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Why all the complaints?

Am I the only one who's getting a little peeved/defensive on behalf of the mod and Sephora? Maybe I'm missing all these amazing deals others are used to, in which case please enlighten me. This is not directed toward any specific person or post, just something I noticed over the past months. I'm totally fine with disagreement/discussion as long as we don't sink to personal insult or threats. Here are the issues, from what I can see:


Lack of information or misinformation

- I understand and agree it is absolutely silly for Sephora to hem and haw and refuse to give a straight answer for some of the events/promos until the day of in the name of competitive reasons. C'mon, we already know about some of them, and some customers who would love to take advantage of those things will have to miss them due to the last minute nature.

- But I don't understand the blame on the mods. I've had my fair share of bad ones (losing 800+ pts and have my account broken for 3+ month?) as well as good ones (shipping me the promo by itself when I forgot to add it to my order once). Most of the times when mods give us generic answers, that's because they were unable to find out the exact details or are not allowed to tell them due to Sephora's marketing, but that doesn't mean the mods are bad. Saying the mods don't respond or mods suckdoesn't solve the problem and it's misplaced blame. I mean if I'm a mod and my only two options were to not respond, or respond with a "I don't know and can't find out/tell you." and get a oh-my-gawd-I-hate-you back.....


Discontentment over good promos:

- I do understand the frustration of not getting what was promised for VIB/Rouge level, and I do understand the annoyance of getting emails late, or promo/perks that are manhandled so the mascara is dried etc. The email batch changes so there are times I got the email when the promo is out of stock or the event is over, and there are times when I get them first. 

- I don't understand the complaints about lack of promos or how soon they run out. Yes, the sample selections are not to your/my taste sometimes and I don't mean the chats we have about eagerly anticipating the next promo. People keep talking about the GWP at dept stores and sales/events at Ulta as if they are entitled and Sephora owe them. When I talk to ladies at brands counter in dept stores, they told me they have the 6-8 deluxe GWP twice a year, which is about the same as Sephora (VIB clutch this spring and now, as well as a 8 piece set for normal BI). What about the summer full/half size promos? this yr was full size of Origins eye cream, the yr before that was buy 3 skincare and get 1 full size free, and the 15 days of thrill. It's not fantastically better than other stores, but not worse either compare to and ulta. As for complaints about promos running out within a couple of days, isn't that the same for most places? I've seen a couple good promos from that runs out within half a day, and sometimes if I go instore a week after I get the GWP email they do run out. Yes, some of the things Sephora offers are worse than previous years, but others are much better than previous years (hello??? the MJ bag of goodies? Stila backstage fashion show?). Overall I think it evens out. Sephora's no better and no worse than other similar companies out there, a little bit better because of the great return policy and occasional great events (Meet MJ in person, Expert chat with brands on BT etc etc).


Anyways, I'm just a little tired of seeing bunch of complaints/negative stuff on the public board (if it's constructive criticism then post in the CS or feedback or PM the mod) and the flood of vague "let's feel happy and love each other" and the cycle repeat. Can we just go back to talk about makeup and skincare? o.o


Or maybe I'm just ranting cuz I've been here too long, like those old ppl with "get off my lawn!!!" and "back in *my* days...". #MidLifeCrisis

Re: Why all the complaints?

Thank you Beautytester! I think a lot of people are just frustrated with rouge being a total flop & the lack of communication from Sephora. Not that it's anything new, Sephora doesn't like to talk to anyone, including their employees about promos, events, issues.... 

Same reason you see a lot of complaints on social media, you see it on BT. It's an easy, quick vent. I rather post a complaint on FB or twitter to a company then call them. It gets more attention, and hopefully they'll find a fix. Some companies can't handle their complaints so they disable comments on FB, which makes them look untrustworthy. 

We're all close on BT, we like to share great experiences with each other & the not so great things related to Sephora & personal. I love BT! I really, really, really love coming here everyday & chatting with all you fine ladies. I think BT is the best part of Sephora. Lately, it seems as other stores are improving their beauty deals and programs, while Sephora is slacking. 

For the most part though, I think this forum has a lot less negativity then some of the others I frequent. I just wish people would use the search bar & scroll down before we have 5 different "positive parties" and "mirror is back". It seems like some people think BT is a competition LOL! Moderators on other threads would merge/delete those types of duplicate posting... here it's a free for all! 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Thank you, beautytester, for bringing out in the open what I think a lot of us have been feeling lately.  I don't feel Sephora is obligated to provide us extra promos, perks, etc.  They are what they are, promotions to get you to purchase and perks that are free and as a reward for being a good customer.  If you reach Rouge you get free shipping and that was all that was really promised which I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. 


Sephora also provides BT which I think many of us take for granted.  They do not censor when we mention other stores, sales, or brands that are not offered at Sephora.  Nor do they take down discussions which are derogatory of Sephora. However, I don't believe this site was created for that purpose and like you, I would like for the conversations to come back to where they were initially intended - to be a place where we can share beauty advice, discuss products and enjoy each others company.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Anyone looking for a change in pace can join me over on this post:

Re: Why all the complaints?

I just think of Clint Eastwood when you say "get off of my lawn." haha

Re: Why all the complaints?

Ah, I was thinking more of this one:


UP is such a cute movie. =)

Re: Why all the complaints?

Guys, this is getting way too out of hand! I understand that some people aren't happy, but can't we all just take a deep breath and chill out? I'm sure that this can be easily resolved, we're just blowing it way out of proportion! Relax!

Re: Why all the complaints?

Yup, yup, but in all fairness some posters are new to the thread and if they feel passionate about the topic then they are entitled to make a comment, just like I am entitled to ignore their histrionics and instead look at a unicorn and finally learn where superglue really comes from Smiley Wink It's all in good fun at the end of the day, and this is actually a great post to learn about civility and to discern who is here to genuinely contribute to the overall helpful vibe of BT and who wants to be a muckraker. I appreciate it when people out their inner demons. I know I'm not cotton candy and bunnies but I try to keep the snark to a minimum, otherwise I genuinely want to interact with people about topics I find interesting: perfume, skin care, and the HG red lipstick!

Re: Why all the complaints?

That's a great way to put it! At the end of the day, it's just all in good fun!

Re: Why all the complaints?

image.jpgQuick, we need a unicorn made of all of this!

Re: Why all the complaints?

I want to heart this pic a million times!!! lol

Re: Why all the complaints?

Smiley Happy

Re: Why all the complaints?





Re: Why all the complaints?

Oh, I do agree with you! I used to visit different forums that discussed all sorts of things, and little by little, they became controversial and argumentative, which some folks may enjoy, but not me. So I was delighted when I found BT. Makeup, skincare, so much positive and fun stuff being bounced back and forth. I loved coming here every morning. But then.....


It seems like the mood has changed in the last month or so, and instead of checking and seeing what new beauty tips someone has or who bought what, it's a lot of negative talk about the Rouge program and/or promos. Now, I'll admit, Sephora can definitely step up its game, and some of the complaints are legitimate, but I think customers would be better served by directing issues to customer service or calling Sephora directly. This just isn't the forum to continue to voice complaints, because this isn't a forum where complaints can or will be solved.


But if you want to find the perfect matte eyeshadow, or want to share some skin care tips, or just need a little encouragement in life, well, you've come to the right place!




Re: Why all the complaints?

It is what it is, since rouge came out no one has been happy. Things are changing and people are taking notice and deciding to shop elsewhere. People are complaining about orders being screwed up and events being an overwhelming experience of brand reps pushing products on them to make their margin. Its healthy to vent and this isn't just a random public forum, it's their website. As for the mods they are helpful at times but can't fix every problem.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Thanks BeautyTester! We do want this to be a positive place for everyone who comes here and the mods try to help you all as much as we can.  We're all hoping that the BT community will soon drift back to the upbeat tone that it's always been known for!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Why all the complaints?

Hey, @beautytester - thanks for starting this thread!  I thought I was the only one who felt this way.  I've only been on BT since April, but like you, I've noticed the shift away from make-up and skin care to the negativity.  I've also noticed the growing number of duplicate questions.  The newbies are obviously not reading the Welcome/Getting Started information.  One item specifically says to search for an answer before posting your question.

Re: Why all the complaints?

I'd like to throw in my two cents into the melting pot lol.


I've never had any issues with Sephora and the mods were super helpful when i was shorted points, or just had a question. Smiley Happy Yeah, the samples are kinda sucky at the moment and yeah, i'm bummed that the vib gift/sampler thing sold out but hey in the big picture it's not that important, i'm sure there'll be perks in the future. Sephora introduced me to high-end cosmetics,skin care etc. The times i've visited a Sephora, the cast members were super nice, they offered me generous amounts of samples and i've always had awesome experiences there.  


So thank you Sephora, the mods and BT community. Smiley Happy


Re: Why all the complaints?

Thank you!!! If only people realized that part of the reason the promos run out so fast is not Sephora's issue, but the consumers. When a promo says one per customer, that's not Sephora trying to be mean, they are trying to have enough for everyone. It's the people who take ten of a promo, not Sephora's fault that they sometimes run out.


Just a vent. I'm not trying to blame/condescend/ridicule anyone who does this, I'm just saying it's not Sephora's fault when promos run out.

Re: Why all the complaints?

When the promos are one per customer, it's usually built into the code. Otherwise, Sephora does want the promo to encourage more buying. So if you place 10 orders with a minimum of $35 each, that's the intended purpose.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Sephora puts the fine print there but doesn't always set the proper requirement in their software. I accidentally got a Fresh lip mini meant for new BI cuz I didn't read the fine print and the saleslady didn't either, so, I'm guilty of robbing a BI of her free lip balm. =O


Sometimes I wish I can just march up to the Sephora's website/tech dept and just give them a piece of my mind. =X

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