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Post in Beauty Confidential

Why all the complaints?

Am I the only one who's getting a little peeved/defensive on behalf of the mod and Sephora? Maybe I'm missing all these amazing deals others are used to, in which case please enlighten me. This is not directed toward any specific person or post, just something I noticed over the past months. I'm totally fine with disagreement/discussion as long as we don't sink to personal insult or threats. Here are the issues, from what I can see:


Lack of information or misinformation

- I understand and agree it is absolutely silly for Sephora to hem and haw and refuse to give a straight answer for some of the events/promos until the day of in the name of competitive reasons. C'mon, we already know about some of them, and some customers who would love to take advantage of those things will have to miss them due to the last minute nature.

- But I don't understand the blame on the mods. I've had my fair share of bad ones (losing 800+ pts and have my account broken for 3+ month?) as well as good ones (shipping me the promo by itself when I forgot to add it to my order once). Most of the times when mods give us generic answers, that's because they were unable to find out the exact details or are not allowed to tell them due to Sephora's marketing, but that doesn't mean the mods are bad. Saying the mods don't respond or mods suckdoesn't solve the problem and it's misplaced blame. I mean if I'm a mod and my only two options were to not respond, or respond with a "I don't know and can't find out/tell you." and get a oh-my-gawd-I-hate-you back.....


Discontentment over good promos:

- I do understand the frustration of not getting what was promised for VIB/Rouge level, and I do understand the annoyance of getting emails late, or promo/perks that are manhandled so the mascara is dried etc. The email batch changes so there are times I got the email when the promo is out of stock or the event is over, and there are times when I get them first. 

- I don't understand the complaints about lack of promos or how soon they run out. Yes, the sample selections are not to your/my taste sometimes and I don't mean the chats we have about eagerly anticipating the next promo. People keep talking about the GWP at dept stores and sales/events at Ulta as if they are entitled and Sephora owe them. When I talk to ladies at brands counter in dept stores, they told me they have the 6-8 deluxe GWP twice a year, which is about the same as Sephora (VIB clutch this spring and now, as well as a 8 piece set for normal BI). What about the summer full/half size promos? this yr was full size of Origins eye cream, the yr before that was buy 3 skincare and get 1 full size free, and the 15 days of thrill. It's not fantastically better than other stores, but not worse either compare to and ulta. As for complaints about promos running out within a couple of days, isn't that the same for most places? I've seen a couple good promos from that runs out within half a day, and sometimes if I go instore a week after I get the GWP email they do run out. Yes, some of the things Sephora offers are worse than previous years, but others are much better than previous years (hello??? the MJ bag of goodies? Stila backstage fashion show?). Overall I think it evens out. Sephora's no better and no worse than other similar companies out there, a little bit better because of the great return policy and occasional great events (Meet MJ in person, Expert chat with brands on BT etc etc).


Anyways, I'm just a little tired of seeing bunch of complaints/negative stuff on the public board (if it's constructive criticism then post in the CS or feedback or PM the mod) and the flood of vague "let's feel happy and love each other" and the cycle repeat. Can we just go back to talk about makeup and skincare? o.o


Or maybe I'm just ranting cuz I've been here too long, like those old ppl with "get off my lawn!!!" and "back in *my* days...". #MidLifeCrisis

Re: Why all the complaints?

Awww, don't let the bullies win! Stay here and stay strong. =D

Don't let those negativity get to you:

I was trying to find an anti-bully lol animal pic but don't see a good/cute one, this will do for now.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Best. Traffic. Sign. EVER.

Re: Why all the complaints?

For the most part, beautytalk is a positive community. The complains usually comes in waves where one would complain and some would agree and share their own complains. I tend to avoid reading these threads not because I don't care about it-- a lot of them are justified complains-- but because it escalates when more people agree/disagree/share their own experience instead of simply getting resolved or addressed by mods.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Have you checked the fb page? Most of the posts are about complaints and asking when the sale is coming. At least on BT there's a variety of things being discussed. Yes sometimes as consumers we get annoyed and frustrated with a company and what is going on. Sephora just happens to have a discussion board where we can collectively share our experiences. 

Since you're VIB I assume you can't see what's posted on the rouge board. Other than that board I really haven't been seeing people throwing fits over anything besides bad customer service. Are you talking about the point perk board thats been inactive since the update?  Or maybe others pointing out that sephora is not the only place where you can shop perhaps? Because there are other places that have GWPs for a brand when you spend a certain amount on top of perks, sales, and giveaways. 

Maybe I'm on the other side where I'm tired of seeing the same questions about concealer and face masks that have been answered a bunch of times before.

Re: Why all the complaints?

My complaints/musing/ranting is not directed toward a specific person or post. As I've said, I've been here for years and this is just a general shift in the atmosphere I've noticed in the past few months. I have not been on facebook and this is not facebook, it's just my observation as an old timer here so my view is probably pretty narrow.


I'm also tired of seeing the same questions, and it is a problem as the board gets more popular, which is why I rather like the chat posts or sharing swatches/hauls etc stuff. I've also learned to be more patient after I started TAing, where I would get the same question asked over and over again every week by different people.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Sephora made a deal, you give us a thousand dollars in business and you'll get these perks because we are grateful.  It's been months very little of what was promised has been delivered.  What has been delivered hasn't been evenly distributed whether it be "free gifts" or event experiences (no consistency at all) and these have been exactly zero Rouge exclusive GWP, they've been VIB. 


Every time they blow it yet again there's going to be complaints.  This week it was the Bauble Bar event which was uneven and again, not as promised.  Despite the flyer and answers from CS to people who called guests were not given the perk promised.  That is embarrassing to anyone who brought someone to the event and particularly tacky and disrespectful given you had to spend a minimum of a thousand dollars with them to attend. 


No other retailer has done anything even remotely like Sephora has pulled this year and they seem determined to dig themselves even deeper.  These are legitimate complaints, no one is forcing you to read them.  If it makes people feel better to vent angrily, snarkily or other then let them, they've been repeatedly misled and their feelings are just as legitimate as anyone else's.  Complaining about their complaints undermines and belittles those feelings in a public way and it borders on being mean.  They are complaining about a business transaction, you are complaining about actual living people.

Re: Why all the complaints?

I totally don't mean this antagonistically, I am genuinely curious. I just really don't understand the argument "no one is forcing you to read complaints" 


Wouldn't that apply to this board too then?


But I see BT as a public area, and yes, we are all free to say what we like within the rules just like I can go to the middle of a mall and loudly talk about how I had a terrible experience in a shop to no one in particular. But if I'm disturbing the other shoppers just trying to have a nice day out, then I'll be asked to quiet down or leave, right? By standing in the mall with my voice raised I am forcing people to listen to me whether they want to or not. The answer isn't for all the other shoppers to avoid the mall. My efforts would be better used calling the store's corporate line or talking to someone at the store instead of the mall patrons, wouldn't it? That's how I look at things I guess. I have had problems that I've talked about here and there on BT, so I don't think everyone needs to only say happy things all the time about how wonderful everything is, just that if you really want results, I don't think this is the best avenue for them.

Re: Why all the complaints?

I'm not asking her not to post it, I am pointing out that complaining about people and asking that they only engage in talk one personally finds enjoyable is mean and that is what that post was doing.

Re: Why all the complaints?

I can only talk about how I interpreted it I guess, but I didn't see it as an attempt to single anyone out and besides the one line "Can we just go back to talk[ing] about makeup and skincare?" which I think was immediately tempered by "Or maybe I'm just ranting cuz I've been here too long", I didn't see any demands to only talk about one thing. To me it felt like a run down of her point of view of the issues people are talking about and her opinion that it is a shift in the focus of the whole boards lately, from discussing beauty products and techniques to critiquing business strategies, and think I agree in that the reason I came here was to talk about the former and not so much of the latter. That's how I saw it at least. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Beautytester has expressed herself very eloquently, has not called out any users, and has said nothing mean. All she has asked, which is what many of us have asked and have repeatedly been ignored when we have asked it, is to take it up with the proper channels instead of constantly posting it in the public boards.


That is not mean. It is not bullying.  It was written earnestly and in the best of faith to make people feel better, not worse.


What IS mean is posting comments or posts that is meant to make people feel worse, not better.  There is a difference between asking for change and bullying, and between understanding yet disagreeing and dismissing out of hand.. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

 How exactly does asking (though the tone increasingly resembles demanding) that they only engage in popular and positive conversations when that isn't the way they feel make someone feel better?  It seems to me it would make them feel worse, even unwelcome, for having different feelings about something than a particular group and that is the very definition of bullying.

Re: Why all the complaints?

"Hey guys, please post your complaints to the appropriate channels instead of constantly posting it on public boards and bringing the rest of us down" is not, by any definition of the term or stretch of the imagination, bullying.  Claiming that it is bullying is like claiming that the Westboro Baptist Church is being "bullied" when people don't want them protesting the funerals of soldiers.  (Also, note the difference between REAL bullying- mean spirited words directed at specific groups of people to hurt, like the WBC does, and voicing one's opinion without calling anyone out and in a moderate and polite tone)


It would be bullying if people were going to the complaint threads and telling other users they were not welcome on BT, that no one wanted to hear what they have to say, that they were not important.  No one is doing that.  No one HAS done that. As many users have stated, we are ignoring complaint threads if we have nothing constructive to add.  Simply saying you disagree with someone and you don't think that this board is the appropriate place for their grievance is not intended to hurt or undermine anyone.  It is to be taken at face value.  I honestly don't know how else to say it.    


If anyone at all has been bullied here, it has been the Mods, who are subjected to pointed anger by particular members. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

"telling other users they were not welcome on BT, that no one wanted to hear what they have to say"


No one has done the first half, but isn't this post about the second part? beautytester and others supporting this post do want to read their complains on BT.


Re: Why all the complaints?

No, it is not.


There is a big difference between these the following two things:


1) Posting "Gosh, I really hate when some users post about random things like food instead of makeup and wish they wouldn't do it and I think they should take it to a different board because it isn't appropriate for this board."


2) Going to Rikkie's thread, where she talks about cheese, and saying "You, Rikkie, Shouldn't post this. It is dumb and you are wrong and everyone hates you and your liking of cheese."


#1 is what beautytester has done.  She was polite about it in her initial post. She continues to be polite about it in her comments.  


I am using Rikkie as an example here because I know she won't get her feelings hurt because she has a great sense of humor.  This can go around and around and around- people are free to post their complaints and free to post their complaints about complaints etc.  But I have noticed this... almost everyone who complains about the complaints almost always tries to offer another outlet- either by clarifying policy, or pointing people in the direction of the customer service lines, suggesting that mods are PMed, asking discontent BTers to take a deep breath etc.  They aren't trying to use some iron fist to silence other members.  They are trying to make things more comfortable for EVERYONE.  


Those of us who are seen as being on "Sephora's side" (which puzzles me, i'm not on a "side")  have been derided as having "drank the kool-aid" and are told we are "bullies" and "Mean Girls" and "fake" when we ask for patience and optimism instead of complaints and sephora/mod bashing.  All of these things are in quotes, because I have seen them all been tossed around by various users referring to people who try to keep it light and positive.  We don't respond to these comments, but it doesn't mean we don't see it and we don't get the dig.  I think that it is this passive-aggressiveness that is what many of the users on this thread are referring to when they say the feel of BT has changed and so they have been coming less.  I've felt the same- I've come a little less too. 

Regarding Mod bashing, it does happen. I saw it happen today when a Mod was basically called out and told she never did anything useful.  I have seen threads where mods are confronted, accused of censorship, and treated extremely poorly because some people felt they had a "right" to abuse someone because they felt that they themselves been abused.  Unfortunately, I think this is how many people react to customer service.  I have been guilty of it myself in the past.  You're angry, you feel like you've been wronged, and you blow up at the first poor guy who finally picks up the phone.  I get it.  And I get that it is that poor guy's job to get complained to. But it doesn't ever excuse being mean to another human being.  People can voice concerns and frustration without turning on others, without calling names, without accusing reps of not being able to do their jobs.


Anyway, I'm tired of all of this. I'm tired of feeling like I have to defend my friends on here for just trying to keep BT a happy place.






Re: Why all the complaints?

I'm not sure you could have said it any better. And #2 is what I've seen a select few people unleashing any time they see someone talking about this. 



Come on, Rikkie, don't make a poo joke. I know it is so tempting talking about people spreading #2 all around, but try to be a grown up. Smiley Wink

Re: Why all the complaints?

Wait, I missed a poo joke?! Maybe I should read all the threads afterall, if only for the lulz. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Hahahaha, his face! But where is his horn??

Re: Why all the complaints?

Oh god guys I'm laughing so hard trying not to wake up the hubby.   Bwahahahah.   Why doesn't the unicorn have a horn? Lol

Re: Why all the complaints?

LMAO!  This is too funny!!!!

Re: Why all the complaints?

Not quite sure what pooping like a unicorn means, but I'll be saving this picture.. This pic also reminds me of........nvm, TTMI. =X

Re: Why all the complaints?

Re: Why all the complaints?

Nooooooooo! Don't poop on my thread! *horror* =P

Since we are on the topic of unicorns (how did we get here? Shouldn't it be unihorn instead of uni-corn? I ain't see no corn on their head)

Re: Why all the complaints?

It's not really a deal since you didn't sign anything. It's more of Sephora's way of showing appreciation (altho a not very thought out one). I completely agree with your complaints stated here. Perhaps I didn't state myself clearly, it's been a while since I wrote a long long post, but we are half on the same page.


What I wrote was not aimed at specific person or post, just something I noticed in the past months after having been here for years. I agree with you that we shouldn't complain about actual people, which is why I respect those that are able to state their dissatisfaction politely instead of venting on the mods, who are actual living people and don't really have much of a say over things. 


The only disagreement I have with your post is that just because someone is frustrated, it doesn't give them a right to be snarky and hurt other people. I've been frustrated by Sephora too, enough that I broke down crying and wrote long PMs. I support venting, but venting is for friends, not in a public area full of strangers (#AttemptAtAnology). I am completely fine with criticism or negative feedback, but yes, I'm not a fan of pure complaints in a public area. Other people vented their complaints, and this is my little vent.....little as in my post was so long I wasn't actually expecting anyone to really read it and for it to get so many replies....o.O

Re: Why all the complaints?

Sephora is not a person, it cannot be emotionally hurt.  You might be less upset with the situation if you stopped anthropomorphizing a corporation.  What you wrote was aimed at people who complain, people, they are complaining about something that is not alive, a business.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Sephora is not a person, but moderators are. Have you ever worked in customer service? or have to be the representative of an organization/company/university in front of dissatisfied people? You are saying the people who complains are hurt and I'm saying the people who are being complained to can also be hurt. I'm not saying you shouldn't voice your dissatisfaction, just that voicing it in a more polite manner. Anyways, that's as clear as I can state my thoughts and as much as I have to say on the issue. Agree to disagree I suppose, or you are welcome to discuss it more in depth with others on here.

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