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Why do you buy high end products?

This thought popped into my head this morning and I asked myself, "why do i buy high end products?" I buy a few high end products because there's more options, finishes, and shades to choose from. 


Do you shop high end because of the different shades and options? or is it because you like brand name products? 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I buy what I want, which is mostly mid range brands.  The one low end brand I bought I still have not used, so it is collecting dust.  Although, I did try one of the three cheap nail polish bottles I recently purchased, but I am not impressed so far.  Two more to try.  That is not to say I have not enjoyed some low end products received as GWP and from subscription boxes.  For some reason, I usually cannot get myself to buy high end brands often.  It is probably because I have only been wearing makeup again for a little over a year and want to see what mid range products work first.  Packaging is very pretty on higher end brands, but I have a harder time using things in pretty packaging anyway.  I just feel like I am messing up works of art (dumb, I know).


My husband also teases me profusely about the few high end things I own, so that may also play into why I do not buy them often.  I am finally working again, but I cannot use my money to buy high end products either.  I make WAY less money than my husband and always find myself saying I have to work how many hours to buy that.  No thank you.  When I am using money he earned, I never think about that.  The funny thing is my Dad says kids do not appreciate the value of money, but I find myself guilty of that at 34 when it is not money I earned.  Gift cards and the hubby's earnings can be spent on expensive items in a heartbeat!

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Notcreative, what do you consider to be highend? I want to say that 70% of what I buy is mid-range and 30% is high end but I have no real frame of reference.

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Examples of High end (to me) would be:


By Terry Baume de Rose, which my husband always teases me about, because it is $60 for 10g.  It is my HG though, so I will keep buying it.  I still buy a lot of other lip balms though.


Tom Ford lip sheer, which I only bought, because I had Glossybox certificates.


Lancome Absolue L'Extrait (not to be confused with regular Absolue, which is expensive but I am not sure I would call it high end).  I keep getting samples of this and may buy the eye cream when the samples are gone (after August when my no buy is over of course).


I know a lot of people classify Hourglass items and a few others from Sephora as high end, but I do not.  Sephora does not carry a lot of high end brands, because higher end brands typically choose slightly more exclusive retailers.  It also seems like higher end brands keep jumping ship, like Edward Bess (which is at the bottom tier of high end to me).  Sephora is a great example of a mid range brand retailer, with the rare exception like Eve Lom (which has a very limited product range here).  


Unlike Ulta which also carries lower end brands, you do not see many low end brands at Sephora.  Beauty (online), pm me if that is not specific enough, carries low to high end items.  It is where I purchase my By Terry, but you can also purchase cheap items there as well from the Drugstore side.  That said, most high end brands do not sell there.


Of course, this is just my opinion.  There is no real classification (that I know of anyway) to say which brand is which.  Some brands, like Lancome, have high end products within the brand.  That makes it hard to make a blanket statement that Lancome is mid range, but I would say it is mid range, except the L'Extrait products.

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I buy all brands. The high endzzies are more pigmented and stays put. I go for texture and now I only buy from certain product lines, Plus the high ends foundations have a light fragrant.

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Why do I buy high end products? Well ANDY...I wouldn't have bought a NARS Audacious lipstick this evening if you hadn't ever posted that wonderful picture because I wouldn't have known they existed!!! LOL! It is true that BT is mainly how I find out about the new stuff. I just wanted to yank your chain. I mean that metaphorically of course!

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I think it stems from my childhood. Well, one of the earliest things I remember is quickly developing a taste for name-brand grocery items. The name-brand stuff was always so flashy and "cool" to me lol. And then I started going to school with kids who got allowances and $20 just for getting one A... mind was blown Smiley Happy


I guess buying more expensive things makes me feel special. I don't really get to feel that way often. Spent a lot of time feeling terrible (and still do) so buying pretty shinies makes me feel a bit better.


As for high-end makeup specifically (which for me, Sephora doesn't sell a whole lot of), a lot of it is due to quality and packaging. I'm a huge sucker for pretty packaging! XD But, as pretty as some things are, I won't buy them unless they really work for me. I don't even want to have to try and "make" something work, especially not when I am spending $50+ on one item. When I was younger, if I bought/wore any makeup at all, it was whatever was both cheap + cute. I have picked so many wrong shades of foundation...ugh. I won't even look at drugstore foundation anymore because none of them seem to get warm enough for my skintone. I DO still buy drugstore (mainly Milani). The same rules apply to them as they do to high-end stuff, too.


And well, I am kind of a brand snob =) No point in lying. I love me some Dior! And eventually, I will be branching out to Tom Ford/Chantecaille and others, in part at least because I've heard so many girls raving about the brands (and the packaging is to die for!!!).

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I just got my first Tom Ford items from the fall collection and I am afraid to use them! They look so beautiful in their perfect, unused state! I also heard how wonderful Tom Ford's stuff is and hopefully I will actually find out soon! LOL!

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Lol I get the same way! I just try to clean off powder/creams from certain products after using them for a while because I hate seeing the packaging getting so dirty xD Ohh congrats!! I hope it works out well for you! It must be so exciting @u @

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Such a good question, Andy.  I saw it yesterday and actually had to think about it a bit!  I think the answer for me comes down to two things.  The first is quality.  The high end brands that I have fallen for rarely ever have a dud in regards to quality so even if I can't go see something in person, I'm not terrified to blind buy.  I also think there is a cost effectiveness here for me too.  Over the years, I have bough a few cheaper items that disappointed in the quality department and I only ended up using them once or twice.  If I buy a high end item and use it 50 times, it may actually have been much more cost effective for me than the drugstore item.  So I also try to think about how many times I will realistically use an item.


The second reason I tend to choose high end products is to limit my collection.  If I have to plan a nicer purchase and do a little research, I think I'm more likely to be happy with it.  I also won't impulsively buy 5 lip products that I'll probably end up hating at the drugstore because I couldn't try them.  Those little purchases add up quickly.  Not just the cost but the space they take up, especially if you aren't getting any use out of them.  

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I actually didn't buy any until I hit my thirties. Until then I experimented with drugstore options for makeup, and mid-end ranges for skincare. I experimented A LOT: I tried pretty nearly every new product to hit the shelves for 15 years.


Then I got dark circles under my eyes that wouldn't shift (inherited, I realized, from my mother), so I began to try eye serums and eye creams from high end brands. Soon I was tempted by the makeup when I was stood at the counters, and I got freebies in GWP's, so I started buying the makeup as well, and then the face creams, and face serums, and finally even the face washes, and my endless experimentation grew progressively considerably more expensive, but my skin looked better than it ever had, and finally my makeup actually kind of looked okay and was an awful lot easier to apply. For 12 years I pretty much stuck to buying high end.


Now, I buy a lot of high end and a lot of mid end and even some drugstore, but I feel I am far more discerning as a customer these days, and I've finally gained some self control, so I no longer buy everything from every range! I am also using my intrinsic drive for experimentation for better purposes: To try out cult products in skincare, rather than simply sticking to what I know works from ludicrously priced brands (La Prairie being best example). 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I buy upper-mid to high end because of the shade selection, pigmentation and I feel like the overall quality is just better.


I am not into using 3 products to make my foundation work or 10 to make my eyeshadow show up. If the product can't perform on its own it's not worth it to me. 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Something catches my eye or attention.  Sometimes they do something so much better than the competition it's worth it.  Mostly, and as I get older (have seen more, gotten more and gotten bored with it all) it just isn't.

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

First, Barbie20, you seem to harbor much bitterness towards Sephora and BT. (You can deny that, but anyone who possesses more than a brain cell can tell that you are). I kindly suggest you let go of that anger/hatred for your own mental health's sake. 


Second, this thread is about WHY people buy high end products. This thread is NOT a discussion about if Sephora is good enough or not to be considered "high-end" or "the most expensive." 


Third, what's your point about "your friend" not ever having heard of Sephora? If she is unware of the existence of say, the Fortune 500 - does that mean that those companies are irrelevant as well, just because of her sheer ignorance? Please, if you are going to be purposely controversial, at least present respectable arguments with structured logic instead of ridiculous, pretentious anecdotes. 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?



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Re: Why do you buy high end products?

you have to click "choose file on the right side of the text box Smiley Wink

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I found the gif on google images and it saved as an image, not a gif

I did click choose file, but bc it saved as an image, that's what it uploaded

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

What do you get out of saying this and putting sephora down? 

no one really cares that your friend in UK doesn't or didn't know Sephora, because Sephora is an US based company and its big enough in US. 


and isn't it good that we get great products (Sephora has a lot of great products from many different brands) for a good price? why does it need to be unnecessairly high? so that you and your UK friend can call it high end? 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I think I buy high-end products because you can find colors that are more subtle or subdued than less expensive brands; a bright pink, for example, in an inexpensive shadow can be garish or (unintentionally) neon, but can come off less harsh with finer-milled ingredients and composition in a high-end product. I also think the color you get is more "true" to what you see in the package. And, to be honest, I am a sucker for beautiful packaging, which some high-end products do so well. I love the feel of a heavy palette or compact in my hand.

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I think I had answered before but I have a few more words to add as to why I buy high end products. 

I'll start with less expensive makeup, I consider this mid end and most will agree- Urban Decay, Benefit, Tarte, Kat von D. This is makeup I normally buy because the price range better suits my budget. 

Now, looking at all the gorgeous products others buy, I'll end up investing, I usually wait a month and a half before I buy it, so here's the high end stuff I've bought this year:

YSL mascara, Dior mascara + eyelash primer, Giorgo Armani foundation. Those are the only things I have that I consider to be true hi gh end because the name is just there in the fashion world, or at least talked about the most. The mascaras- I buy them because of the way they make my lashes look, and yes - advertising plays a big game in this as well. I know most models use falsies (at least that's what I tell myself).. but hey.. who wouldn't want to wear something Cara Delavigne wears? The scent and performance of babydoll mascara is why I bought it. Dior because of Eva Green.. oh the beautiful Eva.. And the Giorgo Armani silk foundation- after trying out the sample I decided if I'm going to spend money on something expensive, it better be something that I am truly happy with and that's what I got with this foundation. They make me feel happy and classy. They make me feel like a movie star. 

I buy it because of quality and brand name. 

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Yep, I feel the same way about YSL! I do love their products but I think the marketing of the brand definitely played a lot into it. Ironic since I used to work in marketing, but "brand image" still gets me many times as a consumer! I feel like Ms. Fancypants with my shiny gold packaged Kiss & Blushes and eyeshadow compacts hehehe. Smiley Wink

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I think the next hting I want to invest in is a high end blush. I have my staple blush which is achiote from tarte. I just want a more peach toned  blush and I saw YSL came out with one, need to swatch it again, didn't take a picture of it the first time.