I just don't understand, you shouldn't wear it. It's not flattering and if we are in highschool it sreams "trying to hard" I feel like bright red lipstick is only barley acceptable for highschool, because it will only look non-sultry if the rest of your makeup is toned down.

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

Yep, personally I only think that black/ super dark lipstick works on very pale and dark complexions. Totally washes out yellow complexions...probably the closest I would personally do is a deep burgundy (at least for full coverage lipstick).


However if you can pull this off whether at the club or for a photoshoot or if you're bold enough to walk around the city like this (you really should be dressing the part which is more suitable in cities), big up!

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

Kamikaze Girls! <3

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

I don't wear lipstick for men. That notion is very offensive to me, that a woman would only dress to be attractive to a man. To rebel against that disgusting stereotype and to express myself, to feel wild and unique, to rail against society's expectations is why I wear black lipstick. It's not the only colour I wear, I also have shades of pink, coral, purple, orange and red.

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

If I wear teal Apocalips by Illamasqua on a day-to-day basis, what's wrong with wearing black? Just because you personally can't find a good reason, doesn't mean the ladies who wear it can't find a good reason themselves. I've worn Apocalips to high school, as well as red to school on many occasions. Granted, I was doing Rockabilly looks but I do Rockabilly looks often and I'm careful with my red. Black is fun and can be fun. You can do a lot with black and it can be a nice change from dark berries that are borderline black or any other usual color. Purple is the same way: sometimes, I wonder why women wear purple lipstick (I don't mean berry, I mean purple) but it makes them happy and I wish I could do purple but it would possibly wash me out. If it bothers you, then don't use or wear it. You may not approve but other people find it attractive! Oh, and I don't wear red for men, I wear it for me. Me, myself and I. I could care less what a man thinks of my lipstick.


Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

Because not everyone puts on makeup to look mainstream?  And certainly not everyone puts on makeup to try to appeal to men!  Personally, I don't give a darn what "most men" think when it comes to my makeup.

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

I worked at Sephora seasonally, and the way the store you went to handled this situation was terrible in terms of customer service. Sephora has a return policy which allows you to return items without a receipt. Sephora also values good customer service highly. There is no reason you should have been shamed and constantly questioned as to why you were returning items. It's normal for the SA to ask why you are returning and if you have used the product, but it's not normal for them to make you feel ashamed (at least not at the Sephora where I worked).


Also, you're a Rouge. This means you spend a large amount of money at Sephora, and you should definitely be allowed to use the return policy without being shamed for it. 


Don't be embarrassed to go back to that Sephora. If the SAs act weird just ignore it and shop. Honestly they probably won't remember the interaction unless you look super distinctive, and even then only a few SAs were involved in the transaction. 


As other people said, ways to avoid this type of situation are to sample products you can sample (and read reviews online), take in only a few returns at a time (this will help the SAs out because the return won't take a large hit on their sales that day so they're not as likely to be upset/suspicious), and hold on to receipts. 


Overall I'm sorry you had a bad experience at Sephora and that you've gotten such negative responses. Sephora is an amazing company and I hope that this hasn't effected your feelings towards the company permanently. 

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

wtf are you talking about

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

This looks like it was supposed to be a response to another thread was posted earlier today. 

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

Oh duh lol sorry, I skimmed the response and had no idea what was going on.  This is a really old thread so I'm not sure how it got confused with the most recent one.  Other than xxanastasiax going through my activity for the past year and getting confused, which is a little out there.

Re: Why would anyone wear black lipstick

Lol.  I am following the thread she meant to post the above comment too.  btw, That Estee Lauder shade above looks stunning.  I would love to swatch it.

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